Nine Inventions Including CanguRo Intelligent Robot

Nine Inventions Including CanguRo Intelligent Robot

Here is a presentation released today featuring 9 inventions. We focus on the CanguRo Intelligent Robot watch


CanguRo: Intelligent Robot – Transformable and Ridable

Kangaroo in Italian.

Press release

  • CanguRo assists a person as a partner robot. When the person wants to move, it automatically transforms itself into a vehicle.
  • In robot mode, CanguRo escorts and supports the runner based on AI technology. From a remote location, it is automatically sent out to a designated place.
  • In-vehicle mode, it transforms its body to make sharp turns. It gives the rider a sense of human-machine integration, as if in skiing.

Watch the other eight inventions below…we may cover some of the others in another post.




0:37 CanguRo – 1:23

Space Safe – / (Alternative)

2:16 ESF24 Smart Fitness Scale – Original price: $24.99 Discount price: $19.99 Ratio: 20% Date: 6/21-6/22

3:26 DiskAshur M2 –

4:16 Magnus Metal Desk – / (Alternative)

5:07 TorrX – /

5:57 Bosch FreshUp –

6:52 Podtime –

7:43 Sinex –

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