Peter Weber Bachelor News Updates Reviews read

Peter Weber Bachelor News Updates Reviews read


Peter is your next “Bachelor.”You will find updates, blogs, and spoilers here. Peter Weber Bachelor News Spoilers Reviews read.

Meet all the flight attendants on this crew…Peter certainly needs some luck with all of this. Chris Harrison revealed that Peter is direct with his responses and many real feelings are exposed for all to see. What could go wrong with that?

The question that resonates every season on this show.

Media roundup


Victoria F confronts Alayah about boyfriend…what could go wrong?

Victoria F. Confronts Alayah About Ex-Boyfriend Chase Rice - The Bachelor 2020

Peter and Victoria P’s one on one date (part 1) from the aired bachelor episode on January 20, 2020.

Peter & Victoria P 's 1-on-1 Date (Part 1) The Bachelor 2020

part 2

Peter & Victoria P 's 1-on-1 Date (Part 2) The Bachelor 2020

part 3 -- a blog of the date and episode is covered below.

Peter & Victoria P 's 1-on-1 Date (Part 3) The Bachelor 2020

Peter Weber Episode 3 Sneak Peek Clips - The Bachelor 2020

Is someone here for the wrong reasons?

Is Someone Here for the Wrong Reasons? (Episode 3) Promo - The Bachelor 2020

Extended preview…

Peter Weber Episode 3 Extended Preview - The Bachelor 2020

A producer provided a clip featuring the season plot they project to the audience.  Watch and be aware that some of the voices may have been out of context. In other words, the events may have some degree of drama added to the actual story. Editing and intent combined to mislead?

not all the pieces to the puzzle this season have been filled in yet, I will be adding notes and spoilers throughout the course of the season. The overseas dates (episodes 5-7) have all the eliminations correct, just not any details on the dates. Reality Steve


The champagne drama continued…

A recap of the group dates, she said, she did, Hannah Ann and Kelsey continued. Two days of exhausting behavior from the main ladies in the house. In comes, Peter all excited as a complete opposite in happiness. Tension and conflict were left back at the house.

1-on-1: Victoria Paul. The Canyon Club.

Line dancing rode a mechanical bull. Kissed a lot. Peter rode the mechanical bull and got booted off and hurt his back. posted pics from date.

He took Victoria for a drive around his part of town, first stop was the boot store. She really likes him, does a line dance with him and the love word was spoken by her. It feels really good. He kisses her.

One big surprise besides the red truck, back to the bar and some country band on stage, fun, dancing and she impressed him. She called him incredible and sexy, more than a crush on him. Talk about the events of yesterday turning it around about how she feels about him, a little smitten! Peter is falling into the role, with a very pretty girl at his side, his dance partner for life.

Back at the mansion. Kelsey and Hannah Ann talk. Bully is not ok with the name-calling, use of the b*tch, and agree to disagree. Outcomes the champagne comments. Drama. Maturity in other conversations. Not being nice to each other does not help resolve their relationship. The pretty little princess comments. Someone is being called out tonight and a sudden rose reduction at the end rose ceremony was teased.

Victoria and Peter’s date continued in a plane hanger. Table, food and drinks for two. They explore their date and how they feel about each other. He noticed her nurturing side, she knows the reasons she is the way she is. Her dad passed away at an early age, her mother fell into an addiction, emotional moments, revealing she had to be the rock for her sister. A hard lesson for only the strong. One of her dreams was to have a happy and healthy life, she did not feel deserving of someone.

They get close to this moment. Victoria does not want to burden him more. He thanks her for opening up to him. He gives her a rose. Is this the stars are aligning? He thinks he had a special moment, he shared a shooting star moment with her. Insanely right, totally right for him. She accepts the rose with a kiss. One of the best days of her life.

Back at the mansion. Lots of insignificant conversations…groups are being formed. The group date names are read.

Group Date: 8 women: Tammy Ly, Alayah Benavidez, Sarah Coffin, Kelley Flanagan, Sydney Hightower, Shiann Lewis, Kiarra Norman, and Savannah Mullins. Chris Harrison and Fred Willard were the judges. Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight at Cowboy Palace Saloon.

