So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance 2017 S14ep12 Top 9 Perform video

So You Think You Can Dance 2017 S14ep12 Top 9 Perform video

Here’s highlights and performances from the live show for So You Think You Can Dance 2017 S14ep12 Top 9 Perform video

We will be adding to this post through the night so refresh the page often. The judges are ready and so are the performers.

At some point all the videos will be available on the SYTYCD YouTube account

1 Logan and Allison, Jive with Sasha and Emma  5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days
Logan was to be in the bottom and performed a Jive piece.

Commentary included Mary – this dance was fun, loved the kick section, and the back bend roll over. Nigel talked about bottom 3 and this performance should elevate him. Vanessa claimed “so so good”. All the little girls fell in love with him.

2. Kaylee with Wait For You
A quirky piece from her.

3. Sydney with Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha
Sydney performed.

4. Koine and Marko, Hip Hop by Dave Scott- You Don’t Own Me
Tonight appearing as a pageant girl.

Comments – Nigel stated Dave turned an innocent girl into a feral wild animal and it felt so natural to her. Vanessa stated it was incredible. Mary claimed she completely turned into another person, adding they both have great chemistry.



5. Dassy and Fik-Shun perform Jazz with Ray Leeper and Bring The Funk Back
Ray wanted Dassy to dance sexier.

Commetary – Vanessa claimed Dassy was sexy, wanted more “RAWR!” from Dassy. Mary stated a bit of “RAWR!” and a great decision Fik-Shun has ever made was choosing Dassy. Nigel claimed Fik-Shun they were clean in the routine.


6. Kiki and Love Potion #9
She performs well and use of the ballroom solos.

7. Mark and Comfort and Contemporary with Talia Ending
Talia wanted them to be uncomfortable

Commentary Mary claimed it affected her, in particular the choreography was beautiful and “special”. Nigel claimed they were both out of their style.  Vanessa used chemistry and insane in the same response.

8. Taylor with Escalate
Taylor danced a contemporary solo.

The All-Stars and Strange Fruit
Travis Wall choreographed this act.


9. Lex and Gaby dance Broadway with Warren Carslyle  Miss Otis Regrets

Lex talked about this dance takes him back to his childhood.

Commentary –  Nigel had three words,  wow wow wow. Lex’s personality was shown. Vanessa claimed it was good and crushed it. Mary claimed they danced their butts off.

10. Logan with the Otherside
Plenty of fan kicks and leaps.

11. Sydney and Paul with Hip Hop with Luther- Really? Yeah!


Commentary Mary “sick, frozen, lit” did a respectable job and claimed Sydney is too nice. Nigel claimed they had to add the stank. However, didn’t sit comfortably on her tonight. He praised Paul.

Cat announced the tour starts Oct 5th.

12. Koine with Confidently Lost
Slow and solid

13. The Top 9 dance Hey Pachuko! with Choreo by Chris Palmer

14. Kaylee and Cyrus perform Jazz with Spencer Liff Less Talk More Art
Some old school jazz.

Commentary – Mary stated a couple places where it felt labored. Nigel claimed Spencer found a quirky style for her. Also, Cyrus was eclipsed by Kaylee. Vanessa claimed Kaylee killed i and loved the character on stage.

15.  Mark solo I See Fire
Mark went full B-Boy

16. Taylor and Robert perform Samba with Jean Marc with  Bun Up The Dance

Jean Marc wanted it to be super hot.

Comments – Nigel stated it was strong, sharp, and lovely smiles, but he didn’t feel a spark between them. While Vanessa claimed she wanted more fire from Taylor. Mary claimed it wasn’t all there, needed more chemistry.

17. Dassy solo Soundclash
Fun and consistent.

18. Lex solo Trndsttr

19. Kiki and Jenna danced Contemporary with Mandy Moore The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Kiki and Jenna appeared to have connection.

Comments – Vanessa called it amazing, and Mandy a genius. With chemistry that was insane and radiant. Mary claimed “That was the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary that I’ve ever seen on this show”. Nigel claimed Jenna was fabulous.


Who are your bottom three?



So You Think You Can Dance 2017 S14ep12 Top 9 Perform video

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