Live Show News Reviews The Voice 2019 Season 17

Live Show News Reviews The Voice 2019 Season 17


Here is our coverage of the live shows this season seventeen including Teams, schedule, songs, and performances. Live Show News Reviews The Voice 2019 Season 17.

Post-show interview exert from regarding this life-changing opportunity, his plans for his album, working with Kelly in the future, taking risks, and what his 4-year-old daughter thinks of dad!

So, what is the dream now? You’ve won the voice and you get to make an album, right? What are you hoping is going to happen next?

I’m not sure where this road necessarily goes. I’m hoping no matter what, I’m able to do music full time. Obviously, I’m very passionate about writing and performing my own stuff and very thankful that The Voice gave me an outlet to perform one of my originals. I think we’re going to wait until probably after the holidays to start really digging in. But, no matter what happens, I’m looking forward to getting rocking and rolling.

Jake Hoot – read remaining article from source

Jake Hoot Wins

Jake Hoot Wins Season 17 with Kelly Clarkson as his coach. He was a one chair turn during the blind auditions and makes him even more talented in the eyes of many. Congratulations Jake! We called you the winner three weeks ago but they would not award it to you then. Special note to Rick for his professional style along with Katie and Rose. Good luck to all.

When the votes were tallied, Ricky Duran (Team Blake) finished in second place; Katie Kadan (Team John Legend) came in third; Rose Short (Team Gwen Stefani) in fourth.

Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani star as the celebrity panel of coaches and Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.

ALL THE VIDEOS are located here

Final Four are locked into an endless time showcase of songs to show you they can sing a bit more this week. One person wins, the others do not win. All four coaches are represented tonight.

MARATHON ALERT Starting at 8 pm ET/PT NBC will air a The Voice clip show. The two-hour finale begins at 9 pm ET/PT

Well, there ends the season last night…the competition appears to be between Jake and Rick! Or Jake and Katie… More hype fluff and acts that keep coming back for their fan pilgrimage back to the NBC stage for one more time.




It is all about who holds their chit together tonight…who has the best song and resonates with their audience. Oh, it helps to have the biggest fan base with half the field going home last Tuesday, it leaves it to who pools the largest percentage of streaming, voting, loyal fans. To me this season you hard to go by Jake Hoot. The other three will put on a good show…add some extra vocalists, musicians, and some old cohorts….that sums up the finale.

Results Top 100 – Top 4 at 3:40 pm E 12/17/2019

1  Rick – A Woman Like Her

3. Clarkson/Hoot – Wintersong

4. Katie – All Better

5. Hoot – Better Off Without You

7. Hoot – Amazed

9. Katie – I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing

10. Jake Hoot – Desperado  December 9

12. Rose – Steamroller

13. Kaden/Legend – Merry Christmas Baby

14. Duran/Shelton – Run Rudolph Run

21. Rick – Let It Be December 9

34. Rick – Runnin’ Down a Dream

40. Katie – Without You November 25

44. Jake – That Ain’t My Truck

49. Jake – Danny’s Song November 18

53. Rose – Border Song

plus several other reentries or lingering older songs – Jake and Rick…

100. Short/Stefani- My Gift Is You…


Ricky Duran – Team Blake

Original: A Woman Like Her
Christmas duet: Run Rudolph Run
Solo: Running Down a Dream Tom Petty

Katie Kaden – Team John

Original: All Better
Christmas duet: Merry Christmas Baby
Solo: I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

Rose Short – Team Gwen

Original: Steamroller
Christmas duet: My Gift is You
Solo: Border Song (Elton John)

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly

Original: Better Off Without You
Christmas duet: Wintersong
Solo: Amazed by Lonestar

Duets per billboard:

Katie with Adam Lambert – Believe
Jake Hoot with Little Big Town – Over Drinking
Ricky with Gary Clark Jr – Pearl Cadillac
Rose with Yolanda Adams – In the Midst of it all

Ricky’s song is written by Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum.

Eric Paslay who is fairly similar to Jake Hoot (basic country singer); and Laura Jeanne Veltz who has the most interesting credits. She wrote on most of Maren Morris’s current album and has a credit on Speechless by Dan & Shay.

Jennifer Hudson, Black Eyed Peas, Luke Combs, Lady Antebellum, Dua Lipa, Maelyn (and hopefully Chevel).



Top 4 Revealed and Results from Top 8 overnight performances

Top 4 finalist in no particular order,

  1. Katie Kaden – Legend
  2. Jake Hoot – Clarkson
  3. Ricky Duran – Shelton

Instant save was between Hello Sunday, Kat Hammock, and Rose Short!

Eliminated with the lowest votes were Will and Marybeth, thank you for participating this season. We will see them next week in the finale!

Hello Sunday – Chandelier by Sia…

Kat – You’ve Got a Friend…

Rose – You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman… wow Rose, she gave it all…Gwen held it together…

The onscreen graphic teaser went like this...Rose started at 55  down to 51 %, HS – 23%, Kat 27%

Rose advanced. WOW! All four teams are represented this season…how extraordinary! Outcomes all the conspiracy theorists.

