Review Who’s Winning The Self-Driving Car Race?

Review Who’s Winning The Self-Driving Car Race?

Here is a new release video from featuring a report on the tussle. Review Who’s Winning The Self-Driving Car Race?
This is a snapshot review of the media product laying out why, when, what, how comments.
Why do we need self-driving vehicles? Do they prevent accidents, save lives, money, funding, licenses and other tangible values.
When. Now and for the see able future. The development programs are advancing.
What. Automation will save mankind from itself. Insurance industry and auto producers, governments and we the people have an interest.
How. Moving forward with Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence, created by humans will create a new transport platform that others will benefit from.
Watch the production and comment away.
A life-and-death tussle between rival billionaires, outlaw hackers and desperate taxi firms is playing out on city streets around the world.
And the quest to be first mover in this brave new world of self-driving automobiles will create big winners and losers.
So how close are the major players to true automation? And what’s at stake if they get it wrong?
Join us track side as we examine who’s winning the self-driving car race.
The manner in which we zoom around our towns and cities is ripe for revolution in a way not seen since the birth of the internal combustion engine.
Demand for autonomous vehicles is set to surge by tens of millions in the coming years.
And Goldman Sachs suggests the rise of so-called robo-taxis will expand the global ride-hailing business from present revenues of $5 billion to $285 billion by the end of this decade.
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