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Nerveless Nocks Aerial Stunt Artists AGT 2022 Extreme

Nerveless Nocks Aerial Stunt Artists AGT 2022 Extreme video

The Nerveless Nocks are descendants of the Swiss Circus Family Nock and are among the most respected aerial stunt artists in the world today. Since 1954, The Nerveless Nocks have been thrilling audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and world-wide. In every theme park, state fair, theater and circus where it has appeared and headlined, the fully produced arena show has set records for enthusiastic public response, attendance and publicity. The Nerveless Nocks Thrill Shows has been the most successful continuing attraction ever presented in any amusement park or fair, world-wide.
This was absolutely incredible omg, they deserve to win on that performance alone! The courage and skill they have is absolutely insane!
Simon is a TOTALLY different person. I loved him w the insults and brutality honest opinions before, but seeing him in this new light is definitely something I’m glad I got to witness!
This was freaking scary. I had zero faith because I thought for sure one of them would slip and fall especially when they exchanged poles. There was another female sway pole performer,Cyndel Flores, last week who did similar tricks, but in the rain AND on a wet pole. She received a Golden Buzzer from judge Travis.
The Nerveless Nocks Productions Inc. created in 1840 as Switzerland’s original Circus, pioneers in the Thrill and Stunt industry, producing Extreme Circus and Thrill Spectaculars around the world. The Nerveless Nocks first appeared in the USA in 1954 as the headliner of The Greatest Show on Earth with their original Sway Pole extravaganza.

Early Release: Father-Daughter Duo Performs Shocking Stunt While 80 Feet High | AGT: Extreme 2022

The Nerveless Nocks take sway pole to the extreme!

The father-daughter duo performs their daredevil stunt family tradition and receives a standing ovation from the judges.

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