Earlier coverage…below

Seems like fans support the notion of a Jake Hoot win this season with another successful week at the office…read one sample of results from iTunes Top 100 today! Positions may change…

1. Jake Hoot Desperado

2. Rick Duran Let It Be

7. Rose Short I Want To Know What Love Is

11. Katie Kaden Lady Marmalade.

43. Kat Hammock, Somewhere Only We Know

65. Hello Sunday Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

91. Marybeth Byrd Before He Cheats

> 100 Will…

There will several sad faces among the acts tonight, tomorrow and for several weeks. Jake, Rick, Rose, and Katie should make the finale! Standby!

The Top 8 performed in the hope of making the finale


In summary, there were some really good performances tonight, the usual hype and bias from the coaching panel to push their act to the final. More crappy lack of production in capturing the vocalist with a close-up or two… during the song…you will spot them or lack of them rather. Live is live but heck, just another way of disconnecting fans…listen to the comments from the coaches. They say it nearly every week.

The covers were timed to last for three minutes this week.

NBC slow to issue video…standby

Team Kelly

Hello Sunday – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing (Stevie Wonder)  Myla and Chelsea have only been together two years and became friends…Kelly wanted them to make it all fluid, she would not attempt this cover herself. Love em or hate em…their fans will decide if they make the top 4…too pitchy for me…but heck!  Nice things from John…vocal meter ringing from the audience, he talked about their competitiveness, Lovingly bias comments from proud stepmom Kelly! Nailed their coffin out of the Top 4 maybe?

Jake Hoot – Desperado (The Eagles). Hoot! He is amazed by all the support he has in his corner. His mom is a fan of The Eagles, he is one of nine children…he face-timed his mother with the surprise announcement…she was excited. Kelly calls herself the luckiest coach and he was a one chair turn. Country fans all just fell out of their chairs…he is good! Very good. Legend called him consistently excellent every week, such a joy! Kelly, you are an incredible voice, the story, and message, so perfect, so lucky to have him on her team. HOOT!

Team Gwen

Rose Short – I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner) last one standing on her team…Blake spoke well of her cover of his song last week. Gwen claims she has the vocal acrobatics…love to accept and fulfilling like no other. She has a pretty voice, a vulnerable place, a collision of song and Rose. This was a strong rendition, moving and with heart…hit the right place…good one Gwen/Rose. Full standing ovation from all quarters…Gwen was emotional about that performance and called her awesome. Kelly, “You are a gift!”

Team Legend


Katie Kadan – Lady Marmalade (Labelle) on the iTunes chart last week at number 8. He foresees her doing one great big ballad next week if she makes it. Legend dropped the beatbox on the music rehearsal…Patty Labelle…her voice, her charm, and spirit will take her to the finale…well that was the plan. Most versions are usually long and Kadan has to cram in a lot, she does it with some space to spare…meaning she exceeded expectations of a less than stellar rendition. It was good live! She is one of the top 4! Kelly called her fun to watch. Gwen called this her favorite performance, style, professional and incredible. Legend every week is a perfect week for her. We do not deserve her…(what?)

Marybeth Byrd – Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood) She was the instant save…Legend takes her back to her roots…with Carrie Underwood, have a party on stage. Something sassy to get that boy back to doing what the boy should be doing…great song choice. This will make or break her as far as the competition is concerned. She has had a lot of heartbreak, practicing her sass in the mirror. Less close-ups for the unfavored acts…is this a conspiracy theory? No. Just a damn observation. Not Marybeth…hate the director this season! I know it is live but a sh*t call is a chit call! Her best performance this week. Blake called her doing a great job, different, love the country being back. Legend called her a new artist with that performance.

Will Breman – Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars) The steaks (thanksgiving message) stakes are high. First-year law school journeyman now into rock n roll…John calls him unique and he deserves a chance in the finals. Eight into four goes well. Math maybe not his strength. I know he meant the best intentions. This cover was right in his wheelhouse. Excellent rendition. Again love or hate him…enjoy (or not). Definitely the stage presence…masterclass student…beats all the others hands down! Come on America kick out the plastic ones and vote Will the crap through! Lots of fkn close ups!!! John joined in the blue with the suit. Blue Crew! So electric and so much music in him! Indeed don’t you want to see him next week?

Team Shelton

Kat Hammock – Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) “You did it!” Blake tells her. Her dream was one day to be a teacher, married not thinking about what the Voice could unleash. Blake wants her to showcase every nuance of her vocals. This performance is right in her sweet spot…subtle yet strongly unique Kat vocal rendition. Again this was memorable. Kelly talked about her voice that touches us, a fantastic voice. Gwen just know how gifted you are, make records, a whole career after this. Blake easily her most powerful performance, he is going to see it through and make a record.

Ricky Duran – Let It Be (The Beatles) “Killing it, dude!” Swing at the fence this week, this is his family anthem and means that much to him – it was a special performance for his loss of his mother. Piano, then moving to the guitar, he reminds Blake why he likes being a coach on the show and loves him! He deserves to be in the finale! Blake asked one thing, right now was the time, the vocal performance of his life. Great job. Indeed!


Duets – NBC producers show trailer for Wonder Women 1984! #WW84 Due for release June 5, 2020!

Ricky and Will Duet…lots of energy and “Duran Breman” would be their band name…ha!

Marybeth and Jake duet... country meets the movies…this was a good cover…

Rose and Katie duet…neon lime and black in a duck soup of Madonna…vocally good. Hated the production and staging…on basketball bleachers.

Hello Hammick…Myla, Chelsea, and Kat were not alive in the 1980’s no surprise… We Believe was their assigned song…mission complete!


Monday and Tuesday + special performances from@kanebrown @Meghan_Trainor  and more!

