Knockout Performances Season 19 Voice 2020 videos watch

Knockout Performances Season 19 Voice 2020 videos watch

Here is the preview leak and all performances (when shown) check back later Knockout Performances Season 19 Voice 2020 videos watch

The final round of Knockouts – and spoilers included…alert

Highlight Cami Clune and John Holiday’s knockout performance!

A low octane knockout with John somewhat pitchy in there…


Marisa Corvo and Tanner Gomes video

The four-way knockout featured





-Each coach has one steal

-Usher is the KO advisor



J: Tamara Jade – Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) vs. Casme – Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

K: DeSz – Can We Talk (Tevin Campbell) vs. Sid Kingsley – Make It Rain (Ed Sheeran) – Blake and John stole Sid; Sid chose BLAKE.

G: Carter Rubin – You Say (Lauren Daigle) vs. Chloe Hogan – Weak (SWV) – John STOLE Chloe.

B: Worth the Wait – Delta Dawn (Tanya Tucker) vs. Ben Allen – She Got the Best of Me (Luke Combs) – Gwen STOLE Ben.

K: Tanner Gomes – Real Good Man (Tim McGraw) vs. Marisa Corvo – If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)

J: John Holiday – All By Myself (Celine Dion) vs. Cami Clune – I Put A Spell on You (Nina Simone) – Kelly STOLE Cami.


B: Jim Ranger – Humble and Kind (Tim McGraw vs. JusJon – Finesse (Bruno Mars)

G: Payge Turner – Creep (Radiohead) vs. Ryan Berg – Makin’ Me Look Good Again (Drake White)

J: Bailey Rae – Let Me Down Easy (Billy Currington) vs. Lauren Frihauf  – Cry Baby (Janis Joplin)

G: Joseph Soul – Lovely (Billie Eilish) vs. Van Andrew – Human (The Killers)

B*: Ian Flanigan – Beautiful Crazy (Luke Combs) vs. James Pyle – In My Blood (Shawn Mendes)

K*: Madeline Consoer – Die From A Broken Heart (Maddie & Tae) vs. Kelsie Watts – You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)

4-Way Knockout*:

Taryn Papa – Cry (Faith Hill)

Julia Cooper – wish u were gay (Billie Eilish)

Larriah Jackson – One & Only (Adele)

Ryan Gallagher – Time to Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli)

*the 4-way Knockout was filmed before the final two knockout pairings

Payge Turner vs Ryan Berg featured as the early leak…

Casme and Tamara Jade performance…

Ben Allen and Worth the Wait perform


Knockouts spoilers


Kelly: Desz vs Sid (steal)
Blake: Jim vs JusJon

John: Bailey vs Lauren

Gwen: Joseph vs Van

Kelly: Tanner vs Marisa

John: John vs Cami (steal)



Blake: Ian vs James

Kelly: Madeline vs Kelsie (montage)
Gwen: Carter vs Chloe (steal)

The four-way KO

Other spoiler information…

Some feedback (taping 1):

Casme vs. Tamara:

-All the sources loved Tamara and spoke positively about Casme

-Casme had a strong performance, although some high notes felt a bit “thin”

-Kelly praised her “unique” take on the song

-Tamara was praised by all the coaches for her personality and her connection to her song. Gwen pointed out her “quirkiness”

-Tamara added some lyrics/ad libs

-John said her “body was connected” to the performance, which made all the difference


DeSz vs. Sid

-DeSz had a strong performance according to all sources

-Coaches commented that DeSz kept on outdoing herself

-Apparently there was a nice key change in there that “solidified” her strong performance

-Sid was very strong and gritty and “gave DeSz a run for her money”

-Kelly felt stupid for pairing them (of course)

-Blake’s steal pitch was about how John let him go before and he shouldn’t trust him again, plus Blake apparently “never” steals contestants in KOs that weren’t originally his (a wiki check kills that immediately lol). Sid chose Blake


Carter vs. Chloe

-Gwen screamed “My baby!” at Carter when he began.

-Carter sang his song apparently a few semitones higher than the original (???)

-Carter was pretty good overall, but one source said it didn’t really feel special

-The coaches loved Chloe’s performance and were genuinely stunned that she was able to perform the way she did.

-Gwen was surprised at how much Chloe had improved from her rehearsal and asked Chloe how she got even better/Chloe said something about believing in herself, etc.

-John picked Chloe as the winner and said that he didn’t expect to use his steal on her.


Ben vs. Worth the Wait

-Mixed feedback for Ben from the sources – someone said he messed up a part, another said he was generic

-The coaches repeated and repeated how “consistent” his vocals were. John used the word “boring” in his feedback but it was taken out of context and the coaches kept poking fun at him

-WTW started acapella, transitioned to a slow version, and ended with a hoedown/upbeat version of the song

-Coaches stated it was their best performance yet. Kelly praised each member individually

-Sources generally liked WTW overall

-More than one source said they groaned when Gwen stole Ben. Gwen said she wanted her “country moment” and said she was initially saving her steal for someone else.


Marisa vs. Tanner

-Marisa played her own version of If I Could Turn Back Time on a keyboard

-John and Blake were talking to Marisa up until the literal moment that her song began.

-Marisa apparently started rough with unusual/weird vocals but she recovered fully by the end

-Sources were mixed on Tanner, a few though he was good, another one said he made the song sound like bro country

-Marisa gave a speech to the coaches about how she her performance showed off her “true artistry,” etc. She also name dropped that she knows the woman who wrote the song.

-Kelly had a tough time picking

-When Kelly picked Tanner, apparently the hype guy commented something about Marisa’s facial expression but the audience didn’t see it.

-Marisa was “visibly shook” and on the verge of tears. Apparently she described that she felt *dagger motion to the heart*. She said she was heartbroken.

-Gwen apparently commented that she had been saving her steal for Marisa.



Cami vs. John

-Based on the “spooky” “dark” description that a source gave, I think it’s fair to assume she did the Annie Lennox version?

-Everyone loved it, the coaches loved it, Kelly implied she’d steal.

-One source described it as the “best knockout pairing they’d ever seen”

-John nailed his performance.

-Literally just positive stuff for both so I’ll just end it here.

-10 per team

-1 steal

-And apparently, the block is still available

Some names and links dropped from a reliable source…

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