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Star Trek: Resurgence Links previews comments

Star Trek: Resurgence Links previews comments

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Furthermore, the latest release media is listed below with links and some random comments.

Spock’s voice artist (unknown name) is uncanny!

Star Trek: Resurgence – The First Preview

I’m glad this game is in the spirit of old Trek and not new Trek. It looks like these developers know what Star Trek is about as opposed to Kurtzman.
Looking excellent! I’m so happy to have a modern TNG game in 2022. Thanks to the dev and CBS. We just need a release date and honestly a collector edition with a model figurine of the USS Resolute 😉
This does look promising. Hopefully the next gameplay will show a bit of the puzzle and action elements.

We take our first hands-off look at the Unreal Engine-powered Star Trek: Resurgence, the new narrative adventure game from the team of ex-Telltale developers at Dramatic Labs.


These links are included covering various other releases including different sources for you.

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