The Top 10 performed and now the Top 8 revealed December 3, 2019!

Results Top 8 Revealed, and a quick reminder, everyone eventually goes home at some time. To make the top 10 is no easy feat…count the number of air time acts, and the many who audition.

Team Legend – Will was first announced act to advance…next from Team Gwen Rose!

Next to move forward was Team Blake Ricky… 3 names in 16 minutes…

and they drag it out for 43 minutes… Meghan Trainor performed to fill in more time…

Another round of results 25 minutes into the show… seven remain on stage…

America saved Team Legend Katie…then Team Kelly Jake. The finale is two weeks from tonight! Time to get this season wrapped.

Five remain…two will move on, three will have to sing…one will advance. The final round of America voting saved Hello Sunday they have a voting block…Kat.

Marybeth, Shane Q and Joana sing for the save… 

Can we just all declare Jake the winner and take the next two weeks off from this process?

Shane Q sang Killing Me Softly…how ironic for his choice… Blake loved the song choice…cool idea. Competition gets tighter and…Kelly reminds us four-chair turn winner…loved it.

Joana sang Somebody I Used to Know her choice of a song… Blake commented you have never disappointed me and how talented she is. Gwen called her animated, and America needs to vote…she loved it.

Marybeth sang You Are The Reason was her choice of a song… John, he called her consistently best performances this week…he loved it. Five minutes…use the app!

From the graphic….Marybeth peaked at  56% early dropping 49% … Joana 25 – 26 % and Shane 23 – 24 %. Then they dropped it.

Marybeth was saved.

Overnight Apple iTunes Top 100 read

8. Jake

9. Katie

13. Ricky

18. Rose

20. Will

36. Kat

43. Hello Sunday

48. Marybeth

Joana, Shane Q not in the top 100!

Two acts go home tomorrow night. In doubt from this list…Shane and Hello Sunday!

Team Kelly

Shane Q – Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) (Billy Ocean) He was in the bottom two last week. Perform it like this will be his last performance which may be ironic. His dad performed this song and recorded it on a cassette… the 1980s. Kelly is in it for her according to Shane…this is not a safe song… an understatement. John talked about how he got bigger at the end and his growth. Kelly went for diving into to be in the band to play along, really entertaining. This will not save him. It was a hot mess…

Jake Hoot – That Ain’t My Truck (Rhett Atkins)…top streaming artist for the second week…he dedicated the song to his deceased cousin a marine killed overseas. A moving video from military servicemen served to motivate him this week. This guy has to be in the finale. He is so good. Lyrically very repetitive…Kelly is off the chain. Gwen honestly best performance on the show, ordinary guy and believes he is a true country singer. Blake, Kelly is doing an incredible, you are killing it. Kelly, hell has frozen over. etc…

Hello Sunday – Stone Cold (Demi Lovato) from Atlanta both girls. This is a kind of dark song for children…she talks about dealing with health issues, picking a song that they can connect with. At 14 years of age and this song was personal to them and they emotionally cracked the message of the song in rehearsal. This was a unique, two vocals, lots of raw emotion…Kelly called it so beautiful, well done…

Team Gwen

Rose Short – God’s Country (Blake Shelton). This is the first time she has been happy with her parents. They all heard Blake on the AMA’s and helped pushed Rose into the song. Gwen called it fitted her in a church voice…we are going to win the whole thing with this performance. Blake offered that she has the potential to win and could not offer any improvements. Off to church, we were taken with this flawless performance…Blake bowed down to her…with all standing ovation…that song is hard. Blake claimed she killed it and loved the arrangement and adlibs…incredible. Gwen, she looks stunning, and internally as well, feels so meant to be…and not her idea but her mothers, so proud of her.

Joana Martinez – Impossible (Christina Aguilera) 16-year-old and her unconditional love from her family…four siblings…what a song to climb…written by Alecia Keys…vocal Olympics…Gwen wants her to do this as it will set her apart…internal power shows her chops as they say. A good time to be theatrical and use the lyrics, bring it Miami girl. The live rendition was better than the studio in her emotional deep dive into the song…this will save her again for another week. Way above her age and scale. John, you owned this moment, the emotion and high notes, maturity and impressive to watch. Gwen, you just turn 16 last week her dream to come true, insecure, you manhandled the stage and impressed her tonight. Yes, she did!

Team Legend

Marybeth Byrd – Lose You to Love Me (Selena Gomez). John opened up his home for all his team over for Thanksgiving…she talked about her deep relationship and will be flying her out for the performance. John wanted her to go big at the end…hearing the kids upstairs, and making it feel a family time. Kelly could not see her because of production blocking her, she has a way with constants…Gwen was flawed by that performance, and how perfectly she owned it. John was so happy with watching, subtly and artistry and her most artistic performance so far!

Katie Kadan – Rolling in the Deep (Adele) brings the team into his own home, the piano is the center of the home…he was assistant to the music repairer…John talks about her special moment and this could be it. More tender-hearted and the badass inside. Back to the emotional past, she can be me. Moving on next week. No doubt. Four chair standing ovation from the coaches and crowd…very impressive! Blake what comes to mind, conspiracy theory, this can not be really happening, this is a setup deal and has not already made it. Kelly, you are so unique…etc. John talked about his experience at shopping at Target and a person approached him about Katie and the rest…

Will Breman – My Body (Young the Giant) closed out the show with his performance. He talked about going to Legend’s house, who accompanied him during rehearsal, a true master of the keyboard…a full circle moment for Will. He has shown his ability to make songs his own…song choice is a big decider in many voters’ behavior, was this enough? He gave it all and even laid down on the elevated circle, then he ran chanted around the stage, it was full on! Never seen on the show ever before, was that his moment? America! Kelly called it incredible. Gwen, you had to get the music out! So electric. John you have shown many sides of you, this was his favorite performance…he slew that performance… “controlled and masterful.”