Women who didn’t get dates this episode: Madison Prewett & Jasmine Nguyen.

Demi is back with some help, feathers, pillows slamming and wakeup calls to the house. Boot camp…she has planned the date. One hour later. Savannah got the moo-moo! “Eat Sheet” was on one sign. She wants the girls to release their tension and fighting for Peter’s heart. He shared he was excited.

Tammy v Kelly an attorney on tv was not lost on her!  Tammy was disqualified for throwing Kelly out!

Other fights go down fast. The championship round Alayah v Sydney. Hair pulling…Alayah sat on her and won the crown plus a kiss. The queen of the bedroom. Sydney claims she will get a rude awakening. More truth comes out?

Alayah stole him at the night part of the group date. He called her for being intense as a fighter. She wanted to be more vulnerable to him. He thinks he has a good feeling about her. Peter crowns her and kisses her at the end of the date-time. The pageantry questions were being asked by Sydney, being a true core, not being revealed, laying out that does he knows what he wants. Sydney said she sees through her. A dark relationship is evident (producer intent).

Kelly told him to shave more. What is on his mind? You are a big reason for him, will this work for her, the process no, but he was asking about them. Tonight was perfect. Then we jump to other girls. He kisses them all. Sydney was talking about being hard this week. They talk about the stronger connections, he likes her a lot, she wants some more confirmation over the other girls. The not being genuine-time comes out…like, like, she does not want for him to get hurt. The fake recall comes from last season. He re-joins the group…shares that were some concerns mentioned to him. Out came the last season reality. He names Sydney as his source and wants to squash it now. She names Allayah, and reverse ask the question among the group. Does anyone else see her that way? No reply. He states he does not have time for that. He then ups and leaves. Alayah asks Sydney about her reasons for naming her. When the cameras are on, she discounts it as being about her big personality. No deal between them.

Alayah approached Peter about his thoughts. She shared she feels blindsided and would not be here if he thinks she is fake. Peter is confused. He believed Sydney, then he believes Alayah. He is looking for that honesty. He comes back to the group takes the rose and dismisses the conversation hands the rose to Sydney for being honest! Is this all producer invented tension?

Harrison enters the house. Peter will join them all afternoon for a pool party, no cocktail party. The girls are excited…he then arrived to announce he wants to find answers. He grabbed Sydney for a second. He feels frustrated at the situation and promptly apologized for revealing her. She asked him to search for his own answers. They kiss and hug it out. More conversations from Alayah and other girls about the situation. More evidence comes from others about what they see about Alayah’s on off-camera pageant girl. More and more. Is this a dig at pageant girls, including Hannah Brown and others…now that would hit a nerve with the lead.

No one is in the pool.

More Sydney and Alayah conversation -- questions about their relationships are all ticking timebombs. Alayah called out her version as being an opinion…in her view.

Peter comes to talk to Madison, their date was still so special to her. They shared a very special day, it is his oasis in the day. Back to Sydney and Allayah. She is convinced that she needs to talk to him about trust. He does not want to have doubts and wants to guard his heart. He questions why others may feel that she is not being real. He takes a deep breath and something about her he really likes, he wants to see the good, bad and ugly. He thanks for reassuring him. She feels back on top of the mountain, an undeniable relationship, announcing she is back on track with others.

This is not normal to be in sharing so many feelings with so many women. Outcomes the nail in the story, one girl shares that Alayah asked her not to share that they knew each other. He thanked her. Peter came back to talk to her. His heart says one thing his mind says another, not to be fooled. Any clarity here. Hates that he has to be bringing this back up, but he does not feel 100 per cent about this, multiple women have talked to him. He used the word manipulated, he asks her about her conversation with Victoria P. She explains her reason for not being manipulative. Peter does not buy it, he likes her a lot and wants her to look at it from his perspective.

Ok. He leaves stating he has a lot to think about. She is depressed and upset with tears on the show for all to see. More than girl drama. Harrison came on set sharing Peter left the house, upset and confused. More tears, McKenna shares her frustration about not getting time with him, rose or no rose.

