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How To Use Vinegar Outdoors DIY Control Watch
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How To Use Vinegar Outdoors DIY Control Watch

How To Use Vinegar Outdoors DIY Control Watch


Here is a presentation 8 minutes in duration featuring How To Use Vinegar Outdoors DIY Control.

Vinegar in the garden is non-toxic

Use for natural weed control

  • Soil enhancer
  • Plant feeder
  • Pest control use

The producers provide clear mixing instructions for you.


Excellent video! Note: tried the vinegar + salt for weeds… It wasn’t effective on anything stubborn like invasive, running grasses or bindweed.
NEVER EVER cut your flowers with pliers: you pinch off the canals through which the flower is fed. Instead, diagonally cut them with a sharp knife, thus leaving the “veins” of the plant open and enlargening the surface through which it can absorb its nutrients. This keeps your flowers well much longer. Take this advice from a Dutchman, we know our flower stuff.

Did you know that you can use vinegar in your garden too? That’s right! Whether you have white vinegar or want to maximize your apple cider vinegar uses, there are many different ways you can utilize this miracle ingredient outside of the kitchen.

Vinegar makes a perfect DIY non-toxic solution for many gardening troubles – from natural weed control to enhancing soil, and feeding your plants. You can even use vinegar to keep raccoons out of your garden!

In this how to video, we’ll show you 15 creative ways to use vinegar in the garden!

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