Team Blake

Kat Hammock – You’re Still the One (Shania Twain) – Was discovered via her YouTube covers… and her church has made her a video and her journey has been crazy. Pop and the love thing, the perfect song according to Blake…he has not heard this style and tone one of a kind. Where to breath in one part of the performance…he can not wait for this performance. Subtle and her tone is so unique. Blake was up out of his chair clapping for her. Gwen that was magical, one of her favorite songs, we could hear the air, bending the notes and scope, the most original person on this show. John talked about her taking and making her own version. Blake now favorite performance and an angel on a Christmas tree coming down comparison were made.

Ricky Duran – Born Under A Bad Sign (Albert King) was tears of joy for making the top 10. Blake wants him to swing for the fence use the opportunity. Blake called this really his song and making of his life, please find a big note in there somewhere because this is the show that requires one. He wants him to fry the face of something…Another pro performance from Rick no doubt moving on…timing control vocal structure and emotional awareness all in one great package. Sign this man up you damn record company execs! Blake did is walk around. John called him incredible, he is truly a fan and expects him to go far. Blake wants everyone to rewind the performance and look for any blemish, he wants you to vote for him.


Opinion based on studios

Rose has to perform a Blake Shelton number and will carry on with advancing this week. Katie to skate on with her march to the finale. Will slim awareness of song to most could hamper his walk to the finale.

Meanwhile, Kat has a big song and needs to vocalize it well. Joana has another hill to climb and a less popular song.

Furthermore, Hello Sunday make or brake time reaching the high notes unless they shave them down. Ricky will bring this song home well. Shane Q song choice wow! Marybeth which lane is the girl in? Maybe she will surprise us all live.

Live results, performances and more! Read our weekly summary below.


How to vote:


THIS JUST IN! #VoiceTop10 this Monday and Tuesday + special performances from@kanebrown @Meghan_Trainor  and more!


12/09/2019 (08:00 PM – 10:01 PM) (Monday): “The Voice” Top 8 artists perform in front of coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

This week’s theme is “80’s Week.” The artists will perform duets of songs from the ’80s. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts.



12/07/2019 (08:00 PM – 09:00 PM) (Saturday): In the live results show, seven artists will be revealed as safe by America’s votes. The bottom two artists will then compete for the Instant Save and one will be eliminated.

Read more: Listings – VOICE, THE on NBC |

iTunes studios

Results Fan Week Top 11 becomes Top 10

Fans did not take to volume the results this week, divided attention to other events, complacency, or a walk away from the general notion of endless covers are limitless.

Or are the songs and performances that boring?

Again Jake was the most streamed earning a five-time multiplier…that is two weeks in a row for him.

From Team Blake America saved Ricky Duran…then from Team Legend…Katie, and then a break for commercials!

Next America saved…Team Gwen Rose Short, then from Team Kelly Jake Hoot!

Seven remain for the third round of announced saves, America saved from Team Gwen Joana! Then from Team Legend Will…

The five remaining returns…three will be saved, two will perform again….saved Marybeth, Kat, and Hello Sunday.

Signoff was between Shane Q and Myracle performed…

Myracle went home…sad.

In summary, another act left, the bottom survivor this week was Shane Q, last week it was Joana, this may give an insight to the weakest supported acts over the remaining shows. At least in the short term. Blake has two – Ricky and Kat. Gwen has two – Rose and Joana. While Legend and Clarkson have full teams. Jake Hoot remains the most-streamed for two weeks now!

Apple iTunes Top 100

17. Katie 35. Jake 55. Kate then > 100 The rest of the night performances…

Fan Week — Top 11 Performances…Four coaches…Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Team Legend

Katie Kadan – Without You…talks about her fans and getting past her insecurities, her life is changing, power and range will be about the storytelling. John Legend wants a classic performance from her. Her fans in Chicago were on the screen time…several repeats of the verses just about killed this overproduced rendition, fail on a long song to squeeze into a short timeframe. Kelly just washed all over how wonderful it was, she is a great contestant. Legend went down the same route, an anointing!

Will Breman – Light My Fire… He brought Oscar the dog to the rehearsal…His NC fan appeared in-studio… John calls him a musician’s musician with this rendition of a Door’s Classic for the first time on the show… Jose Feliciano flavored drop of the song, he went with the original structure, then drifted into a mess, in part, then recovered repeating the verse over and over! One long last note… coaching bias falling all over the stage… Blake talked about the blue crew, weird and awesome. John Legend an honored member of the blue crew…nice speaking words from his coach. It was weird but hardly awesome.

Marybeth Byrd – Stars … her small town fanbase showed lots of love towards Marybeth. John talked about the opportunity and the song is in her wheelhouse, at the end of the second chorus, he inserted an adlib moment to fill the blank. Yes, this is in her lane for sure, strong, subtle tones and easy to listen too! Well done fans and Marybeth…Kelly loved the song choice, the vibrato, you just soar. John called it magical and right there for her. One of her best performances so far! Agree.

