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Nicolas Ribs' Magic Journey AGT America's Got Talent 2022

Nicolas Ribs’ Magic Journey AGT America’s Got Talent 2022

Here is another act from Season 17 on AGT. Watch Nicolas Ribs’ Magic Journey AGT America’s Got Talent 2022.

He did not make the top 5. Well done Nicolas.


Here is the semi-final performance week 3 August 23, 2022 release.

Top 3 place for Nicholas…

Sara and Nicholas advance Celia placed 3rd

Results clip(s)

Top 5

The first clip features his audition to be aired June 28, 2022 on NBC at 8| 7 Central.

Accueil | Nicolas Ribs Magicien – Mentaliste – France et Europe

Découvrez le site officiel de Nicolas Ribs – Magicien – Mentaliste – à Paris, Lyon, Genève, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, et partout en France

Early Release: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss The Magic of Nicolas Ribs | AGT 2022

GoPro Peter C Hockey

  • 1 hour ago This reminds me of Eric Chien’s act from a few years ago, but with multi-media involved. A very polished act!

Matty Stewart

23 minutes ago I think silent magic is the best kind. No riff raff. Just letting the magic speak for itself is way more entertaining to watch! And probably requires more skill because people are paying less attention to tricks when theres talking, which somewhat makes it easier for slight of hand magicians to pull off tricks. But this kind of magic here, weather he can speak English or not. This is just next level and should be taken in the same regard and category as shin lim and the likes. Hats off to this guy!

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Jonas Jensen

1 hour ago It might just be me, but i thought this was very poor, i knew exactly what he was doing at all time, and the slight of hand was weak to be honest, especially with the 2 towers and the balls, you could just seem him holding the ball in the other hand while the other hands were empty, the tower statues he just held in his hand and opened up. Not to hate, but just feels like this was really overrated.

Katrina Web

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