Lauren Mascitti Dedication Song American Idol 2020

Lauren Mascitti Dedication Song American Idol 2020


People already are calling her a country star and that seems to be accurate… Watch the video Lauren Mascitti Dedication Song American Idol 2020

Her audition was memorable and that is what it takes for America to get behind this artist. Pour some support behind Lauren. See where it leads for her.

This girl don’t need to be in the competition..Holy Molly!! She’s already a country star
Got tears in my eyes listening to her sing this song. She is the whole package, and humble as well!
Wow this needs to be on the radio. I liked the song right away. The music was amazing.
I love her voice and personality. You can tell she’s a good person. I can’t wait to vote for her.

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Mar 2, 2020 – American Idol producers actually asked Lauren Mascitti to audition and she almost didn’t do it. … Mascitti’s timeless vocals are her calling, and she’s dedicated to a classic … new album God Made a Woman,, released in January 2020. … In addition to the hit songs for Brooks and Brooks & Dunn Camp …

Lauren Mascitti dedicates her original solo song “God Made A Woman” to her supportive nana. See if it strikes a chord with Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. See more of American Idol 2020 on our official site: Like American Idol on Facebook: Follow American Idol on Twitter: Follow American Idol on Instagram:

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