Lauren Frihauf Payge Turner Voice Battles 2020 video

Lauren Frihauf Payge Turner Voice Battles 2020 video

JP Saxe and Julia Michaels’ “If the World Was Ending” Lauren Frihauf Payge Turner Voice Battles 2020 video.

This is the early release clip from the producers for Monday night’s episode. It is great to see both step up and be featured this round, especially from Team Gwen.

Both of them have a unique quality and a well-controlled voice… Amazing! But I wanna Payge to be selected and someone should steal Lauren.
Lauren’s presence is so ethereal and graceful like she’s a fairy or something
Both improved so much! Lauren showed more versatility and Payge had stronger high notes 🙂 Congratulations to both and I’m hoping for a steal
I wasn’t expecting this for Lauren OMG she nailed
Payge really stood out and so did Lauren. They both came together beautifully and made this battle amazing. Awesome Job Gwen.
When the battle started I was so sure that Payge is going to rule this but Lauren…… She surprised me….. That was a perfect balance of Vocals and Performance. I think Payge still won but They both deserved to stay. I really want to hear Lauren more
Lord if nobody can feel the emotion between these ladies voices get you ear checked because those harmonies had me throwing my whole house away
Both stepped it up from their auditions. I think Payge is the winner but Lauren is amazing as well.
Team Gwen always has the best battles istg. Just because she hasn’t won yet, everyone underestimates Gwen’s coaching skills

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