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Round 2 Cross Battle Results Voice 2019 watch

Round 2 Cross Battle Results Voice 2019 watch

Round 2 Cross Battle Results Voice 2019 watch

Several contestants go home tonight in what will be a happy smiley event. Round 2 Cross Battle Results Voice 2019 watch.

Blake Shelton has one steal left. Adam used his save last round. It all comes down to how America voted and what the panel does with their votes.

Shawn Sounds performed Lay Me Down last night. Did America vote for him?

Shawn Sounds: "Lay Me Down" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Results to be announced Blake has a steal while Legend and Kelly have a save.

Brynn Cartelli kicked off the results show with her original song…Grow Young video to come. This tweet covers it!

Adam v Kelly and was the first result both were four-chair turns.

LB v Jej  Adam used his save already. Adam, he truly believes… no, save, no steal. Kelly you are both are incredible…both of you are brilliant. Safe and advancing was…America saved Jej Team Kelly. Ten seconds. No, save by Blake. He has his mind on someone else!


Adam v Legend

Kalvin v Julian – Adam’s last chance to end with four in his team. At the moment he had three at the time. Julian would take Legend to seven members. He said he has a beautiful voice, yep all that he said…America saved…Kalvin Team Adam. Julian was thankful for his time on the show. No save.

Kendra v Jimmy – the result was the second one announced tonight. Adam talked about Kendra, gifted talented and bittersweet…Legend spoke about the fun and growth stealing him from Adam. America saved…Jimmy. Adam shakes his head in disbelief! Surprise. Kendra to Blake? Blake stole her and shocks Kendra! How exciting a full circle for her. It is time for Kendra to come home now, tough love, and he sat here hoping for the steal! Good news for her, bad news for the rest!

Blake v Legend

Carter v Jacob – Two friends battled in this one on one. Blake, you are on the right path, if this part ends music is your destination. Legend loved working with him and wants to hear a record! America saved…Carter from Team Blake! He is the sixth artist. 10 seconds and Legend used his save on Jacob! He was not letting him go. Keep working together.

Legend v Blake

Shawn v Karly Legend spoke about his energy, teaching and happy with his progress. Blake only had a minute with her, the personality and makes us all happy. Blake wants her to teach him how to skateboard. America saved Shawn… Kelly or Legend have a save. Karly went skating off the stage.

Kelly v Legend

Rebecca v Beth this battle was full of energy and both coaches talked about that with us. America voted…Rebecca Team Kelly. Beth went home unless Kelly wants her! No save from Kelly.


Blake v Kelly

Gyth v Abby...both come to the center stage. One of the tightest battles we have had according to Carson. Blake talked about how proud he was of him. Kelly loved having a country artist on her team, a woman, very proud of her. America saved Gyth. Abbye was available for a save. BANG used her final save and remains in the competition.

Kelly v Blake

The Bundys v Andrew the final result of the night. No saves left one act will go home. Kelly’s Bundys or Blake’s Andrew who was saved. America saved…Blake called him a monster, he has some gigs for him if he doesn’t make it. America saved…Andrew. Bye to the Bundys and the trio notion has a last stand. They thanked Kelly for the opportunity.

Team Results after eliminations tonight – bold already advanced round 1!

Team Adam – Betsy AdeDomenic HaynesMari, Kendra Checketts stole back by Blake, LB Crew eliminated, Kalvin Jarvis. Four members!

Team Legend – Celia BabiniMaelyn Jarmon, Lisa Ramey, Shawn Sounds, Beth Griffith-Manley eliminated, Julian King eliminated, Jacob Maxwell saved, Jimmy Mowery,  6 members.

Team Kelly –  Matthew JohnsonRod StokesPresley Tennant, Jej Vinson, The Bundys eliminated, Rebecca Howell, Abby Kasch saved. 6 Team members.

Team Blake – Oliv Blu, Kim CherryDexter RobertsSelkii, Kendra Checketts stole back…, Andrew Sevener, Carter Lloyd Horne, Karly Moreno eliminated, Gyth Rigdon, 8 team members.

Clearly, Adam was the loser of the night and Cross Battles!

Team standing prior to last night’s Cross-Battles

Moreover bold means the contestant performed in Cross Battle 1.

Team Adam – Betsy Ade, Kendra Checketts, LB Crew,  Domenic Haynes, Kalvin Jarvis and Mari.

Team Legend – Celia Babini, Beth Griffith-Manley, Maelyn Jarmon, Julian King, Jacob Maxwell, Jimmy Mowery, Lisa Ramey, Shawn Sounds

Team Kelly – The Bundys, Rebecca Howell, Matthew Johnson, Abby Kasch, Rod StokesPresley Tennant, Jej Vinson.

Team Blake – Oliv Blu, Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Karly Moreno, Gyth Rigdon, Dexter RobertsSelkii, Andrew Sevener.

The Comeback Stage watch for the result.

The image kind of gives it away right? Kanard.

The Comeback Stage: Finale – The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Round 2 pairings performed last night – the winners will advance.

Adam put forward LB Crew and challenged Kelly v Jej! .

Kalvin Javis  was Adam’s choice. He chose Legend…Julian King 

Blake nominated Carter Lloyd Horne  he challenged Legend. Legend talked about heartthrobs, Jacob Maxwell  was called on.

Kelly chose The Bundys  trios takes on Blake! Andrew Sevener 

Legend picked Shawn Sounds  and went to Blake. He chose Karly Moreno . to match him.

Adam’s last contestant was Kendra Checketts , went to call on Legend. He chose Jimmy Mowery , who was on Adam’s team in an attempt to haunt the coach.

Kelly chose… Rebecca Howell . challenged Legend’s Beth Griffith-Manley 

Blake’s Gyth Rigdon  and Kelly’s Abby Kasch  were the default final pairing for the first round of Cross Battles.

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