MORE ON CAMERA bashing from many of the women. Some claim it is all in the name of truth. Four leave. Chris takes a rose away so an extra woman left. You do the math. He tells them that he is more confused and apologized to others he had not spent any time with. Two roses on the table… Peter walks out and consults CH. “What do you want to do?” asked Harrison, ” I don’t know!” said Weber. They talk about Alayah and he confesses his decision to Harrison.

The outcome of the rose ceremony. A change in the program tonight, as Harrison took one rose away. McKenna has a breakdown. Then she received the final rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Alayah Benavidez, Jasmine Nguyen, Sarah Coffin, and Alexa Caves.

Post rose ceremony…the usual line of goodbyes. Sydney stands by his decision. Alayah and Peter exchange how sorry they both were and she left. She was disappointed and other people’s opinions. Victoria’s comments were on her mind. He talks about keeping this going and looks forward to next week. He feels like he has given in to everyone else. He is not going to get past this for a while. A genuine behind the scenes moment.

More drama next week.

Peter rides the bull for the closeout scene. Ride that bull is the chant from the girls, as he crashes to the floor. Victoria rescues him.

Earlier episodes

Most of the group date girls were totally disconnected from Hannah Brown…disappointed and frustrated were common factor words expressed in the scene. Hannah B is in the past he tells the girls.

The night portion proceeded. This will be known as Champagne -- the gate! Kelsey brought a 2-year-old bottle of Dom Perignon that she wanted to open with the lead.

However, the production gave it to Hannah Ann to open with Peter. To calm the event he pours it over himself. Both girls have been joking about it post-show on social media.

He makes amends with the girls on the night segment. Lots of kisses and even dance. He apologized again. Sydney shared her story about being bullied…McKenna talked about stepping it up.

Sydney received the group date rose.

Post the group date segment… Hannah B was the most talked-about name event of the night. He walks in with his swag! He explains his story to the main group, talking about everlasting love, and he apologized to those who he did not date this week. Yet, you are going home regardless.

The red corvette girl was in focus for a few moments, he did not remember her at first, but after some prompting, he remembered. Was it the car he liked more… no, he wants her too. Champagne gate. Kelsey brings out her special champagne, the bottle shows her heart. McKenna took him before Kelsey. More no time talk from the girls in the circle. Kelsey calls out McKenna as being sneaky.

Madi gets some major screen time and he talks about family time. Another surprise, he presents her with a gift a picture of the family ceremony. More kisses.

More Kelsey talking about champagne. Outcomes the producers with there plant of the night! POP! All the girls heard it. Kelsey confronts the pair drinking her bottle. A long stare. Hannah Ann opened the bottle. Kelsey disappeared into the background. Peter tried to follow her. Why didn’t Hannah Ann tell the truth? Peter chases Kelsey down. Apparently a mix up with the bottle! Right. She tried to drink out of the bottle and sprayed out on her face. More conversations, bad words, “your calculated” called out Kelsey. Hannah tried to apologize and acknowledged her feelings and moving forward.

Chris Harrison walked in, time for another ceremony. Someone called Kelsey a hot mess and should go home!

Rose Ceremony # 2 Eliminations

Lauren Jones, Courtney Perry, and Payton Moran.

Hannah Ann offered the second toast with Kelsey voice-over negative language used.


The production certainly travelled to the remote outback of Australia to film the finale. In fact, it is one of the remotest cities on the planet. At this stage, they may have the upper hand.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Lauren Jones, Payton Moran, and Courtney Perry.

Rose Ceremony #3: Los Angeles, CA (19 to 15)

Group Date: 8 women at Academy LA. Fashion show: Alexa Caves, Hannah Ann Sluss, Lexi Buchanan, Kelsey Weier, Mykenna Dorn, Deandra Kanu, Natasha Parker, and Victoria Fuller. There were pics from the group date that tabloids took.

