Leaks Previews Voice Australia Season 9 Battles Recaps

Leaks Previews Voice Australia Season 9 Battles News Recaps

Following fan-based data, Australia’s franchise has 49 people contending for a finals placement… Leaks Previews Voice Australia Season 9 Battles News Recaps.

The battles continue in Australia…week 2, battles 3 and 4 respectively. Earlier battles information below with links.

The latest battles results are posted in the link!

Leaks Previews Voice Australia Season 9 Battles Recaps

Leaks Previews Voice Australia Season 9 Battles Recaps

49 Names… Teams, Coaches, Predicted Battles, other news

AND See the teams’ battle latest results/ predictions here






Latest Headlines

A Top 49 role call this season which gives rise to the questions about Guy Sebastian has 13 members on his team.

Battles 4

Mark Furze vs. Emma Mylott – You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette)

Ella Monnery vs. Masha Mnjoyan – Respect (Aretha Franklin)

Sebastian Coe vs. Nathan Isaac – Physical (Olivia Newton-John or Dua Lipa – gotta load it on Spotify to check first tbh)

Timothy Bowen vs. Luke Biscan – It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)

Emmagen Rain vs. Callum Gleeson – Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

Adam Ludewig vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao – Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

Battles  4 Monday 29th June 2020.

Battle 3 – Sunday – results, and winners posted



Adam Ludewig vs Elyse Seno

Josh Pywell vs Jimi the Kween

Timothy Bowen vs Luke Biscan

Janie Gordon vs Matt Evans

Jesse Teinaki vs Steve Clisby

Emmagen Rain vs Callum Gleeson

Sebastian Coe vs Nathan Issak

Caleb Jago Ward vs Andy Dexterity

Angela Fabian vs Jonathon Welch

Chris Sebastian vs Sapphire T

Ella Monnery vs Masha Mnjoyan

Emma Mylott vs Mark Furze


RESULTS USe the link above…

Earlier posts…

Virginia Lillye vs Clarissa Spata (Team George)

Lyric McFarland vs Soma Sutton (Team Kelly)

Alex Weybury vs Mason Lloyde (Team Kelly)

Graeme Issako vs Elishia Semaan (Team Delta)

Stephanie Cole vs Kirby Burgess (Team Guy)

Johnny Manuel vs Bukhu Ganburged (Team Guy)

Prediction – Virginia vs Clarissa and Adam vs Elyse will be on Sunday, then Bukhu vs Johnny on Tuesday.

 The Battles begin…

Sunday 7:00 pm: The Battles 1
The Battles begin. The top 49 pair off to fight for a place in the showdowns.

Monday 7:30 pm: The Battles 2
The Battle round continues with one of the most controversial match ups in the history of The Voice that causes a deep division within the Coaches.

Kelly and George will be contributing to mentoring sessions via Facetime, and then sitting on their red chairs via satellite for the shows.

Team Guy Sebastian 

Adam Ludewig

Josh Pywell

Stephanie Cole

Jimi the Kween

Timothy James Bowen

Luke Biscan

Bukhu Ganburged

Kirby Burgess

Natalie Gauci

Xy Latu

Johnny Manuel

Elyse Seno-Lefao

Wolf Winters

Team Delta 

Stellar Perry

Janie Gordon

Jesse Teinaki

Emmagen Rain

Matt Gresham

Matt Evans

Maddy Thomas

Elishia Semaan

Claudia Harrison

Callum Gleeson

Graeme Issako

Steve Clisby

Team Boy George 

Virginia Lillye

Despina Savva

Roxane Lebrasse

Sebastian Coe

Siala Robson

Caleb Jago Ward

Angela Fabian

Andy Dexterity

Jonathon Welch

Ricky Muscat

Nathan Issac

Clarissa Spata

Team Kelly 

Chris Sebastian

Charlie McFarlane

Ella Monnery

Masha Mnjoyan

Soma Sutton

Alex Weybury

Emma Mylott


Lyric McFarland

Mark Furze

Matt Lloyde

Sapphire Tamalemai

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