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Recap Battles April 8 + 9 The Voice 2019 videos

Recap Battles April 8 + 9 The Voice 2019 videos

Recap Battles April 8 + 9 The Voice 2019 videos

Here is a quick preview and our live blog Recap Battles April 8 + 9 The Voice 2019 videos

This is a two-night event post…Monday, April 8

Update 4/9/2019…

Second and last round of Battles Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

This video may not answer all your questions about the next part of the competition…

2 weeks worth of 2 hour Monday performance show and 1 hour Tuesday results show.

Introducing a New Round of Competition: The Live Cross Battles! – The Voice 2019 (Promo)

Kayslin vs. Oliv
Selkii vs. Cecily
LiLi vs. Carter
Andrew vs. Patrick
Alena vs. Karen


There are several spoilers in this post. So read beyond this line at your own risk.

The Comeback stage video shows David Owens vs. Kanard Thomas…and the result was…watch the video people.

The Comeback Stage: David Owens vs. Kanard Thomas – The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)


Team Adam

Mari and Anthony Ortiz Are Fun and Spunky on "I Like Me Better" – The Voice Battles 2019

Mari vs. Anthony Ortiz – I Like Me Better (Lauv) male vs a female makes the song key important… Adam called Mari a little superstar…However, Anthony was eliminated

Team Adam Battle – Jimmy Mowery vs. Kalvin Jarvis: "U Got It Bad" – The Voice 2019 (Sneak Peek)

Kalvin Jarvis vs. Jimmy Mowery – U Got It Bad (Usher); Jimmy stolen by John

Patrick McAloon and Andrew Jannakos Soar on "Free Fallin'" – The Voice Battles 2019

Andrew Jannakos vs. Patrick McAloon – Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty); Andrew had a better range Patrick eliminated

Team Legend

Lisa Ramey and Betsy Ade Come Together Beautifully on "The Joke" – The Voice Battles 2019

Betsy Ade vs. Lisa Ramey – The Joke was the first performance Monday Night… Blake called it a magical moment. Legend spoke about how they understand the stage and did want both to stay. Which is basically not logical. Unless there is a steal.  The winner was Lisa. Then a steal by Kelly for Betsy.

Jacob Maxwell and Talon Cardon Sing "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" – The Voice Battles 2019

Jacob Maxwell vs. Talon Cardon – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police); Jacob moved on…Talon eliminated

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu Own Every Moment on "Location" – The Voice Battles 2019

Kayslin Victoria vs. Oliv Blu – Location (Khalid); Legend went for the pop voice young 16-year-old Kayslin, Oliv was stolen by Blake – This is the final steal and end of the battles.

Team Kelly

Abby Kasch and Jackson Marlow Battle to "Bring on the Rain" – The Voice Battles 2019

Abby Kasch vs. Jackson Marlow – Bring On The Rain… Abby was the winner and Jackson went home.

Rebecca Howell and David Owens Are Mesmerizing on "Unchained Melody" – The Voice Battles 2019

Rebecca Howell vs. David Owens – Unchained Melody with David was the comeback artist


Karen Galera vs. Alena D’Amico – song and winner unconfirmed; MJ’s comment section says Karen won w/o a steal montaged!

Team Blake


Hannah Kay and Andrew Sevener Go Hard on "Tequila" – The Voice Battles 2019


Hannah Kay vs. Andrew Sevener – Tequila… Hannah was eliminated.

Selkii and Cecily Hennigan Give "Head Above Water" Everything They Have – The Voice Battles 2019

Selkii vs. Cecily Hennigan – Head Above Water (Avril Lavigne); Selkii has a ton of range and he went for experience, while Cecily eliminated.

Carter Lloyd Horne vs. LiLi Joy – song and winner unconfirmed; MJ’s comment section says Carter won w/o a steal. Montagued.

If we assume the Karen/Alena and Carter/LiLi results are correct from mjsbigblog, then that means Kelly’s steal comes from Betsy/Lisa or Hannah/Andrew

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