June 2019 The Voice Global Best Performance videos watch

June 2019 The Voice Global Best Performance videos watch


If you like to watch singers from across the globe then here are 10 new performances…June 2019 The Voice Global Best Performance videos watch.

Australia season 8 is about to finish on July 7, 2019, so there are three separate performances in this list.

BEST OF JUNE 2019 in The Voice


1. Sheldon Riley sings ‘Frozen’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/FD63fRkAJFU

You can watch his entire season 8 performances here

He was perceived by many as a coach favorite, however, the first vote by the Australia public put an end to his return.

2. Paz Hanim sings ‘Figures’ (The Voice Israel): https://youtu.be/SQrUxHzPgNY

3. Yahto Kraft sings ‘Royals’ (The Voice South Africa): https://youtu.be/4BIOBGiA8No

4. Jack Vidgen sings ‘Hello’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/exydL-IIpCU

He like Sheldon was popular on the iTunes chart and met the same fate as his counterpart. 

5. Brenda Carolina Lawrence sings ‘At Last’ (The Voice Italy): https://youtu.be/nGzEsmuxcsg

6. Uni-Ma sings ‘Believer’ (The Voice Israel): https://youtu.be/GpTx6QL1cqk

7. Tasché Burger sings ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (The Voice South Africa): https://youtu.be/WTGwbyKUYTU

8. Atanas Kateliev sings ‘Impossible’ (The Voice Bulgaria): https://youtu.be/d53LISkON44

9. Zeek v.s. Lara sings ‘Lovely’ (The Voice Australia): https://youtu.be/tiV1XSdW-x4

Zeek made it season 8 top 4 and will appear in the grand finale this Sunday Australian time. July 7, 2019.

10. Naomi Giladi’s sings ‘Freedom’ (The Voice Israel): https://youtu.be/EsOGPpRcZOw

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