Northwell Health Nurse Choir Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 video

Northwell Health Nurse Choir Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 video

Here is the first act was chosen by Howie Mandel to advance Northwell Health Nurse Choir Golden Buzzer AGT 2021 video.

Final performance video in full

Live show week 2

We stand with @HowieMandel‘s choice for the as his #GoldenBuzzer! #AGT

Northwell Health Choir, a group of nurses that have been working on the frontlines, will also be auditioning for America’s Got Talent tonight. While we thought the choir was a shoo-in for the Golden Buzzer, Peter’s fans are hoping the judges will make gold confetti fall for him.

The members of the choir did not know each other before coming together to create an unbreakable bond. Northwell Health has over 18,000 nurses, so it was fate that these 18 decided to unite over their shared passion of singing.

Shonda Ramirez, a nurse case manager, was always too shy to pursue singing until joining Northwell Health Nurse Choir. She is featured in one of the first looks ahead of Season 16 and will get very emotional up on stage. Danielle Filippone, a registered nurse, is seen comforting her as they marvel at the opportunity to be on the America’s Got Talent stage.

Danielle uses songs to communicate with her 7-year-old autistic son and he has truly found his voice because of music. This group is full of people with remarkable stories. Orthopedic nurse Sydney Daniel is a former firefighter and Winnie Mele has been a nurse for 41 years.

Video is approximately 9 minutes in duration.


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