Life 1950’s How Crude Oil Revolutionized Society video

Life 1950’s How Crude Oil Revolutionized Society video

From their series The House The 50’s Built by Spark comes this new release Life 1950’s How Crude Oil Revolutionized Society video.

So how did the petrochemical industry change society?

A boom in the 1950s lead the petrochemical industry to incredible inventions and were adapted to the typical household of 1950s Britain.

This 42 minute episode looks into several aspects that the producer’s claim revolutionized society then and now.

Although it is hard to claim that everything changed for the better.

Watch the video for your self and do your own research into the author’s work.

An alternative comment

Nikola Tesla gave us free energy and antigravity in 1906

Once crude oil was distilled it could be used for paint and led to an explosion of colour and interior design, which in turn helped drag the drab post-war household into a new world of technology.



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