Science Tech Space Refueling Satellites Extending Lifespan

Science Tech Space Refueling Satellites Extending Lifespan

Here is a news media presentation featuring Dr Brad Tucker. Science Tech Space Refueling Satellites Extending Lifespan.

Dr Tucker from Australia National University briefly describes the functions and goals of this project.

‘Mobile petrol station’ translation for some ‘Mobile gas station’ just in case some in the audience need the specific point made.

‘Mobile petrol station in space’ stops empty satellites becoming space junk

Source: Sky News Australia

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Do they check the oil and wash the windscreen?

There is a project designed like a “mobile petrol station” to refuel satellites with empty tanks to save billions of dollars in replacement, according to ANU cosmologist and astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker.

“When one those bigger satellites get out and run out of fuel, that’s it. There are no petrol stations. So, what we call MEV2 or Mission Extender Vehicle 2; we’re talking about a full satellite sized thing,” he told Sky News.

Dr Tucker said the MEV2 attached to the working satellite “like inflight fuelling” and refilled it to extend its use by five years.

“Instead of this satellite becoming a piece of junk and needing to build a new one, you extend it for five years then … it’s going to release and go to another satellite.”


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