Much of the segment focused on the girls being able to showcase their personality on stage and a winner would walk away with $40k value in clothing from Revolve. One girl did not handle the situation well, as it invokes her personal fears of being a center of attention. Many of the girls were totally into this event except Victoria F. Daytime and night ware down to the final two who will battle it out. Peter is made to strut the walk, took his seat in the audience. McKenna impressed. Hannah Ann wore a wedding dress tossing the vail at him. She almost blacked out! Hannah Ann was confident on the runway. Out came Victoria F in the nightwear and coat! She was hot.

The Ladies Compete in a Fashion Show - The Bachelor 2020

The two were Hannah Ann and  Victoria! She felt noticed.

The final walk off.  And the winner was… Hannah Ann. Victoria wanted to go home feeling so frustrated, tears and more. So defeated and never… playing on the girls’ weaknesses.

More tension. Moving onto the Green House. Lots of emotions revealed… hesitation, he toasted to all the women. Victoria just wanted for him to see her, she does not want to be self-deprecating. He was very impressed with her walk on the stage. Then she revealed she was not dealing well with this, her mental health is important, connections are hard, it is NOT Normal! He wants her to give her all she can. She revealed all she wanted was for him to SEE her. He was very understanding. This process is so hard. He talks more and walks her to a quiet place, and called it very endearing and her heart has so much love. He wants her to be here. A simple kiss.

More Hannah Ann about champagne. Kelsey and Peter drink from two glasses. Another pop. No spills? His drink went over the top so he sipped it out. Cheers with Kelsey. More cross conversations about how the others summarized the day.

Hannah Ann talked to Peter. She thanked him for inviting her on this date, revealing to him about her interactions with Kelsey. Her spirit was crushed and bullied. He did not think it was ok for that to happen. He was sorry and not going to put up with that! They kissed. He really likes her. She likes him a little bit! She is not a champagne stealer.

Kelsey has two nights without crying. Peter comes back to the group, he took the rose and spoke to someone who he is happy she is here, really hopeful. Victoria!

Victoria F. got the group date rose.

Peter calls out Kelsey for her actions. He does not appreciate her actions towards Hannah Ann. She appeals that she is not bullying Hannah Ann. Plain speak between them does not clear up the matter. Peter has no response and they head backs in. Kelsey claims this just got worse. No, she is not ok with being labeled a bully Kelsey reveals to Victoria F. Why not talk it out. A Kelsey voice over appeared in the following scene. The scary word is used.

Next Week. More Champagne drama…


[Insert video for next week and the end of the season here]

More do not let her go from mom. She means too much to me to let her go. Something all of us just found out said Chris.

Angie’s advice includes not fart! Just cough loud in front of him!


To be continued next week!


Rose Ceremony #4: Cleveland, OH (15 to 12)

1-on-1: Victoria Fuller. Victoria got the rose.

Group Date: Flag football game at Browns Stadium with 13 women called the “Bachelor Bowl”: Hannah Ann, Lexi, Mykenna, Deandra, Natasha, Victoria P., Tammy, Kelley, Sydney, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, and Madison. Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett were supposed to be the coaches but ended up not being the case. So it was former Browns Josh Cribbs and like the leader of the Dawg Pound.

1-on-1: Kelsey Weier. Cleveland Area Soap Box Derby race in downtown Cleveland. Tons of pics and videos from that event. Kelsey got the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kiarra Norman, Savannah Mullins, and Deandra Kanu. Alayah Benavidez returned during the group date after-party, got a rose, but then left the show before the rose ceremony started.

Rose Ceremony #5: Costa Rica (12 to 10)

It was in Costa Rica on an off day before the women arrived that Peter fell off a golf cart and cut his head open. He had to be rushed to the hospital and got stitches in his head, which were visible the rest of the season. However, this did not delay filming as he went on a date the next day.

1-on-1: Sydney Hightower. Sydney gets the rose.

Group Date:

1-on-1: Kelley Flanagan. Kelley gets the rose.

>Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan.

Rose Ceremony #6: Santiago, Chile (10 to 6)

1-on-1: Hannah Ann Sluss. Hannah Ann gets the rose.

Group Date:

1-on-1: Victoria Fuller. Victoria gets the rose.

