Review Apple AirTags Coverage Reports Links video

Review Apple AirTags Coverage Reports Links video


Three reports now… The Verge and then CNet provide these videos for you. Review Apple AirTags Coverage Reports Links video.

Apple AirTag vs Tile: Bluetooth tracker battle latest video release…


How tough are the Apple AirTags?

CNet puts them through a series of tests to find out if they can withstand drops, water, and freezing cold temperatures.

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What are some uses for the device?

Bags, computers, phones, other inappropriate items… have been suggested…join the hunt for the new Easter eggs.

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We took Apple AirTags out for a spin — Dieter and Vjeran played a game of hide-and-seek, seeing if an AirTag is really good enough to reveal location when it’s lost.

Dieter also goes over how this $29 location tracker works, how it protects your privacy, and whether or not it can do anything for Android users.

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Apple AirTags Hand-on with the tracker

Apple’s newest product is a tracker called an AirTag.

You attach it to an item and can keep track of it with your iPhone’s Find My app.

AirTags work with any iPhone or iPod Touch on iOS 14.5, or on any iPad on iPadOS 14.5.

A single AirTag costs $29 and a four-pack is $99.

You can order an AirTag starting Friday April 23 and AirTags will be available on April 30.

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