Team Blake

Kat Hammock – I’ll Fly Away her fans from San Diego was shown, Blake, talked about how important this song performance…her moment. More production suggestions from Blake, showcasing his experience after 17 seasons and on the road to boot. The style is more Americana a close cousin to Country music…and a traditional gospel music song. What a combination…this is what music Kat wants to make. Go for it girl…and her fans. Gwen called the performance unique, her pixie princess voice and she is a big fan. Blake talked about why fans are falling more in love with her. That was magic “sis”! He is so proud of her.

Ricky Duran – Downtown Train…People at the feed store love Ricky. Fan week chose something pretty incredible from Rod Stewart, with Tom Waite’s version was in Ricky’s wheelhouse. Get mad at it. He is the total package, Worcester from MA…give it up for the last act of the night! He has a distinct voice that one knows it is Ricky, with his rock version to present on stage. John called him really good beyond a contestant, he should be up here coaching. Blake shared that people in the business are reaching out to him, this is his moment! It was at another level!

Team Kelly

Shane Q – Mercy took her team to her own show studio…he loves to sing all the genres, she wanted more power from him and she got it! People love him according to Kelly. He said he was going beast mode and bring it home. This performance was underwhelming in the beginning and like most moves on upwards from the middle. Not memorable for me. John was grooving, talked about the confidence, the swag, sensual, best performance on the show. Kelly called him so gifted more chesty parts, soul, passion, and fire. Hmmm

Hello Sunday – The Middle…making the most of the moment was Kelly’s advice. Some more organic was the production agenda…strategy to showcase their adaptability and do not say hell. The fans talked about how they love the girls. This was almost perfect from the two girls…Blake talked about how he bragged the girls, focussed and happy for them. Kelly talked about their age and talent. I am almost buying their development. I will watch the playback…

Jake Hoot – Every Light in the House – his fan was in the crowd and screamed as did others. Kelly talked about her journey in a singing competition…they called themselves the Hooters! She called this song choice was perfect, he loves the song. She wants him to give the big note, he opens his mouth and delivers! He was the most streamed last week. A winner all over this guy! Not to win the show, but he stands out because of his vocal and personality alone. HOOT HOOT from the crowd. Gwen talked about Trace Atkins, her homie, a diamond in the rough. Kelly loved it, reminds her about her childhood, a really great person…HOOT HOOT!

Team Gwen

Joana Martinez – Dreaming of You, 16-year-old singer…Gwen took them to the Whisky Go-Go club for their rehearsal time this week. Gwen wants her to handle the song with a strong performance as like last week. Gloria Estafan called into her this week and encouraged her to continue her success. Her fans and school from Miami all cheerlead for her. She has a good voice, young, this was a mixed performance, some good parts, and some flaws…maybe nerves in the beginning, yet she finished well. Blake called himself dumb in letting her go, coming into her moment, he was happy she is with Gwen. Gwen questioned whether she was a gift from Blake, now older at 16, flawless and…

Rose Short – Maybe I’m Amazed She talked about having fans…and having the chance to perform this song…a perfect lyric according to Gwen. Everyone lights up when she appears on stage…star quality. A fan clip from Barbados was shown. The first close up twenty-five seconds into the performance…and the bridge chopped out…straight into the final chorus (precious time cut) singing lyrics baby she is a man! Oh dear… well, that was strong, and a standing ovation for this performance. Kelly that was so good and saved! You wanted it out, really killer. Gwen talked about being so moved, so you, unbelievable, she was feeling like she was on drugs, but does not do them…ok!

Myracle Holloway – Everybody Hurts understood that Gwen’s story can be duplicated in success from the past. She spoke about a fan’s story about drug use. Her emotional connection was shown to the fans in the rehearsal and video chats. Director did a good close up of her early! Yeah! Good start with her vocals, then changed abridging the song for time again! Back to the chorus, one can tell she connects to the meaning, moving a strong rendition…standing ovation. John was so moved during her video, he talked about music strengths, was happy to see her move people. Gwen called her special and seizing the moment, flawless, exactly the arc needed at the end. Thanked her for trusting her coaching.

Top 11 Results Revealed

The Top 11 was Marybeth, Hello Sunday, Rose… Kat, Katie…Jake, Myracle, and Ricky, then Will, Shane Q (10 to date) Plus Joana. (Top 11)

Jake Hoot was the most streamed from the last show…

The long drawn out reveal process went down like this.

America saved…Team Legend Marybeth! From Team Kelly, Hello Sunday! From Team Gwen, Rose! (3)

Second round … Team Blake, Kat! From Team Legend, Katie! (2)

Third round… Team Kelly, Jake! HOOT! Team Gwen, Myracle! Team Blake, Ricky! (3)

Fourth round…five remains, two will advance and three will be the bottom 3 acts judged by America were… Team Legend Will. Team Kelly, Shane Q.

Bottom three Joana, Cali and Max!

Cali went for a Fleetwood Mac anthem and brought it home loud strong. Team Blake. Blake talked about her being born to do music.

Max was second… an Ed Sheeran classic, soulful…according to John. Team Kelly. Kelly was not expected as the result, she wants to do a duet with him. She offered him to come and sing with her in a Las Vegas residency.

Joana was third or last to perform…Superwoman…a strong performance from the young talent. Team Gwen. Gwen called her mature for her age and their (Blake and hers) little girl.

