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Louise Journey The Voice 2022 France Highlight videos

Louise Journey The Voice 2022 France Highlight videos watch

Original release date 14 February 2022 on YT featured Louise Blind Audition Journey The Voice 2022 France Highlight videos.

Super Cross Battles : Louise chante un titre de A-Ha : Take on me.

Cross Battle : Louise chante sur un tritre de de Donna Summer : Could it be magic. Réussira-t-elle à convaincre le public de remporter la Cross Battle ?
Louise reste sans doute mon coup de coeur de cette anneé. Une voix avec un joli timbre. Et une bonne maîtrise de la voix : faites attention aux moments 3:07 et 3:22 (wow). ❤ 🧡 💛 .Merci Vianney de l’avoir choisie. Louise remains without doubt my favorite this year. A voice with a nice timbre. And good voice control: pay attention to moments 3:07 and 3:22 (wow). ❤ 🧡 💛. Thank you Vianney for letting her continue.

The slap! Louise is 21 years old and comes from Rouen in Normandy. This is the first time she has performed on a stage as big as The Voice.
With moreover her piano. One more difficulty? Not really. Tonight, she decided to perform a Tamino song “Indigo Night “. Don’t you know? You will listen to it on a loop! Excerpt from the blind auditions of Saturday, February 11, 2022. SHARE

Furthermore, with over 887 thousand views at the time of this publication find time to enjoy this rendition.

Tamino – Indigo Night – Louise | The Voice 2022


I listened to Tamino and finally understood his lyrics. He is a storyteller for sure. She sings beautifully but I only caught parts of the lyrics as she sang them.

Audition à l’aveugle : Louise chante Indigo Night de Tamino. Réussira-t-il à faire retourner le fauteuil des coachs Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine ou Vianney ? 🎤 Découvrez toujours plus de contenus inédits : 🎤 Abonnez-vous à la chaîne :

Wow! There could not be a starker difference from the original to this…this absolutely mesmerizing version. This needs to be done in studio and produced for sale without the interruptions from the coaches’ buzzers and such. Truly beautiful interpretation.


Gary Norman

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