Jus Jon and Jim Ranger Season 19 Voice Knockouts 2020

Jus Jon and Jim Ranger Season 19 Voice Knockouts 2020


This full preview performance released by TPTB NBC this round Team Blake showcases Jus Jon and Jim Ranger Season 19 Voice Knockouts 2020.

Jim Ranger sang Humble and Kind. “Strong” – Blake Shelton.

Jus Jon sang Finesse. “Grab your lady” – John Legend to Blake!

And the winner is/was…

Some other comments out there…

Jim has a great sounding voice. I loved his performance. I felt a kind of a church vibe. He did the song justice. JUS Jon did well also. Gonna be a tough one
Whoever says that this performance by Jim was boring, expendable, has no notion of music. It was one of the beautiful performances in The Voice’s history. Emotional, technically perfect, captivating. A “screamed” performance like DeSz or Holliday is also valid but it doesn’t make an intimate, delicate and beautiful performance like that of Jim to be bad. If you have a favorite style or singer, don’t underestimate something different from your taste. Jim was impeccable.
If Jim were from Team Kelly, everyone here would be paying thousands of praise, that he would win this season but as Jim is from Team Blake, he has this avalanche of criticism. I don’t understand this giant “hate” on Blake. Jim made a fantastic performance, beautiful, worthy of a candidate to be the winner of this season, whether the haters of Blake like it or not.

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