Spain’s Got Talent 2021 Performance Video Got Talent Global

Spain’s Got Talent 2021 Performance Video Got Talent Global


A weekly journey for audiences across the planet, watch this series… Spain’s Got Talent 2021 Performance Video Got Talent Global.

Watch singer and ventriloquist finalist Celia Munoz at the finals of Spain’s Got Talent 2021.



Watch dancers Father and daughter Sadeck and Neylia on Spain’s Got Talent 2021 at the semi-finals.


Full episode available each week. You do not have to speak the language to understand the performers in this series.


Watch golden buzzer singer Juan Carlos Martos on Spain’s Got Talent 2021, as we see him put on an amazing singing performance at the semi-finals.

Golden Buzzer Compilation video new release

Week 10 video is here

Week 9 Auditions appears below – latest release watch


Week 8 video full release


Week 7 is now available in full



Week 6 in this series uploaded.

Another full show from Got Talent

Week 5 in this series uploaded.

Week 4 in this series uploaded.

You do not need to speak Spanish to understand all the acts…

Watch Anton Cortes 12 years old self taught pianist on show for you….

Week 3 released today for you.

Wholesome entertainment for you and the family each week. More to come… comments welcome…Who was your favourite act this week?

Compilation Got Talent Global Performances videos watch

Week 2

Here is week 2 full show for you to enjoy. Your favourite act this week was?

Week 1

First week of the new series this year… released for you.

| WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

Watch some of the best auditions  including the most amazing dancers and singing performances and the GOLDEN BUZZER moment.

What did you think about all the auditions??

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