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Madeleine Tverberg's Journey Voice of Norway 2022 watch
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Madeleine Tverberg’s Journey Voice of Norway 2022 watch

Madeleine Tverberg’s Journey Voice of Norway 2022 watch

From her blind audition to her other appearances in the finals featuring Madeleine Tverberg’s Journey Voice of Norway 2022 watch.

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton LIVE

 Result comments

Christopher Kul

1 hour ago (edited) Madeleine you deserved to be in the final. You have develop alot in this competition. Yosef does now have no more singers left. He did alot of stupid desicions this year by sending Emilie and Eline out so early. He actually did one thing good, and that was stealing Madeleine in Battles. This was Yosef 6th season of the Voice and he didnt win. Good luck next year😜 6


1 hour ago (edited) Madeleine deserved the final instead of Tara (who I feel «shout» and push her voice too mich every time). The final should have been Jørgen, Madeleine, André aand Niklas.


35 seconds ago (edited) When I heard Madeleine was gonna sing one of my all time favourites I was excited. But while last week she was the most pleasant surprise for me this week I was bit disappointed. It wasn’t sung poorly but I actually thought she focused too much on her vocals and she outdid the song. Tenesee Whiskey requires a bit of Stapleton’s raspiness, grit and especially a lot of life experience and emotions above all. I missed that and maybe that’s why she didn’t get enough of votes. Which is sad because I really liked her.

Better Than This (Paloma Faith) | LIVE


Arcade (Duncan Laurence) | LIVE

Her journey on the show continues this week with the Knockouts.

And we were thrilled with this performance.

Thank you for the commentary and for adding to the events. Congratulations to Madeleine for her performance.

Madeleine Tverberg | GHOST TOWN (Benson Boone)

Another great performance…she defeated André.

Mathea Lødemel vs. Madeleine Tverberg | Say Something Now (SKAAR) | Battles

Mathea won and remained on Team Espen. Madeleine was about to leave when Yosef stepped in. Read the comments below for all details as provided…

Katrina Web

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