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Review Sifu 12 mins Game Play 2 Sources watch
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Review Sifu 12 mins Game Play 2 Sources watch

Review Sifu 12 mins Game Play 2 Sources watch

New release clips from Gamespot and IGN today for you. Review Sifu 12 mins Game Play 2 Sources watch.

A new clip from Up was released today as well. Added to post now. Now you have a choice of three sources to review this new addition.

Several random comments have been selected to add other information or reactions to this release.


Very interesting take, one I’m sure will be, unfortunately, buried among the “sifu awesome” “sifu sucks” takes. Kinda seems to fit into the same niche that Ghostrunner fits into. The entire time you described this, it reminded me of what people of thought of that game, the level of repetition, the short term unlocks/progression, the reasonably short length of the full game experience, the HIGH difficulty curve (that will likely keep some people away). I’m glad to hear this wasn’t a “bad” game, though, just different. And for a PS console exclusive…seems to fit into that niche as well. Not all their exclusives are widely appreciated by every single gamer, but many of them still do some things that are different and thinking outside the box in some way or another. Look at Days Gone. Many file that in the “bog standard open world zombie blah blah blah” bin, but there were a lot of well done elements that cause people to want a sequel desperately. Really cool that Sifu hits DIFFERENT. We need more DIFFERENT in the industry.
As a kid growing up, I’d go through every single Batman fighting challenge in every single game till I got them 3 star and then I started trying to do the levels without missing a combo and then I started trying to do them without being hit and so on….this game looks like it’s right up my alley
Sifu is an upcoming beat ’em up action-adventure video game developed and published by French studio Sloclap. The game is set to be released for Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on 8 February 2022.
2022 • Sloclap
Video game
Action game
PlayStation 5

Sifu Review

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Sifu is utterly uncompromising in its design, and that’s a sword that cuts both ways. It’s brutal learning curve and unique structure that demands you beat it in just one lifetime both loom as great barriers to overcome, but on the other side them is one of the best modern action games around.
rogue like’s have become super over-used as a game extender that fail to correlate with game’s themes or core tenants. It is always pleasant to see a game that makes the rogue-like element thematically salient. Will buy this on release instantly.
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Gary Norman

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