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News Reviews This Week In Videogames video watch

News Reviews This Week In Videogames videos

More of the latest news, reviews, and media presentations for you. News Reviews This Week In Videogames video.

Fallout 5, Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 and Diablo Immoral

TIMESTAMPS ARE BACK! 0:07 GAMERS 1:15 E3 vs Summer Game Fest 2023 2:55 Fallout 5! 4:32 Fallout 76… 6:05 DIABLO IMMORAL 8:18 Activision Blizzard….. 9:21 Infinity Ward Open World RPG 10:11 Overwatch 1.5 11:09 Google Stadia 12:03 Xbox Console Shortage 12:47 PS5 “Pro” Controller 13:48 God of War: Ragnarok Delay? 14:27 Game Showcases 17:02 FFVII 25th Anniversary 19:28 Announced and Delayed 21:28 Special Mention: Stalker 2 22:19 Review Round-up 25:00 Out This Week 27:23 Put This On Your Radar 28:30 Sort of Free Stuff 29:39 Feel Good Story 31:07 Conclusion

Xbox’s Showcase A Special Week in Videogames by Skill Up

The focus of this episode is to feature games scheduled for release during the next 12 months. Watch to see what was covered in this excellent (supported by the fan-based comments) accompanying this release.


2 hours ago I personally thought this was a fantastic showcase, there was MAYBE 3-4 games I wasn’t at least interested in trying out. As SkillUp mentioned, I loved the fact that the show focused on games coming within the next 12 months and had gameplay for pretty much everything shown. And with pretty much everything shown coming to GamePass, that’s just the icing on the cake.

EA Merger, Death Stranding 2, and Last of Us Remake

Skill Up 822K subscribers credit for review source.

Here are the latest reviews from Skill Up for you to digest and reflect upon.

EA Merger, Death Stranding 2 and Last of Us Remake

Ubisoft acquisition rumours, Sega reboots and Diablo Immortal

Luke Small

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