Temptation Island Season 2 Reviews News

Temptation Island Season 2 Reviews News

Here is our coverage of the new season cast four couples on Temptation Island Season 2 Reviews News.


The Final episode and reunion show December 19 Plus a podcast with two cast members.

The podcast between – Reality Steve with Ashley G and Ashley H! ( to be added)

Recap episode 11 media video

Some of the wet and wild moments for those who need a refresher course

This week, December 19th the final episode will be in two parts, the final Bonfires at 9 | 8 C – two hours concluding with a reunion show for the second hour.

Then standby to listen to both Ashley G and Ashley H talking to Steve Cabone (aka Reality Steve) via his podcast December 20, 2019. We expect to upload the link by mid-Friday morning.

Cast Database

In summary, what you will see and or read tonight will have a sequel, at least with two direct members of the cast expressing verbally their responses to all of the episodes called season 2. Eight individuals, one partner imposed their decision on their other half, for money, love, and relationships that would be exposed to other singles. Many of these relationships will never be the same. Part one is the television episode(s) and then the podcast will reveal more.

From watching the final bonfire and reunion show.

Here is a deleted scene thrown in by USA Network – Ashely G argues with Medinah. Listen to the post-reunion show podcast featuring both Ashley G and Ashley H from RS!

Kate destroys David on U.S. Cable television with whoring…more sex was revealed and she stated that he did not value their relationship in light of the new additions heresy. David brought Kate to the island, and in a classy way, she thanked him for showing himself to her!

Kate decided to leave the island alone. Her decision. David was leaving the island with Toneata. She left with a hug and a few tears. He revealed his own guilt to her and everyone.

Toneata turns up at the bonfire, and he announced that he will be moving to LA to be with her.

Casey was shown again ready to present Ashley H with an engagement ring at the bonfire. But is it too late for her?

Meanwhile, Gavin and Esonica’s relationship was next revealed…he is not sure what will happen at the bonfire. Growth and clarity were the mission voiced by Gavin to Esononica. Her walls were up for several episodes, spoke negatively about him to other men. Kareem was her main man, and she chose to make herself happy! It is all about the decisions we make.

Further, Casey had her reciting cheer chants covering their relationship. What? Then the bedroom video put Casey in the self-reflection ward aka men’s villa. He thinks his charisma will draw her back. She talked about losing him would be the worst. Ashley heard his words of he would be ok if she left him. Ben took Ashley H on a happiness journey. She was not sure of the outcome when they meet, she loved him but in essence not the same.

Gavin and Esonica’s final bonfire. Scared and unsure was his position at the moment.

Ready! Esconica walks in and sits down next to him. One speaks the other listens. Gavin started, in summary, he apologized for his failures in their relationship and admits his growth. She responded, with self-reflection, being flawed, she felt like he does not see her and hard to accept. He restates that he has seen his errors. Then comes the discussion…

Gavin loves her and wants to leave the island with her. 

Esonica decided to leave with someone new.

He said he would still be there for her and wished her the best. He left.

After Gavin left, Mark restated her wanting to be seen…out from the leaves comes Kareem, turn up the music… They leave together….and steal the potential of love.

Next Ashley H and Casey (and Ben)?

Ashley H claims to know what she wants…he is still claiming they will be both engaged by the end of the night. Happy and terrified was his feelings. Ashley H entered the set. Ashley was allowed to speak first. She has grown to be more confident in herself and her words will not be taken for granted as before…more self-empowering words…and put their relationship on the line. She has no regrets coming here now.

He offered an apology, he did not listen and for making her feel so poor in this relationship not wanting to have jeopardized their footing. So out comes the big question and the ring…she is not looking…and can not believe he is doing this. He wants her to be “his baby, baby for the rest of life.”

Ashley H was in control and put him in his place. You did not listen to me and she never put herself before him.

Ashley decided to turn down his proposal, ring and was leaving with someone else.

Casey was emotional and Mark consoled him in tears with a hug. Ashley was clearly upset. Denial was on full display, she has moved on her held onto something that does not exist anymore. He spoke about not giving up on trying to change her mind and will keep his ring on hand until he succeeds.

More tears from Ashley H, Mark reinforced her journey in learning to grow, he now knows what love is. Now talk about love! Now you have made room for someone else.

