New Song Boyz II Men’s Next Big Hit? – Songland 2020 video

Will One of These Songs Become Boyz II Men’s Next Big Hit? – Songland 2020

Here is a new clip from tonight’s episode…13 minutes of music featuring Boyz II Men and songwriters/singers. Watch Songland 2020 pitching to Boyz new big hit.

Update: released video…Journey video for Boyz II Men’s Songland selection, “Love Struck.”

I been singing this song since last night. I can’t get it out of my head

One singer songwriter is Zak Waters…

Boyz II Men | Official Website


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Add some random comments from viewers on this piece…

We need music like this on the radio again
Man, I miss their style of music. The ’90s were the best
This show is great given people the chance to show their creativity. There were a lot of songs I would have taken a bunch of them to hope they still connect to the other writers.
I’m not knocking anything Lisa did, I think her top range just soars, HOWEVER, Juan instantly brought tears and chills when he opened his mouth. Wow
Now this is what I am talking about when it comes to real music. Boyz 11 Men are the greatest of all time.

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Zak Waters “Bad Things” Original Song – Songland 2020

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