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Kelsie Dolin’s Journey American Idol 2022 Video Watch

Kelsie Dolin’s Journey American Idol 2022 Video Watch


For pure raw talent, the production found this gem featuring Kelsie Dolin’s Journey American Idol 2022 video watch.

Furthermore, we have included some of the more heartfelt comments below.

Congratulations Kelsie, Lionel is correct, you already won, many hearts and minds across this country.

Onwards and upwards. Keep following your dreams and never accept no for an answer.

For those touched by Betty Maxwell, her kind-hearted efforts shown the previous night, she also did not advance.

Moreover, you should read her story and response here.

Bravo to Luke, Lionel, Katie, production, and especially to both Kelsie and Betty. Be your best!

ohhh noo I loveee herr!!!! Keep singing beautiful girl!! You’re touching the world with your beautiful voice and heart❤❤ you’re grandma is sooo proud of you!!!❤🙏🏼

Kelsie with Betty Maxwell’s duet is priceless. With Katy Perry and Betty Maxwell on your side cheering you on to be your best, there is no challenge too hard.

Congratulations to both Kelsie and bravo Betty for supporting her! You have friendships for life. Lionel was not alone.

Betty Maxwell is no stranger to keeping a cool head under pressure — and the way she takes Kelsie Dolin under her wing is nothing short of HEARTWARMING!

Lauren Alaina captures the moment for everyone!

American Idol 2022 Kelsie Dolin Full Performance Hollywood Week Genre Challenge S20E07

When this girl finds her confidence and realizes how good she is, watch out competition. Shes gonna kill it. Love her.
Kelsie is such an incredible artist, so beautifully natural. Her voice is calm, talented and pure. I can hardly wait to watch her grow in her capabilities and confidence. She is beautiful inside and out.

Take it from Lauren Alaina: “This show was created for Kelsie. You are what American Idol is all about.” Plus, who DOESN’T love mashed potatoes, right?!

This young lady has an outstanding voice and the fact that she doesn’t even know it, makes me cheer for her all the more! Just pure God-given raw talent! I think her and the guy who was almost blind clearly stand above everyone already.
So beautiful and innocent. When she said she would be the mashed potatoes, Hell mashed potatoes are my favorite. Kelsie nothing beats a failure but a try. Love your voice. Your grandmother would be so proud of you.
OMG, she was wiping her tears at the corner so that no one could see her. My heart goes out to her. I want to give her a big hug. She is so humble and sweet. i can relate to her. Be strong Kelsie. You have OUR SUPPORT. YOU GO GIRL. your voice is so amazing, i will buy your records.

Kelsie Dolin can’t believe she got a golden ticket! She tells us about Luke’s looks, Lionel’s tears and dreams for the future.

Lionel reacts in this full media clip.

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