Rachel Mac’s Performances S20 Voice 2021 video

Rachel Mac’s Performances S20 Voice 2021 video

Here are the highlights season 20 featuring Rachel Mac’s Performances S20 Voice 2021 video.

Fourth place winner this season! Congrats to Rachel and her fans.


“The Chain” was her journey song… watch


Congratulations go to Rachel and her fans moving up to the finale! See you next week!


How about Rachel? One chair turn, the Team Nick finalist, and the last female standing.

Not many people thought she’d get the vote in the playoffs before last week, and in the pre-PO polls, many thought she won’t get Nick’s save.

She’s a true dark horse, and she outlasted many snowflakes.

Fan comment – Season1 from IDF

“Human” Top 9





YT Comments included:-
Rachel Mac Instagram |
Bradley Sinclair Instagram | Youtube
The performance really got to Blake, that he couldn’t even create a joke from the situation and gave a heartfelt comment. I’m sure his comment influenced Nick’s decision
2 underdogs getting a standing ovation. Rachel definitely stepped it up from her blind and bravo Bradley! Nicks battles are always so good.
John was amazed thru n thru. He kept looking at Nick in total awe. Nick means biz dis season. Perfect duet!
This song was just perfect for their voices. It feels like a duet. Rachel Mac has shown big improvement fr. Also the 1st standing Ovation from all the coaches.


Blind audition and yes her age is in big blue font below….you look carefully now.

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