Lindsey Stirling Violinist Capital 4th Performance video

Lindsey Stirling Violinist Capital 4th Performance video

Here is her debut performance of The Upside…live on stage…dancing Lindsey Stirling Violinist Capital 4th Performance video.

Source PBS and Talent Recap.
Song: The Upside Go check her channel and music videos she is definitely something different….. I LOVE YOU LINDSEY STIRLING
The official debut of this song. Love it! Looking forward to the new album in the fall and new sheet music on her website.
1st time to see a violinist who performs at the same time dancing
I’m so glad you posted this. This was the first time I had ever heard of her when I watched the DC tonight live. Now I’ve watched everything I can find on YouTube. I saw her America’s got talent and it just wasn’t good, but I’m so glad she kept working at perfecting her dual craft of dubstep hip violin, dancing and getting world class choreography because it just rocks! Love this girl! Incredible talent! P.s. I’ve watched this 10 times on TV and at least 10 times here!

'America's Got Talent' Violinist Lindsey Stirling STUNNING Capital 4th Performance!


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