After Casey left the bonfire, Ben was invited into the bonfire to join Ashley H for the decision. Lots of great exchanges between them. Ben was taken from the moment they met and wants her to be part of his future. You guys are free to go. Hugs and handshakes.

Both were very happy with the outcome and beyond. Congrats to Ashley H and Ben!

Reunion Special

Four couples plus a bunch of singles…what a mix. This is the post island event… somewhat the final rose show…

Casey was a no show. Rick and Ashley are not together…she felt pretty numb about their relationship. David and Kate are talking sorting out their relationship…

Out came the home movies and the girls were David’s initial two girls were introduced to Kate… David felt guilty about all his decisions.

Kate asked for the truth.

The girls want to share their stories about having sex during the night, and one called David a sociopath.

Kate is blindsided and wants the truth. She is still in love with David even offering to give him a chance to work through somethings post-show. In frustration, Kate walks off the set, she needs a moment, with Ashley G walking off with her. Sex, Lies, and videotape…

Toneata talked about her relationship with David. They found distance a terrible thing, and in the end, she felt she was being used.

Kate and Dom’s relationship was explored again for the reunion group. She held back her relationship on the island. Dom can not be friends with a liar. She apologized to Dom for cutting him off. David opens his mouth trying to find remedy in all this mess, saying he wants to work with Kate. She is confused and this is a huge mess.

She did admit that David and she were back together for the moment. Other girls on the panel hope she leaves him. While David tried to shut down the other girls.

Esonica and Gavin. More movie night…he was sucking toe at the blackout party. Some laughter drunk fun. Kareem and Esconia’s show airtime clip was aired for the audience. This became ugly and the intimate Kareem scene. He was just laying in the bed, being there for her. The clip has shown. Esonica has not followed up with Kareem or anybody. She felt she should have left by herself. Ashley G spoke up about wanting them to be friends and work this out by being sorry with one another. She freely admits to messing up. She does not want to do this anymore. Mic drop. Cut and she walked out on the crew.

Ashley H. No Casey! His emotional experience was too much for him to reappear on camera. Casey took Rachel on a date, then the line of the series…for him, the girls took against him.  Then Ashley and others drop bomb the conversations… Rachel talks to how Casey really needs to learn about love. Ben and Deac are reintroduced back to the cast.

Ben puts Casey down while Rick defends him not being there. So all is not well between Ben and Ashley H.

Ben dropped Ashley H soon after returning to life. She felt he was too busy to have a relationship with her.

Apparently Ben believes she rehooked up with Casey. She denies that with the exception of one kiss at the time.

He is claimed to have gone camping with a bunch of girls camping and breaking things off with her. There were a few exchanges but the net result is she is taking time for herself and not with anyone.

Ashley G and Rick. Even though they left the island together, the relationship has appeared to have not progressed as she does not have the ring she desires from Rick. The “I am not handcuffing her” remark from Rick was shown plus more of their island time. The girls nearly started something with the men moving quickly to snuff out the fire in the moment. She got no ring, sex from KB and comments from Medinah. He was lit!

Rick and Medinah’s time on the island…he was kissed and more with her relationship to end in the friend zone. Ashley G tried to take her down.

His and Medinah’s friendship is growing…they speak every day. Ashley told her to STFU. This became a hot mess. Mark wished them the best in working this out. Rolling the film…Ashley G walked out, while Rick leaned over to kiss Medinah on her cheek! Perfect was her response.

At the end of the show, two couples from season one were reintroduced to the audience. Javen and Shari were still engaged and appeared happy. While Evan and Morgan tried to spin a happy ending to the series as well. Some of the cross shots and recorded audio files will make great artifacts for all. I do recommend you watch a copy of the episode for yourself.





Here is the released new clip…standby Casey has a ring…part two wraps up Ashley H and Casey as well as Esonica and Gavin’s island time. Then back to the studio reunion show featuring many of the cast this season! What could go wrong?

This is the full opening scenes-

Ashley G & Rick and Dave & Kate

This week – Bonfire One Season 2 the finals…

Tonight is just Rick & Ashley’s final bonfire & then Dave & Kate but that ends on a cliffhanger. Next week you’ll get the final resolution to 3 couples: Dave & Kate, Gavin & Esonica, & Casey & Ashley, followed by the reunion show – where every final bonfire outcome changes again. Reality Steve

Here we go trying to wrap up this season Ashley G and Rick, plus Dave & Kate are in focus…

After some small chat between the couples….Mark turns up to end the alone time…ending the coupling, gentlemen were asked to pack to leave. A few minutes to gather their things and leave or see you soon. Each girl said their emotional farewells. Esconia and Kareem kick the ball off, make your decision on who you are now. Kate spoke to Dom about their goodbyes…he promised her it was not permanent. Ashley H talked about Casey’s influence over her in the past. All tears and hugs for all! Mark kicks them to the curb.

