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Pauline’s Journey Voice France 2022 Watch
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Pauline’s Journey Voice France 2022 Watch

Pauline’s Journey Voice France 2022 Watch


Here is our snapshot coverage featuring Pauline’s Journey Voice France 2022 Watch

Patrick Bruel – J’te l’dis quand même – Pauline | The Voice 2022 | Demi-finale

Super Cross Battles : Pauline chante un titre de Barbara : L’aigle noir.

Cross Battle : Pauline sur un titre de Bob Dylan : Knockin on heaven’s door. Réussira-t-elle à convaincre le public de remporter la Cross Battle ?

Cross Battle: Pauline on a Bob Dylan track: Knockin’ on heaven’s door. Will she succeed in convincing the public to win the Cross Battle?
At 19, Pauline has a fusional relationship with her brother, Samuel.
His passion for singing comes from his brother who has been singing since the age of 3.
They did shows for their family and both loved it. Since then, Pauline has not gone a day without singing. TF1
Drama amongst the social media audience and the coach’s judgment.

The two candidates delivered a sublime interpretation of “Je vole” by Michel Sardou. Considered the “most beautiful battle” of this season by Internet users, this suspended moment resulted in the elimination of Henry. An elimination which was very severely criticized on the side of the twittos.

“These two, I ask them to sing together because they have a common light” explains the coach, confident of experiencing a real “break head” to the idea of ​​organizing this confrontation. Hesitating between two songs, “L’Aigle noir” by Barbara and “Je vole” by Michel Sardou, Vianney ended up deciding by offering his duo to interpret the title of Michel Sardou, successfully taken up by Louane. A decision that delighted Henry… but not Pauline: “I’m disgusted to have this song to do. The lyrics don’t speak to me, I don’t really know how to put my emotion into it…” laments the young Belgian.


Michel Sardou – Je vole – Henry VS Pauline | The Voice 2022 | Battles
Battle : Henry et Pauline s’opposent sur un titre de Michel Sardou : Je vole.

Who won?
Duo magnifique. Deux si belles voix et une touchante interprétation.

Julien Clerc – Utile – Pauline | The Voice 2022

Audition à l’aveugle : Pauline chante Utile de Julien Clerc. Réussira-t-elle à faire retourner le fauteuil

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