Joanna Serenko v Roderick Chambers The Voice 2020 S18

Joanna Serenko v Roderick Chambers The Voice 2020 Season 18 video

First battle released for weekend consumption this season…on show now….Joanna Serenko v Roderick Chambers The Voice 2020 S18

Team Nick Jonas has two people sing one song for a short time and decision follows….

Kelly: ”I feel very sorry for you because what you just created was a master piece and you have to cut half of it off”

Joanna has a touch of Christina Aguliera in her voice.

It’s very difficult to compare the singing talents of a man versus a woman. They were both incredible!
Whatever happens somebody’s getting stolen for sure!
Love Joanna’s voice especially in the “Quiet when I’m coming home” part. Her vibrato at the end of the chorus is also divine. A frontrunner for sure!
Roderick was great but Joanna had so much subtlety, beauty and emotion in every word she sang. And her performance was textured, not just uniform.


Joanna Serenko and Roderick Chambers fight it out on Billie Eilish’s “when the party’s over” during The Battles on The Voice.

Spoiler –


Roderick Chambers vs. Joanna Serenko – When the Party’s Over (Billie Eilish) – JOANNA STOLEN BY JOHN


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