Moving between villas and focussing on two sets of couples.

Mark turns up at the men’s villa, Casey is expecting the worst or the best. All the groups’ dates were amazing, ladies were asked to say their goodbyes. Rick thanked Medina and gave her a hug. David told Toneata he has to now focus on Kate and their conversation…the entire month away, and then came the kick the girls out. Rick wants to be honest and pour his heart out at the bonfire. The final stretch, being real and open with their respective partners is again spoken. More Rick and Medina time was shown…it boiled down to being a friend with her in his mind.

Ashley G is not sure if they will leave together. Loyalty and avoiding temptation was her forecast, then KB jumped into her bed. She messed up the next episode and was shown…she was seeking forgiveness and hopes they leave together.

Dave talking to Gavin was relying on listening to Kate. He deviated being physical with other girls in the villa, he focused on Tometa over previous episodes. He does not want to hurt Kate and hopes she has grown as much as him. Kate talking to Ashley H, reflected on her relationship with David, he wanted to prove himself to her, he saw her in his true light. Kate learned to allow someone into her space in the end and find a connection with Dom. She is scared she may crumble the moment she sees him.

First bonfire – Rick and Ashley G.

There are lots of fears and emotions revealed in these raw moments. Mark runs the reunion – meant to be together or is there someone better? Rick was allowed to start…he talked about his temptation and may have been tempted but did not have sex.

He was limited to a real friendship, he has changed and also learned to deal with conflict in a different way. He talked about his disappointment and wanting to leave a better person. Concluding he wants to make her his number one. Ashley talked about the reason for coming here – personal growth.

She talked about him exposing her insecurities and the not cuffing her remarks… which was interpreted (by many)  releasing her, upset, feeling frustrated and provoked. She stopped caring about their relationship. Adding that she holds herself accountable for her actions and has spent so much time here, feeling a victim but not using her voice in speaking up. She called him a great guy and loving herself. At this moment, she does not really know what to do.

Mark talks about the three options...She tried to deflect to him going first, he redirected it back to her, she was asked first. Taking the lead he spoke to he has never stopped caring. On the other hand, when asked by him she admitted to having sex with KB. He spoke more about honesty, he refers to the clip, moving on was the ultimate offense he received from her. Concluding he was trying to make an emotional connection and he stated, she went backward. Mark asked if he was willing to forgive her actions?

He does forgive her and wants to leave the island with her. Smiles, happy, hugs and life-changing moments.

She is happy with the result. They were dismissed by Mark. Later in the limo…this is a step in the right direction. She wants to celebrate…

Second bonfire – Kate and David

This is the cliffhanger bonfire that will not be resolved until next week’s final episode along with the other two couples.

This is the most awkward bonfire of the night, notwithstanding their journey and the feelings to date. On camera, in the limo drive, Kate is feeling really strong, a brand new girl ready to take on the world.

Mark explains the reunion rules. Kate won the option to speak first.

She opened up about finding herself and knowing more about what she deserves. He showed the exact opposite of what he said he would deliver and not committed to the relationship. He selfishly brought her and does not understand the emotions she went through.

He apologized to her and for bringing her here was a mistake. He admitted his poor decisions and he truly regrets them. David talked himself into a hole giving a blow by blow sexual contact snapshot review to her.

Needless to say, this reunion did not go well in many ways. Kate to David!

“You don’t have to tell all of America that you whored yourself out” – Kate


Kate confronts David during the final bonfire…


Let’s not forget the edits in the show have something to do with all these characters…



Opening Episode 9

This week was advancements between Kate and Dom, as well as Ben and Ashley H., Kareem and Esconia found their soulmates. Meanwhile, Gavan found friendship with one of the singles. Officially gf bf David and Toneata enjoyed their overnight…but David drops in that he wants to talk it out, Kate.

Casey continued to talk about himself to that poor girl who even had to visit a jeweler diamond ring. He predicts Ashley H will be dazzled by the rock he purchased.