The two acts eliminated were…

Cali and Max.

First two team performances with their coaches – Kelly was a hot mess in parts, while for me Gwen’s team nailed it.

iTunes Top 100 produced a fail for producers8…chart at 4:40 pm Eastern 11/19/2019

19 Katie Kadan

22 Marybeth Byrd

39 Jake Hoot

80 Ricky Duran

94 Kat Hammock

99 Cali Wilson

Followed by Will Breman, Rose Short, and the rest…

Live Show This Week is full of old tired songs from the past with only a handful of new ones. Joana maybe taking a huge risk with the choice of song as is Myracle’s choice.

Watch for Katie Kadan, Cali Wilson, Kat Hammock and Ricky Duran in this field of overexposed songs.

Post-show response to performances. Some strong performances from Joana, Rose, Jake, Katie, Marybeth, Ricky, and Kat tonight.

I would suggest that Myracle, Cali, Max, Hello, and Shane Q will need a strong vote of America! We will see tomorrow. Into the top 10…Rose, Katie and maybe Kat!

Team Gwen

a video posted at 9:57 PM C by NBC…

Joana Martinez performed… Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estafan, she was the first to perform, has been on both Blake and Gwen’s team. At 15 years of age will be a hard delivery and working the stage. This girl has the whole potential to go far! Loved it. I hope you did. Highly upbeat, with a standing ovation across the room. Blake…she is in the right lane, the Miami, and predicts good things for her. Gwen, she really pulled this off America! Unbelievable!

Myracle Holloway – I’m Your Baby Tonight, she was thankful for Gwen to save her last week. Gwen believes in her honesty in each performance…taking on Whitney will be a high hill to climb. Gwen asked her to remain close to the original rendition to attract attention. Lots of breathing with the words…so hard to copy WH! Overall her strength was her experience and maturity to carry a good copy rendition. The hat was a distraction…Standing ovation from the room. Kelly, ramble, breath, she would never cover that song. Gwen…she wanted to change the song? incredible was Gwen’s prime comment. Not sure about that!

Rose Short – I Turn To You. She dedicated this song to Gwen Stefani…this hood loves you girl…Gwen believes it all comes from an emotional place, confidence, wants to have her own lane. Rose won the final spot of the night. A rarety this season for the team, strong and powerful, mature vocal to bring the Top 13 to an end. She will advance. One of the best vocals of the night and the season in my opinion. Try and disagree with that!!! Gwen was “happy” with her rendition.

Team Kelly

Max Boyle – Unaware by Allen Stone …Kelly welcomed him to her team…revisiting last week’s stunning performance…he may save her team this season. Kelly calls him gifted and more…Did he look like a bouncing constipated ball on stage…singing too hard? I do not know about that one. John talked about the challenge, nailed the notes and more positive comments. Kelly talked about his voice, gifted, intimacy, it was so good…more.

Shane Q – My Wish By Stevie Wonder. He dedicated this song to his mother. Kelly wants him to slow it down, working the stage, and put in the work. She called him so gifted. Blake called him incredible, shocked he was the save, that performance should get him up there. Kelly, you did so great…etc…more platitudes endless. Enough. He did open his eyes.

Hello Sunday – Mamma  Knows Best by Jessie J…they got the American Wildcard…dedicated the song to their parents. The family tried to audition with a new group name…daddy knows best. Kelly was mentioning breath, annoy the crap out of their parents. There were some good moments for both girls. However, some yelling and oversinging didn’t help. John called them incredible. This was far and away…perfection…so much fun to watch. Kelly, she does not understand…her nonsense continued beyond her happiness that this was their best.

Jake Hoot– Danny’s Song by Kenny Loggins. His dedication song was to his daughter and his divorce brought struggles in their lives. Kelly talked about his projection…he is the only country singer in the season. He has a strong voice, presence on stage with a shining performance to keep him in the competition. No doubt. Gwen called it perfect. Kelly was all happy about this performance and more tears.

Team John

Will Breman – I Won’t Give Up. He talked about his blue hair, he was John’s save last week…he dedicated this song to his mom, an Asperger’s diagnosis…at a young age was reflected on with John.  I hate the director’s cutaways with these acts…so few close-ups are shown. He was a little shaky at the start but it built-in confidence and strength to a strong climax. Blake…amazed at his connection to his songs…each week, he expects him to move forward. John talked about his passion and connection, loved his energy a great performance. It was good.

Katie Kadan – I’m Going Down. She talks about her ups and downs in life, her girlfriends, and all the single ladies who have had their hearts broken. Katie will be a tour de force with this performance…just end it. He called her perfect and the band needed to hit the single note harder. A point she grabbed on in her comments. Katie is the powerhouse of the season…needs good control, she will advance. Kelly loves her, Best performance this season called out John!

Marybeth Byrd – Go Rest High On That Mountain. This song dedicated to her grandpa…who passed when she started her journey on the season…the light going out and the lyrics hit directly. This song represents a great deal to her and her loved one. Plenty of pitch-perfect notes, emotion, control, and grace…Hate the directors work at distance shooting…she made the end. Emotional ending. Blake…recalled his memory about the song and his family. He got blocked on her. John talked about sharing her grief with America, it was a really beautiful performance.