At some point during this episode, Victoria Paul and Peter talk and was told they were just on different pages. They mutually agreed to part ways, but again, I don’t know how the show will choose to show it. Victoria did have to crown her Miss Louisiana successor the day after she left, so I’m sure that played some role in her wanting to leave. That timing is too convenient.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Sydney Hightower, Mykenna Dunn, and Tammy Ly. Victoria Paul left on her own earlier in the episode.

Rose Ceremony #7: Lima, Peru (6 to 4)

1-on-1: Natasha Parker. Got sent home on her date.

1-on-1: Kelsey Weier.

Group Date: Not sure if 3 or 4 were on this group date. If it was 3, there was another 1-on-1 this episode. If there were 4, then these were the 3 dates this episode and this group date would’ve had Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelley, and Victoria Fuller on it.

In the last few seasons, we know the episode before hometowns, that roses are given out on the dates and there hasn’t been a rose ceremony. What we do know is Natasha and Kelley were eliminated this episode, and Natasha I know had a 1-on-1. So Kelley was definitely on the group date and was the one who didn’t get a rose.

Eliminated This Episode: Kelley Flanagan. Natasha Parker sent home during her 1-on-1.

Episode 8: Hometowns (4 to 3)

Madison Prewett Auburn, AL. (Filmed Saturday, Oct 26th)

With Madison’s dad being an assistant coach with the Auburn men’s basketball team, they went to the arena, met head coach Bruce Pearl, and shot around with the players. I also heard the dinner portion at night was at Coach Pearl’s house. During this hometown date, Madison’s dad did not give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter.

Victoria Fuller Virginia Beach, VA (Filmed Monday, Oct. 28th)

If you are just tuning in and have heard all this talk about Victoria Fuller, and being the villain, and what’s the dirt behind her, it was all posted on this site the day of her hometown date, which you can read by clicking here. The Victoria expose is on page 2 of that post.

Hannah Ann Sluss Knoxville, TN (Filmed Wednesday, Oct. 30th)

No pictures or videos came through from her hometown, but they went to the Smoky Mountain Axe House in Alcoa, TN where they played games against other couples. Then they went to her parent’s house for dinner in Powell, TN.

Kelsey Weier Des Moines, IA (Filmed Friday, Nov. 1st)

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Kelsey Weier.

Episode 9: Overnights Australia (3 to 2)

I’m starting to hear more and more things about what went down once we got to the final 3, and then subsequently the final 2. What I do know for sure is Victoria was eliminated after overnights and she is not part of any of the equation when it comes to the finale. Kinda like Hannah Brown, just cross her off your list of possibilities for “well, I don’t know, maybe he’s still in love with Victoria and…” – nope. It didn’t happen and isn’t happening. Victoria was eliminated at 3, had to stick around in Australia like every final 3 person does until filming was over, and she was out of there right when filming was over. I know she was the last of the women to turn her IG back to the public, but trust me, that didn’t mean anything. She has nothing to do with the finale.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Victoria Fuller.

Episode 10: Women Tell All

Meet the Women of Peter Weber’s season 24!


Meet the Women of Peter Weber's Season 24

The Bachelor Peter Weber Season 24 Preview - The Bachelor 2020

Episode 1 = 3-hour marathon with Flash forward scenes

When did the Bachelor become “LOST?” The first scene you will see Monday night when the show starts is a flash-forward to the final rose ceremony. It’s a clip of Peter at the final rose ceremony (we’re not sure at what point exactly of the final rose ceremony it is), but…

Chris Harrison comes up to Peter and says these exact words, “Before you do what you’re about to do, there is something you should know…something I just found out, all of us just found out…I’m not sure how this all ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

Peter becomes flustered, we see him walking around not knowing what to do saying “feel like I’m gonna pass out right now,” then a clip of him in his final rose ceremony suit, laying down on a bed with production around him saying “it’s just like the last thing I needed to hear.”

