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Sadeck and Mega Unity Perform Got Talent Global watch

Sadeck and Mega Unity Perform Got Talent Global watch

Here is a new release video from Got Talent Global featuring Sadeck and Mega Unity watch.

The impressive performance of Sadeck Waff and his troupe of dancers, Mega Unity, convinced the public as well as the jury.
Sugar Sammy, seen as the most demanding member of the jury, even used his golden buzzer on Sadeck’s troupe!
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I wish you would add English subtitles
L’impressionnante prestation de Sadeck Waff et de sa troupe de danseurs, Mega Unity, a convaincu le public ainsi que le jury. Sugar Sammy, vu comme le membre du jury le plus exigeant, a même utilisé son golden buzzer sur la troupe de Sadeck ! À lire aussi Tic Tac Toe sur TikTok, la nouvelle tendance

Watch Sadeck and Mega Unity on France’s Got Talent 2021 (Finals), as they wows the judges with their amazing performance. Check out there audition and the judge’s reactions.

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