Ashley and Ben spent the overnight together…she seemed happy with him. She called it so scary and he told her to do what is best for her.

Reviews, previews and opening scenes as made available from USA Network!

Ben is falling for Ashley and…

The latest episode both camps are exposed to more temptations Episode 8

Watch the video – runs about 6 minutes. Video source USA Network appears throughout this blog!

Some have been restrained in their time on the island others less. Let’s not forget the edits in the show have something to do with all these character lives.

Casey in one sentence has turned all the single girls against him. Payton confronted him about her reveal and he knows little about her. Maybe he was not listening.

David spoke about he now understands the value of love is from what the other wants. Not what he wants or thinks.

Ashley H spoke to Ben about the video from Casey and she does not regret anything her side. Kisses close the scene.

Date five… Casey took Rachel. David confides in Toneata, she states that he has kissed others, but not her. So why is that dude? Rick talks to Medinah and is not exactly over his girlfriend.

Katie is avoiding her own feelings and calls this a summer camp moment.

David ends up kissing Toneata as the sun sets beside the pool and ocean. Now he finds himself in a true emotional relationship.

Esconia talks about her present and future with Kareem.

Ben and Ashley H are back. He states he wants to leave the island with her and more kissing occurred. Visual fireworks following the date, she called it more romantical time.

Kate was gifted a romantic flowered room and note by Dom. Will she be tempted by his love?

Esconia wants to tempt Kareem by asking for a massage. Edit next they are in bed!

Toga party at the men’s’ villa. One girl claims she will dance until it falls off. Gavin talks to his connection with Mia, she is not sure about starting a relationship. Rome was not built in a day. David and Toneata had to get a room after all the kissing in the main room.

David talks about his relationship with the men. Then Casey uses the rat in a box, to describe their relationship analogy with Colleen. She calls out his weaknesses in the new behind the scenes moments.


Bonfire Girls first.

Esconia sees Rick talking to Mia…entertaining a relationship. She feels in a weak position, not let this destroy her, Mark offers to scenarios.

Ashley H sees the mentally moved on, break down not fully break down, Casey is weird. Ashley sees right through him. He is just saying things, a sales pitch, she is not connected to him.

Kate…The connection between David and Toneata is revealed their kissing, then followed by the bed scene. Kate claims he does not have the will power. The men in the house tell her that she is amazing, she will have to move on. You can be whoever you want. What does she want? Happiness. Take it.

Ashley’s time for the video. Rick talks about moving on, and he talks about having a girlfriend, having the entitlement. She called it emotional. Mark saw Medina wanting more. But Rick was saying she could not have it.


Bonfire Men.

Casey predicts seeing the worst possible thing. More of Ashley and Ben, he projects that they (he and Ashley G) will be together at the end.

Rick…first sees her girlfriend talking about exercising their relationship… and hold steady. Rick seen another guy, KB was not in the clip.

David…Kate and Ashley, she should be more open, and he loves you. David could not get a read on it. Mark does not see it all over in the place. He questions her love in the first place. Mark calls out David in the bonfire…snap his actions are almost the opposite of the words.

Gavin…Esconia and Khareem the bedroom scene is shown. The clip hurts him the most, he has not had anyone in his room. She seems pretty sure about the guy. Mark talks about not giving up.

Casey the final clip. Ashley and Ben kiss for his clip. Over voice was saying she does not regret anything. He curls up in his self emotional outpouring…then the commercial. Mark wants him to talk. This was his worst fear. Mark talks about she may be falling in love. Casey talks about his growth. How we listen may be his only chance to save his relationship. More Casey… only part missing was his heart and emotion according to him.

Back at the girl’s villa. Ashley was back to kissing Ben and sharing the details of the video. Esconia and Khareem talk about the bonfire…she talks about the chemistry between them, not to let a guy in her bed, then comes to the bedroom scene. She has been sleeping alone for so many nights. End. Oh, the edits!

The last mile… next week. Making an emotional connection. The two-week finale event!

Episode 7 featured this face…

KB and Ashley drama unfolds on the screen…

The opening scene for the latest episode…

Ben kisses Ashley

A deleted scene The Singles Get Eliminated…

Kate reacts to the latest bonfire reveal…

Watch this video for scenes that were key to the storyline this season…


Season 2, Episode 5: The Walk of Shame The morning after a night of temptation, the guys feel the effect of their actions.

Who is keeping score on all the interrelationships going on with these four? Looks like David is not going home with his original girl!

