Review This Week In Video Games video watch

Review This Week In Video Games video watch

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This week

Posted June 7, 2021 God of War: Ragnarok, Battlefield 6 and Shin Megami Tensei V from Skill Up.

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Post Date June 1, 2021 –


Austin B – Australia

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Plenty of positive comments in the random snapshot taken this week covering the following information….
Software, hardware and straight shooting commentary included…

Horizon Forbidden West, Nintendo Switch Pro Valve’s New Handheld? | This Week In Video games

Horizon Forbidden West game play impresses, Nintendo Switch Pro gets a (rumoured) price point and release window and Valve are looking to make their own handheld PC?

A sample of the comments posted.

Having no “Feel Good Story of the Week” leaves a “corporation” taste to my weekly news
I love how that Aloy fanart came out of GamingCircleJerk as satire and then some Gamer™ on twitter took it seriously Edit: Idiot can’t take the mockery and privated his Twitter account lol
“amateur magician who will make your bonus disappear!” – lmao, whoever wrote your script, their roast game is on point here.
Personally, I think a Valve Switch is a great idea. A large potion of my Steam library are indie games that don’t require super strong hardware.
Being able to play these on the go or having them just on there for a docked mode sounds great.
As long as the thing isn’t like 600-700 bucks.
The “All of the crashes” to “Most of the crashes” got me. Well done
7:55 “Dragon Age 11”? Woah how’d I miss all those sequels.
This series went down hill fast with the reduction of stadia roasts
I never thought I’d like hearing gaming news. Well I do now. Thanks Shillup for cutting out the bullshit and getting straight to it.


Horizon Forbidden West – Gameplay Demo Overview

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