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Jannick Holste's Magical Journey AGT 2022 watch

Jannick Holste’s Magical Journey AGT 2022 watch

Here is the early release audition clip featuring Jannick Holste’s Magical Audition | AGT 2022

Jannick Holste on AGTdelivers an entertaining audition that surprised the judges and impressed Heidi Klum! Jannick performs “Chai Tea With Heidi” by Wedding Cake.

When an act from Germany appears on stage then Heidi is all about them.

Semi Final

Eliminated Jannick’s troupe marches forward to the next time continuum!

All will be revealed Tuesday night on NBC airing of this latest episode.

Jannick Holste – Illusionist – Jannick is a stage magician and illusionist and was a semifinalist in Das Supertalent 2021 (Germany’s Got Talent show ). His work is very visual, making things disappear and appear.


22 minutes ago It’s nice to see old-fashioned stage illusion on AGT again, but I feel like it’s much harder for this type of magician due to the fact everyone has a basic level of familiarity with how these illusions work (The last trick was the only one that felt surprising in any way). Therefore, the focus needs to be on “Personality” and showmanship. Holste has plenty of both, but he needs to apply them to stronger routines or the novelty will wear off… The song choice suited the routine fine, but annoyed me a bit. Because the audio cut out the rap sections of the song, we were just left with a bizarre Rod Stewart dance cover…


20 minutes ago This energy is everything! Heidi is totally freaking out and Simon’s face says it all. From Germany


1 minute ago Love the combination of dance and magic! Loved seeing how happy Heidi was too 🙂

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