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Review Anno: Mutationem Gaming Video watch now

Review Anno: Mutationem Gaming Video watch now

Here is a new release from IGN featuring Review Anno: Mutationem Gaming Video watch.

Source credit IGN

A Snapshot of Readers suggest

  • Removal of original SCP Foundation characters – copyright issues
  • Some combat fixes are needed
  • Plenty of heart shown
  • IGN gave the game attention
  •  cyberpunk aesthetic
  • variety of levels satisfy
  • more fixes to come due to lack of time

Watch the video then read the full comments from readers below.

I’m loving this game – the plot is completely baffling, but it’s a really fun Cyberpunk world with likeable characters and pretty decent combat…better game that Cyberpunk 2077? Probably yes
There is also another reason why the story feels so off at times. Originally it was choke full of SCP Foundation characters but the devs had to change it to avoid any copyright issues and that’s why Andersons is now Heinderson and so on.
Reply to above post sheds more background light for everyone
Yeah. They had to fix and shift so many things that some parts did not make it in the final game as they run out of time. But they will expand and fix as much as they can in the future
Glad to see a review of this game from IGN. This game needs to be given more attention. It is not perfect, the combat needs fixes… But it has a lot of heart.
There is a lot of heart in this little indie title. The gorgeous cyberpunk aesthetic makes you instantly fall in love. The gameplay sections are always varied and levels you treverse never overstay their welcome. Devs stated that they will continue to improve the title with fixing gsmeplay options, expanding some story bits and adding costumes. Please support it guys so that we may get a sequel.

Anno: Mutationem reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC, also available on PlayStation. Watch our Anno: Mutationem review. A fierce and flashy cyberpunk beat-em-up with a gorgeous

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