Then leads into Chris Harrison saying, “This season of the Bachelor is an unbelievable journey like you’ve never seen before.” At that point, the season preview starts and we see clips of stuff we would normally see. Lots of tears, lots of crying, etc. But a few things stick out

There is an ITM of Victoria saying, “I can’t believe she waited this long to tell him she’s a virgin.” I can confirm that Victoria is speaking about Madison there. A couple of other interesting audio clips I forgot to write down but were just voiceovers so hard to judge context.

But the most interesting part of the season preview is the last:20 seconds that’s a clip of Peter’s mom Barbara, crying with her voice shaking saying to Peter, “Don’t let her go, don’t let her go…(camera pans to Peter)…bring her home to us.” Last part could just be a VO

It is unclear in this last part exactly when Barbara is saying this to Peter, but, he doesn’t have his suit on so we can eliminate this happening after whatever goes down on the final rose ceremony day. We know family only appears during the time when they meet the final 2 women.

Peter’s family does appear in the first 1-on-1 date this season w/ Madison bc she attends their wedding vow renewal but it’s not then. So this clip is either sometimes when she meets the final 2 in Australia, or, this was filmed post-show. Hard to know what she’s referencing.

Is Barbara talking about one of Peter’s women specifically? Someone else? Or is that just a clip of a longer conversation of her just talking in general about going after what you want and stopping at nothing to do it? We don’t know. But I’m sure I’ll get asked 1000 x about it.

Then the season preview ends w/ clip of Peter back at the final rose ceremony, standing to look at the ring in his hand with a voiceover of him saying, “When I love someone, I don’t care how hard it looks, I will never surrender. Because I do believe love conquers all.” End of season preview.

A lot to take in & that’s literally the first 4-5 min of the episode. So for the first time ever they’re gonna flash-forward & show a final rose ceremony clip right off the bat to give you a little teaser for what to expect. I kinda like it. Def will have the audience talking.


The 7 women who get intro videos are: (in the order shown): Alexa Caves, Hannah Ann Sluss, Tammy Ly, Victoria Paul, Kelley Flanagan, Madison Prewett, and Maurissa Gunn. I went over these in a little more detail on my IG live. A couple of backstories to them. -- Reality Steve

Clip preview flight crew girls meet Peter…

The order of limo entrances as shown: Alayah, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Sarah, Lauren, VictoriaP, Mykenna, Maurissa, Kelsey, then the 3 flight attendants in a row Eunice, Jade, & Megan, then Madison, Tammy, Shiann, Courtney, Kiarra, Lexi, Deandra, Payton, Jasmine, Kylie, Katrina, Victoria F, Jenna, Savannah, Kelley, Alexa, Avonlea, and Natasha.

Hannah Brown comes out last in her own limo, gives Peter back his wings that he gave her on his limo entrance, tells him to find his co-pilot this season, then never goes into the cocktail party. But her appearance you can tell shakes, Peter, a bit.

When he gives his toast inside, he tells the women that some just saw Hannah outside and she’s a friend and came to give his wings back, but while he’s saying this you can hear his voice crack and him getting a little choked up. This sets the stage for what happens later.

There are tons of pilot/flying/windmill sex jokes in the intros that you’ve seen in the previews, but a couple you haven’t. One is Katrina telling Peter, “You’re going to fall in love with my hairless…pussy…cat.” Then she shows him a framed pic of the hairless cat she has.

Victoria F. says to him,” There’s something I want u to know about me & that it’s I have a very dry sense of humor, but (starts laughing)…but that’s about the only thing that is dry.” Then Peter starts laughing and hugs her. Important bc it’s brought up later at the cocktail party. -- Reality Steve



Self-explanatory post from Reality Steve and the lead character this season. The assertion is will this season-ending be spoiled or not?

Hannah Sluss received the first impression rose

Hannah Ann is the steal you for a second girl

Eliminations Maurissa Gunn, Avonlea Elkins, Kylie Ramos, Jade Gilliland, Megan Hops, Katrina Badowski, Jenna Seerano, and Eunice Cho.

Hannah Brown was a fake-out appearance and did not join season.


Non-starters included Kiarra, Sarah and Lexi.