Team Blake

Ricky Duran, You Are The Best Thing the team went to Nashville TN to see Blake perform at the awards…they will always be welcome to perform at his venue in the future. What a good deal for all his team members. This was an effortless performance. John sang his praises as a born natural material. Blake talked about how the people he meets love Ricky, a solid performance.

Kat Hammock – Danny Boy…she went to Nashville, TN…and attend his performance at the CMA’s. This is a tradition going back to dedicated to her grandfather who passed a few years ago. Blake wanted her to complete the bends in the song quicker, she was not going home this week. “Danny Boy” is a ballad set to a traditional Irish melody. Gwen, we are all fans and should get a record deal, congrats…Blake as a friend and fan he was very happy with the performance. He called her one of the best acts he has ever coached.

Cali Wilson – Butterflies…talked to Blake about his start in the business. He talked about her response to the work she needed to bring to the performance. Her girlfriend is a groupie from her original gigs in Nashville. This is much better this week in song content, performance, and connection to the lyrics. Gwen talked about being one of her favorites on the whole show. Blake called this her lane, her full voice is shockingly powerful.

Audrey Morissey emphasized that this season will be a return to basics and the objective seems on track so far.

Nearly one third – seven acts are eliminated tomorrow night Tuesday, make sure you vote. Anyone can go home.

ALL 1200 plus videos are here

Voice Season 17 Contestant Spoilers and Team read

Live Show News Reviews The Voice 2019 Season 17

Tuesday night: Results show


The Top 20 looks (close to this)… updated

Results Top 13 revealed…Did your favorites make it?

Top 13 announced Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Team Blake

Ricky Duran – America saved
Kat Hammock – America saved
Cali Wilson –  Blake saved

Team Gwen
Rose Short – America Saved
Joana Martinez – America Saved
Myracle Holloway – Gwen Saved

Team Kelly
Max Boyle – America Saved
Jake Hoot – America Saved
Shane Q –  Kelly Saved

Team John
Katie Kadan – America Saved
Marybeth Byrd – America Saved
Will Breman – John Saved

Hello Sunday – Team Kelly

Ricky Braddy – Team Blake
Kyndal Inskeep – Team Gwen
Damali – Team Kelly
Kahlea Lynee – Team John
Gracee Shriver – Team Blake – Lost wildcard
Jake HaldenVang – Team Gwen – Lost wildcard
Alex Guthrie – Team John – Lost wildcard

Tuesday Results show – seven acts eliminated on one show…

America chose two acts from each team…equals 8, then a coach picks their choice to advance, adding four more to the Top 13. Then one more act becomes the wildcard.


Eliminated were Ricky Braddy, Kyndal, Khalea, and Damali with the lowest votes from each team. Then Gracee, Alex and Jake.

Team Blake

Advancing on Team Blake – America voted for Ricky Duran and  Kat Hammock! Leaving Cali, Gracee, and Ricky Braddy. Blake saved…Cali! Gracee and Braddy have a chance to be a wildcard.

Wildcard singer Gracee Shriver. Braddy was eliminated.

Gracee sang Landslide for her save song! Blake – “No risk it no biscuit”… to Gracee …you have a serious chance of winning this… his plea to country fans. Rally time call!

Team Gwen

Advancing on Team Gwen – America voted saved Rose Short and Joana Martinez. Leaving Jake HaldenVang, Kyndal Inskeep, Myracle Holloway. She chose Myracle! Jake and Kyndal are up for the wildcard.

Wildcard singer Jake. Kyndal was eliminated.

Jake sang with his guitar…  Gwen talked about his incredible… amazing performance. Yep. America vote for him was the plea!

Team Kelly

Advancing on Team Kelly – America saved Max Boyle and Jake Hoot. Leaving Damali,  Hello Sunday, Shane Q. Kelly decided to saved Shane Q. Leaving Damali and Hello Sunday.

The wildcard singer was Hello Sunday. Damali was eliminated

Hello Sunday sang All By Myself…except they are a duo…ironic…that was flat in parts. Kelly does her tribal dance…crazy good.

Team John

Advancing on Team John – America saved Katie Kadan and  Marybeth Byrd. Leaving Khalea Lynee, Will Breman, Alex Guthrie. John decided to save Will. Alex and Khalea fight for the wildcard.

The wildcard singer was Alex Guthrie. Khalea went home.

Alex performed Stay and made little eye contact with the audience…it was not his best total performance, sorry. John called him a storyteller…a tour de force…one song coach…immense talent. Over the whole series, he has shined in the non-live shows.

My pick for the wildcard…was Gracee! 

The wildcard went to… Hello Sunday! WTF

Monday, November 11, 2019, all twenty acts performed tonight…here is our summary.


There are selected videos from each team…you can find a link to Voice YT channel on this post to see all the performances.

Team Blake:

Cali Wilson
Kat Hammock
Ricky Duran

Ricky Braddy
Gracee Shriver (steal)

Team Blake kicked off the playoffs, he praised all his team, Ricky is also John Legends favorite, he also speaks highly of Cali. Then came the “deadly” Kat! More praise Ricky B. Gracee was a last-minute save from the knockouts. Ricky Duran kicked it off with John Mellencamp Small Town. Gwen thought he had everything going for him. Blake called him a great dude. Cali Wilson was second to perform…that was her rendition according to Blake.

More playoffs continued…Gracee Shriver, took us on a more country classic American Honey. Kelly spoke about her impromptu dropping of her guitar, she loved her professional approach. Blake spoke about how incredible she has been since rehearsal to now. Blake has a good team.

