Interview ‘Cyber Strategy Addresses Technology Challenges’

Interview ‘Cyber Strategy Addresses Technology Challenges’ video

Here is a news presentation from Sky News Australia Interview ‘Cyber Strategy Addresses Technology Challenges’ video.

This video showcases the Australian’ governments plans with other like minded countries including India (others named) are working together for the future.


International cyber strategy launched to ‘address big technology challenges’

Duration – 5 minutes

Uploaded – April 21, 2021 via Sky News Australia

Interviewee: Cyber Affairs Ambassador Dr Tobias Feakin

The Australian federal government has launched an international cyber and critical technology strategy.

Moreover, declaring technology is changing the way people live, work, impacting economic outcomes, strategic, and foreign policy developments.

Cyber Affairs Ambassador Dr Tobias Feakin says cyber and critical technologies are “some of the most major shaping features” of the century and technology related issues are even affecting “the way in which countries interact.”

“There’s no getting away from the fact that if we want to address the big technologies challenges and opportunities of the 21st century we have to work in cooperation with our international whether that be in things like the Quad,” he told Sky News.

Dr Feakin said in this strategy “cooperation is going to be one of the most vital parts” and making sure countries adhere to international law when designing technology which is not “values neutral” such as artificial intelligence.

“It’s important from the outset we as a government state our expectations for the kinds of values we want to see baked into the design, development of technologies themselves but also in the way those technologies are absorbed into the global settings.”