Group date #1

Flight school with 9 women, Deandra, Shiann, Victoria Paul, Tammy, Jasmine, Kelley, Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, Courtney Perry.

Victoria P suffered some motion sickness during the date and Peter comforted her. He gave her some flowers as the night went on because she never had received any from him.

Kelly received the group date rose. They reacted to their meeting time in the same hotel for the cameras.

One on one date was Madison Prewett, who attends his parent’s vow renewal and received a rose. This was a truly romantic date for all to remember. Madison shined in response to the event and her time with the lead. He tried to share his willingness to protect her feelings on the journey. The “trust” word comes out in their conversation, she was hopeful that he finds the Mrs.Weber. She received a rose. One more surprise instore. Tenille Arts including Janelle Arthur from American Idol to sing the night away! In comes the family for the party!

#Group Date #2

Sex date planned by Hannah Brown. 9 Women attend featuring, Sydney, Alexa, Savannah, Kelsey, Payton, Alayah, Natasha, Mykenna, and Lauren. The Beasts are back b*tches! Lots of comments from the group.

The day portion of the date was canceled by Peter because he was not in the right mind to continue it. Natasha summed it up!  Each was asked to talk about sex time in front of an audience. Awkward. Does she still have feelings for him? She was asked by a producer. Then it went into emotional tear weird time for Peter and Hannah B! She apologized and happy at the same time. It was a lot. She admitted it was tearable the first night. A little part of him wanted her to join….and she will always mean something to him. Sorry! Her heart was very confused. She is feeling fkd up. She questions what she did a lot…more tears…She admitted the feelings ATFR and he let his feelings go after the final episode. Being literally close to her he felt close to her again.

He offered her to join the house.


He felt zero doubt at Crete. They relive their time together.

She broke everyone’s heart… and he offered to retry the relationship. He never reached out to her and she went with Tyler.

He still has feelings for her and she seems to have them back. He feels like such a jerk now, because he has all these girls here ready to be single and look for someone new…

Tears, emotions, some do not want to deal with Hannah. Then Ashley P, the cow was given her time.

End of the episode…. mooving on.

The night portion proceeded. This will be known as Champagne -- the gate! Kelsey brought a 2-year-old bottle of Dom Perignon that she wanted to open with the lead.

However, the production gave it to Hannah Ann to open with Peter. To calm the event he pours it over himself. Both girls have been joking about it post-show on social media.

Sydney received the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony # 2 Eliminations

Lauren Jones, Courtney Perry, and Payton Moran.


The production certainly travelled to the remote outback of Australia to film the finale. In fact, it is one of the remotest cities on the planet. At this stage, they may have the upper hand.

Latest from column 1/2/2020

All I can tell you is that if the ending of the season happened on Nov. 17th in Australia, I would’ve found out about it by now. But I believe it’s not over and that’s why Peter and Chris are teasing that there’s a reason it won’t be spoiled. Pretty bold to claim that if you just think I might not hear something over the next two months. So that’s the good news. Today is only January 2nd. We have about 10 weeks until the finale and ATFR. I’m sure more will come out during that time, and when I hear stuff that I can confirm, I will share it with you.

Happy Holidays clip from producers to you…


First Look - Peter Weber Asks Hannah Brown to Join His Season - The Bachelor 2020


In a Bachelor First, the Premiere Will Feature the Season’s First Group and
One-on-One Dates
Thirty Women Are Eager to Win Peter’s Heart and Final Rose
When Bachelorette Hannah B. Steps Out of the Limo, All Bets Are Off!
Country Music Sensation Tenille Arts Returns for Her Third Appearance on the Series

“2401” – Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to take off on an international journey filled with romance, high drama and love! He grabbed Hannah B.’s attention with his boyish charm and one-storied night in a windmill, but Bachelor Nation was shocked when she ended their relationship. Now, their heartthrob is back to hand out the roses and search for his happily ever after as he stars in the 24th edition of ABC’s hit romance reality series “The Bachelor,” premiering with a big three-hour special, MONDAY, JAN. 6 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on, the ABC app and Hulu.

