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Leah Marlene’s American Idol 2022 Performance videos

Leah Marlene’s American Idol 2022 Performance videos

Leah Marlene’s American Idol 2022 Performance videos

Here are updated performances including the Top 5 watch Leah Marlene’s American Idol 2022 Performance videos.
She is from Normal, Illinois, and full of enthusiasm, skills, vocals, and is a writer as well. Check all the boxes plus more!
Katy and Leah enjoy some stage time together for the end of season.

And it was the end of the road for Leah as she was eliminated in the vote in third place. Congrats to her and her fans this is only the beginning and she is under contract for the moment.

Leah, Huntergirl, and Noah advance to the Top 3
Finale performance from Leah

Top 5

Top 7 performances

Here is her top 10 performance for a bid to join the top 7

Top 7

Top 11 performance and result

Top 14 Performance results

Happy together moved her into the top 11.

‘Wisher to the Well’ was her song in this episode. America voted her straight into the Top 14.

No save was needed. Congratulations on the news

Top 20 performance

Her transformation into a new kind of singer is a step in the right direction for me.

Controlled vocal, notes in the pocket, what a wonderful surprise. Positive Leah, this is you! If this is what you want? Katy is right, Luke called it!

Lionel called crazy good!

Congrats Leah!

Top 24 Hawaii performance
Yes, she is going to Hollywood following this audition.

Hollywood Week video

Her duet performance with Fritz

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I feel like shes gonna adapt really well in this competition, shes so different n she’s so fun and amazing at singingggg
Leah Marlene is going to Hollywood! The 20-year-old musician, originally from Toronto, showcased her “tremendous voice” during “American Idol”‘s Season 20 premiere. Before blowing the judges away…
Outstanding!!!! Well done Leah. I was wondering if she would mention her Dad, who incidentally is Derry Grehan from Canadian rock icons Honeymoon Suite. She’s got one proud papa and a ton of new fans. Get get ’em Leah

Leah is a beaming ball of energy who’s decidedly NOT Normal (like her hometown). Having watched Kelly Clarkson win Idol “right out of the womb,” Leah’s always been a superfan of American Idol. She gets to sing two songs for the judges: One Direction’s “Steal My Girl,” plus a fantastic original! See more of American Idol 2022 on our official site: Like American Idol on Facebook: Follow American Idol on Twitter: Follow American Idol on Instagram:

Luke Small

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