Kat Hammock, performed God Only Knows, she changed the arrangement. All four coaches on their feet, Blake spoke about her uniqueness and asked America to not lose it. Ricky Braddy was the last cab, singing Steve Winwood Roll With It Baby. Blake talked about his energy on stage, a knockout on the performance. My best 3… Ricky D, Gracee and Kat!

Team Gwen:

Jake HaldenVang
Kyndal Inskeep
Myracle Holloway
Rose Short
Joana Martinez (steal)

Team Gwen was the second group to perform on the night. Rose Short four-chair turn who is a major threat to all teams. Jake HaldenVang is an incredible rock singer to watch out for in the live shows. Myracle Holloway 44 years young, is the mature soul, and a special gifted voice. Kyndal Inskeep has a unique style in her vocals. Joana Martinez (steal) is a 15 year older to watch out for in the lives. Rose Short sang first… with a Janet Jackson song stomped her vocal on the stage. Four coaches standing ovation says it all. Kelly danced along with the performance. So Good! Gwen was up dancing too, risky from rehearsal to live, stunning.

Second act Kyndal Inskeep has a haunting voice and unique approach to this song…a more controlled performance with a different style. John loved her tone, vibrator a lovely performance. Gwen compared herself to her. Good job.

Joana Martinez was the third in this team, she was a strong on-stage vocal to impress fans…above her age in maturity and range. All the coaches stood. Blake was happy for her making regret the decision to let her go. Gwen called her their (Blake’s) little girl and she did a great job!

Myracle Holloway sang Get Here seemed to be battling ear issues raising her hands to her head several times, which distracted from a good performance. John loved her presence and tone, made it her own. Gwen, your presence was full of love and happiness showed. Jake HaldenVang sang Turning Tables, had a few nerves as his pitch was off on some of the early notes, the second part was better in reaching his notes playing his guitar behind the mic…locked him into one place on stage. Kelly called herself a fan loved his choice of song. Gwen, it was beautiful and showed off his range. My best three… Rose, Kyndal, and Joana. Please disagree in the comments.

Team Kelly:

Damali, her voice is raw and unique. Hello Sunday the two girls were incredible according to Kelly. A powerhouse. Jake Hoot her country based one chair turn, timeless sense.
Shane Q is such a gifted singer and going to be in the finale. Max Boyle (steal) came from Team John, calls him her superhero. Shane Q sang Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and old classic and gave a strong vocal but lacked an emotional connection…Blake called it and complimented his talented. Kelly expanded his genre range, sing anything given to him.

Hello Sunday sang an Adele song Hello! How ironic from this young duo who went slightly under the notes which took away from their good performance. Gwen compared them to her son, so beautiful in this performance. Kelly would have been terrified….so many words….so talented. OMG!

Next was Damali, singer-songwriter, who took to the stage with a good rendition of her song I Believe. John talked about her whole presentation and meaningful her vocals were good. Kelly talked about how she is developing into a good performer.

Max Boyle took to the stage with his powerful and emotion-filled vocal! Perfect…All four coaches standing ovation, so deserved! Kelly called him so talented from his rehearsal to the live show! Indeed.

Jake Hoot was the final act to perform from TK! He was solid and strong vocal on stage…somewhat reserved in connecting to the audience…eyes shut…Kelly went over the top! No surprise. Blake… an all-time favorite country song for him. My best three…Max, Damali, and Jake. 

Team John:

Katie Kadan one of the best performers and powerful this season. Khalea Lynee full-time mom showcasing her honey tone and won to beat. Marybeth Byrd is his youngest control act
Will Breman has a lot of energy…he admires John. Alex Guthrie (steal) talented soulful and flexible.

Khalea Lynee opened the team round with a mature well-controlled vocal performance, she connected with the audience. Gwen called her performance cool. John carries herself with grace and flows, gifted performer.

Alex Gutherie sang If I Ain’t Got You…took control of this performance from the start, on-point vocally and connected with the audience. Kelly so bummed, so good, so proud, so lucky etc… John so well done, in the baritone range from beginning to end. Yep Kelly screwed up. She knows owns the most screw-ups and takes Adam’s old record. Might be the chair.

Marybeth followed Alex with a presence and vocal that was totally memorable. She followed Taylors’ advice in moving to the crowd at a key point of the performance. Blake…your voice soared one of his favorite performances of the night. John called it heads and shoulders above anything she has done so far! Terrific!

Will was a good performance to his audience…vocals were strong as was his runs…four-chair standing ovation. Kelly acted stunned, that was amazing…the crowd was not cooperating in the quiet zone. John sold his boy joy to us…yep hyped. Final pimp act

Katie, she went for the more controlled performance and it draw us in…the sign of a great performer. Then she went into the over the top runs… and so willingly backed off in the end. OMG! John covered the range, the tender moments…did not mention the over the top midsection…just an observation…critique.

My best three…Katie, Alex, Marybeth

These could change after a relisten! 20 acts to divulge in one night is hard!

Who are your thirteen acts?

Who is your wildcard… someone from Team Blake, Legend maybe?

Voice Season 17 Contestant Spoilers and Team read

Episode descriptions are up through the first week of live shows AND

Monday night: Live top 20 perform 8-10 E

The remaining artists from each team with the highest overnight vote total will have a chance to compete for the wild card and will remain on the show for a final top 13.

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