The 30 stunning, accomplished women will do anything to catch Peter’s eye, including bringing a giant paper airplane in for an impressive landing. Peter loves the effort all these ladies are making, including the three flight attendants. He is encouraged he might meet his wife, but there is one hard-charging career woman who has already had a chance encounter with the Bachelor and sparks flew then. What will the other women think of her? It is nothing compared to the loud scream when Hannah B. steps out of the limo. Why would she be here?

There is one assertive charmer who steals Peter away multiple times during the cocktail party and then steals a kiss. But who will get the first impression rose and earn the jealousy of all the other women? It’s a very emotional first rose ceremony for Peter as he says goodbye to eight bachelorettes, some of whom predict that Peter may be in for a bumpy ride with this group of feisty ladies.

But this season, the premiere isn’t over after the rose ceremony. In the first group date, nine competitive women are put through flight school by special guests, veteran Marine Corps pilot Alisa Johnson and Katie Higgins Cook, the first female pilot in the Navy’s elite Blue Angels demonstration squad. Who will capture the special sunset flight alone with Peter as the reward for coming out on top after a series of rigorous drills?

One beautiful girl next door will fly high when she meets Peter’s entire family at his parents’ vow renewal after 31 years of marriage, but will she fit in? Breakout country music artist Tenille Arts performs her new song, “Somebody Like That,” for the special occasion.

Finally, in another huge surprise, Hannah B. hosts the next group date. She explains to the nine enthusiastic women that they will be revealing their most memorable sex stories and fantasies in front of a live audience. But what happens when Peter discovers a distraught Hannah backstage? What she shares with him will leave them both as confused as ever. Do the two of them still have feelings for one another and share the same sizzling passion? Will Hannah join the group of women in the Bachelor mansion and continue to date Peter?

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Here are some earlier revealed spoilers and updates from sources. Reality and others noted.
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The final rose has been handed out, in one of the remotest places on Earth, Alice Springs Australia! It will take super sleuth Reality Steve to solve the mystery.





3 videos…



Today’s hometown date in Auburn, AL will have Peter and Madison going to Auburn University and doing stuff on campus. Also they’ll go to Auburn Arena and meet head coach Bruce Pearl and some of the players since Madison’s dad is an asst coach for the team. War Eagle.


For full spoilers click the link above or here

Peter Weber Bachelor News Spoilers Reviews read

Peter Weber Bachelor News Spoilers Reviews read

The 28-year-old pilot was joined by 27-year-old contestant Victoria Paul, who currently serves as Miss Louisiana USA.

Peter Weber Is The Next Bachelor - Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Finale


As I reported, overseas filming in eps 5-7 is in some order of Costa Rica, Peru, & Chile. We know they like doing a US city before heading overseas & I got it confirmed for ep 4 they will be heading to…Cleveland. The Browns will be involved in one date. Reality Steve via Twitter

Source Reality Steve has confirmed the news.

He was one of the final four who made it to hometowns in Hannah Brown’s season. Windmill Pete!

Here are three pictures were taken at LAX featuring Peter and the crew…

Credit: The latest video from TMZ via YT.

Rumored 'Bachelor' Pilot Pete Already Has Film Crew Following Him | TMZ

Peter Weber New ABC Bachelor reveal news

Peter Weber

Peter Weber New ABC Bachelor reveal news

Peter Weber

Peter Weber Bachelor News Spoilers Reviews read 


Part of latest post from Reality Steve…

I currently have 16 of the women that I’m sure will be on the show next season. I will release them next week after they leave for filming. Some of the names out there are on that list, some aren’t. But I will post them next week because I’ve never really been too keen on posting them before they leave and here’s why: too many things can happen, and the second I post someone who doesn’t end up being cast, even if they get cut last minute, I immediately get “I thought you said so-and-so was on the show,” and I’d rather not deal with that.

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  • Why bring Hanna B back? She had her chance to pick him in the first place and didn’t. We don’t need to see her again. Also this windmill deal, was tacky the first time, when Hanna owed it to the other men to to not sleep with one of the them. It is not right for the other girls to be competeing, for Peter and hes over there screwing one of the girls, apparently.

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