Casey is shown as being self-absorbed in his relations with the girls. Just to offer a few examples. Agree or not, sound off in the comments

After his frisky night with two of the other single women, David confides in Toneata and lets her know he’s still interested in her. Watch Temptation Island Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Here is a preview of episode 4…adult themes…

Full opening to episode four

David Benavidez, Payton Burgess, and Samantha Hoffman decide #TemptationIsland #USANetwork Season 2, Episode 4: Something’s in the Air Temperatures on the island heat up as the connections multiply in ways none of the couples dreamed.



Episode 3 previews locked and loaded for you. What?

Rick and Medinah in the pool – a hands-on process!

Episode 2 in full here

Get ready for more drama featuring four new couples,  premieres on October 10 at 10/9C on USA Network. Temptation Island Season 2 Cast & Singles Highlights News.

Twenty four singles will mix with these four couples over one month in an experiment to find commitment or alternative love. How will this end? Join us for season highlights commencing October 10, 2019.

Ashley G sneak peek…

Full episode 1 Season 2

Women’s villa views setup and some inside glimpses to the action…

Men’s villa video watch this clip for some of the scenes to air

Preview Couples meet the singles – watch the behavior…

Links to official cast and their bios.

Singles and Cast

Couples revealed link

Ashley and Casey

Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video

Ashley H and Casey Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video USA Network

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak when they met on a popular dating app a year and a half ago. Self-admitted Florida party boy Casey was only looking for a casual fling but found way more than he bargained for with sweet Ashley and they have been together ever since.

Recently there have been some dark clouds in the Sunshine State. The couple, who recently moved in together, struggle with trust and commitment issues: Ashley has been burned before and is weary of Casey’s party-boy past, meanwhile Casey doesn’t want to pay the price for other men’s mistakes and often thinks about the single life he left behind.

Ashley and Rick

Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video

Ashley and Rick Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video USA Network

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur. The couple knew that they had something special on their very first date and the sparks have been flying ever since…except for when Rick lights up flirty conversations with other women behind Ashley’s back.

Rick says that he loves Ashley, but he grew up in a strict home and feels that now in adulthood he can finally let loose and have fun…even if it may be at Ashley’s expense. Ashley tries her best to ignore his “playful” ways because she strongly believes that they are meant to be together – but how much can she truly take?

Kate and David

Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video

Kate and David Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video USA Network


Kate Griffith and David Benavidez have been in a relationship and living together for 3 years. They both have been faithful to each other throughout their relationship, however, their pasts include dark bouts of infidelity so smoldering, mistrust is always right below the surface for these two as they contemplate a life together.

Kate is a few years older than David and is eager to begin the next chapter – marriage, kids, family life, etc. However, David, despite how much he loves Kate, has some of his walls up and is hesitant to be vulnerable and take that massive next step into the future.

Esconia and Gavin

Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video

Esconia and David Temptation Island Season 2 Toast Preview video USA Network

As her 30th birthday approaches former beauty pageant queen, Esonica Viera, claims she is ready to get engaged to her charming and athletic boyfriend Gavin Rocker, but he is fumbling at the thought of making that life-long commitment. Gavin has admitted to infidelity in the past, and says that he truly loves Esonica, but he can’t skate on thin ice for the rest of his life based on past mistakes.

Family is important to both of them and they want to make things work, but Esonica needs to determine if the man she fell in love with is really her forever king. Can she ever truly get over his cheating past and start fresh? Gavin, on the other hand, needs to decide if he is ready to say yes to a lifelong commitment.



Before toasting the commencement of their tropical adventure, host Mark Wahlberg sits the new Couples down for some real talk about why they came to Temptation island and what may be at stake for each of their relationships.

Watch new episodes of Temptation Island premieres on October 10 at 10/9C on USA Network.

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Here is a new sneak peek additional video

Before toasting the commencement of their tropical adventure, host Mark Wahlberg sits the new Couples down for some real talk about why they came to Temptation island and what may be at stake for each of their relationships.

Meet the singles couples looks are in the video…

Singles and Cast

Couples revealed link



Watch new episodes of Temptation Island premieres on October 10 at 10/9C on USA Network.

» Subscribe to USA Network: http://bit.ly/1Rvs3kA #TemptationIsland #USANetwork

A new sneak peek video

Temptation Island Season 2 Cast & Singles Highlights News

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