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Sensational So You Think You Can Dance 2022 watch

Sensational SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance 2022

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Beau and Jordan Fall On Me routine
Thiago and Alexis City Lights
Carter and Anna
Keaton and Raylyn Into The Light

Update June 22, 2022, Sneak peek of the James and Virginia performance in the tweets below.

Episode 6 Sensational So You Think You Can Dance

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Tonight, two contestants will be sent home… but not before they dance their hearts out on the stage.

See the clips in the Twitter feed below…

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From ET Matthew Morrison post leaving the show interview

Episode 5 Season 17 watch

Episode 4 watch So You Think You Can Dance 2022 watch

Episode 3 Auditions watch

Episode 2 Auditions watch

Anna Miller on stage
Anastasiia Gavriukhova on stage
Maci Montes on stage So You Think You Can Dance 2022 watch
Konnor Kelly on stage
tWitch and Anastasiia

Alex Wong and Twitch hip hop retro So You Think You Can Dance 2022 watch

It’s been ages since I’ve seen the Gravity routine and it still gives me chills. So You Think You Can Dance 2022 watch

Katrina Web


  • Dear SYTYCD:

    Please…keep tWitch and bring Nigel and Mary back. No more JoJo PLEASE!

    I have been a huge fan of this show since its inception. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be a cliche, but it’s also a truism.

    I don’t know if I can get through this season with the current judging, especially JoJo. You are losing viewers. Please pay attention and fix it.

  • 7/25/22. I was very disappointed in JoJo’s judging of Ralyn and Comfort’s hiphop routine. I thought it was amazing. When Jojo said she wanted a beginning, middle, and end, she was judging the choreography, not the dancing. She needs to keep those two elements separate. Ralyn has been exc in each of her performances imo.
    I also think that just the judges should decide who goes home once the group is down to six. I also think popularity is over-emphasized, tho I realize that is a conscious choice on the show’s part.

    Every year the audience’s votes are very reflective of the judges comments, so judges should be very considered in their comments.
    I was very disappointed in the AllStar dances because—actually just watch them again. The current dancers make only a small percentage of the moves. They are often off to the side, making sympathetic gestures, but not actually dancing. This seems to be more true in the performances from 7/20/22 than in past years.
    Also I think some wrong decisions have been made. I felt the little blonde female was quite good, both physically and expressively, and yet she was sent home. I like Essence personally, but I don’t think she’s as versatile and precise as she should be at this point in the competition.
    I also like Beau personally but I don’t think his skills are sharp enough at this point, either. I know that the emotional connection aspect is quite impt, but should not be over-emphasized.
    I’m a long-time fan of the show. I love how it gives young talent a chance to be seen and to start a real career in dance.

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