Khalea Lynee James Violet Voice 2019 Knockout


Khalea Lynee James Violet Voice 2019 Knockout

Khalea Lynee performs “Because You Loved Me” and James Violet performs “Stay” on the latest episode Voice 2019 Knockouts

Tonight during The Voice The Knockouts, Part 2. » Get The Voice Official App:

Tuesday: October 29, 2019, revealed the following knockouts on the show.

Team John: Khalea/James

James Violet Stay by Post Malone

Khalea Lynee Because you Loved Me by Celine Dion 

Team John
Khalea Lynee (TBA – Celine Dion) vs. James Violet (TBA- Post Malone)
-The judges commented that this was the best Khalea’s performed across all rounds thus far. James could’ve done better if he wasn’t up against someone like Khalea.

Team Gwen: TBA

Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith ft Normani (unknown) probably a team Gwen battle

Elastic Heart vs. Dancing With A Stranger definitely has to be a Gwen KO.
-We know it’s not Jake/Royce

Team Gwen
Rose Short (TBA) vs. Destiny Rayne (TBA)
-Rose had easily “the best performance of the taping” and Kelly said that even she couldn’t go up against Rose.
-Rose completed overshadowed Destiny and the source couldn’t remember much about Destiny’s actual performance.
-The coaches said Destiny did her best she ever did but had no chance up against Rose.

Team Blake: Ricky/Joana

Ricky Duran She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes
Joana Martinez California Dreamin by The Mamas and the Papas

Team Blake:
Ricky Duran (She Talks to Angels – The Black Crowes) vs. Joana Martinez (California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas) – STOLEN BY GWEN
-Ricky and Joana were both “so good,” although one source said Ricky was “slightly better”
-Gwen stole Joana “for Blake”

Elastic Heart by Sia (unknown)


-It could be Rose/Destiny, but I feel the source would’ve recognized at least Elastic Heart.
-Otherwise, it’s two from Kyndal, Myracle, Jessie, or the winner of Brennen/Calvin.

Hello Sunday’s KO is not in this week

I feel like Elastic Heart might be Myracle, it reflects her backstory a lot

Dancing With A Stranger could be Jessie?

Which would leave Kyndal vs. Brennen/Calvin

Jason Isbell is the guy who publicly disclosed that he was recruited by the Voice as a contestant.…e-voice-200317/

Is Ricky B confirmed to win? Yes, he was spoiled in the Taylor Swift promo. His KO partner is Zach (and by default, we get Kat/Lauren as Blake’s remaining KO pairing)

Leaving Myracle against the winner of Brennan vs Calvin

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