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News Reviews This Week In Videogames videos

News Reviews This Week In Videogames video watch

News Reviews This Week In Videogames videos

More of the latest news, reviews, and media presentations for you. News Reviews This Week In Videogames video.

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News Reviews This Week

Square Enix acquisition rumours, Activision in trouble and Guild Wars 3?

TIMESTAMPS ARE BACKSIES 0:07 GAMERS! 0:53 Meta Quest 2 Price Increase 2:11 PSVR2 2:56 PlayStation Mobile Controller 3:39 Sony Earnings Call 4:28 Xbox Earnings Call 5:04 Activision Blizzard Earnings Call 6:01 Sony’s Statement on Xbox & Call of Duty 7:55 Special Mention: Microsoft’s Response 8:47 Call of Duty Vanguard Plagiarizes 9:26 Eidos Acquisition Details 11:35 Indonesia Bans A WHOLE LOT 12:18 Ubisoft Workplace Environment… 13:41 New Guild Wars Game?!?!?! AUSTIN!!! 14:50 THE NIER:A SECRET CHURCH!!! Feel free to share opinions of this in the replies!! 15:09 Evolved is back..?! 15:28 Disco Elysium Devs New Game 15:44 Project L Update 16:09 Announced and Delayed 20:28 Review Round-Up 20:28 Special Mention: MULTIVERSUS (try it!) 23:37 Out This Week 24:53 Put This On Your Radar 25:58 Sort of Free Stuff 29:02 Feel Good Story 30:04 Conclusion

MultiVersus – Before You Buy by Gameranx

First GTA 6 details, KOTOR remake looks doomed and Ubisoft’s hellish week

Apex Legends: Hunted – Official Launch Trailer

Top 10 NEW Games of August 2022

gameranx 7.22M subscribers

0:00 Intro 0:14 Way of the Hunter 1:23 Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered 2:36 Two Point Campus 3:48 Sword and fairy: together forever 5:03 Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed 6:12 Midnight Fight Express 7:13 Cult of the Lamb 8:04 Soul Hackers 2 9:03 Thymesia 10:07 Saints Row

Assassin’s Creed Japan, Red Dead Funeral, and Fallout’s TV show

Julian Millo

4 hours ago AC Creed in Japan is too little too late, especially after Ghost of Tsushima, the bar has been risen way more than Ubisoft can handle presently

Apex Legends game, Robocop gameplay and Ubisoft’s DLC

TIMESTAMPS ARE BACK!! 0:07 GAAAMERSSSS 0:09 BMW introduces microtransactions?! 1:15 Ubisoft DLC Bullshit.. 3:55 Skull & Bones… 5:40 Beyond Good & Evil 2! 6:23 The Division Mobile 6:56 Robocop Gameplay!! 7:45 Apex Legend Singleplayer FPS 9:14 Next Battlefield Job Listing 10:01 HL1 remake Black Mesa.. demake? 10:50 Marvel Avengers 11:53 Marvel Midnight Sun 12:30 Golem First Gameplay 13:21 E3 IS BACK 14:28 South Africa New Censorship Laws 14:42 Fall Guys Hits 50mil Players! 14:56 Nintendo Switch Pro..? No.. OLED… 15:17 RDR and GTA4 Remake Cancelled 15:34 3 Hour League of Legends Match 16:00 Announced & Delayed 20:30 Review Round-Up 22:59 Out This Week 24:57 Put This On Your Radar 26:10 P̶u̶t̶ ̶T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶O̶n̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶R̶a̶-̶ Sorta Free Stuff! 28:53 Feel Good Story 31:04 Conclusion

Luke Small

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