Hannah Brown’s Finale Bachelorette Result Read

Hannah Brown’s Finale Bachelorette Result Read

Hannah from Tuscaloosa Alabama has made it to the end of the road. The result. Hannah Brown’s Finale Bachelorette Result Read.

Here is the summary for the quick readers

Lies and a cringe-worthy proposal… great introduction…

Wyatt appeared on the show and told Brown he’d always be in love with her, but she made it clear that the damage was done for good, explaining, “I’m not trying to punish you, but my feelings have changed and I think when that trust was broken, my feelings really just were broke with that and I don’t love you like that anymore.”

“This is not the future I expected,” Brown lamented. “I’m going through a lot of emotions right now. I’m mad, I’m sad. And other days I’m like, ‘What just happened to me?’ “

“It was heartbreaking. The foundation of what I believe love is is based on honesty and truth. If he loved me, wanted the best for me, why did he not give that to me? He always said he never wanted to hurt me, but he hurt me worse than anybody else did,” she said, adding that she did think he was sorry, but that he didn’t seem to quite understand how bad the situation was.

Did she end up with the one man? Yes, for a moment, she let Tyler go first. Jed was the last man standing this series. They exchanged love and she got a ring from uncle Neil.

Did she continue the relationship? Jed was scheduled to face the music since that happy day in Greece. The lies are explained in detail below. No, the engagement ended with her calling him to confirm it.

Is she happy? You decide. She is strong and honest.

Hannah Brown's Finale Bachelorette Result Read

Hannah Brown’s Finale Bachelorette Result Read Credit ABC image


Tyler breakup happened with some generous words from him to her. Then boom! She let the air out slowly, Hannah loved someone else. He was encouraging to her in the final words. And the walk you out went down. Ouch. Is Tyler the new bachelor?

Jed made his appearance…the biggest day of his life etc. He totes the guitar with him to serenade her. He spoke to their first meeting and know the deepest part of her. Love was fast and furious with talking hard for him is hard at times. Then came the musicality, is this the voice? Romantic or not that is up to you. Hannah really likes that and they kissed.

She replies without music about praying for a future husband. Talking about the unknowns, the struggles, the heartbreaks she has had in the past. This moment is what she has been praying for him! Out came the complete love statement. He went down on his knee, in came the closeup for uncle Neil… hugs and kisses. They look genuinely happy. She passes him the final rose.

Then comes the breakup.

Videos of their relationship started in Greece after the filming the episode. However, honesty was not the case. She heard from him that he broke up with a girl a week before starting on the show. The article in People.com comes to light and let the confusion begin. This event has been hard on her she claims. No doubt.

Then expect the conversation between her and him post the news to blow up.

As reported it is a difficult situation to deal with behavioral issues in any relationship and it has to boil down to the truth. Hannah sort answers about the other relationships he has had. He explained his position and told her that he had said he “loved” the other girl.

Selfish was Hannah’s response. Then he admits he never ended it.

Hannah and her family were humiliated with all the unnecessary phonecalls post the recording of the show. Explaining that she feels betrayed by his actions, taking all the freaking steps to be ready for the show. She was ill and left the room for an outside reflection.

Hannah, speaks about the first night and what happened to Scott with his girlfriend. Then came Jed’s excuse, he wanted to stay and hide the fact, not to be proud of his position.

Us, us, not just you claimed Hannah.

When he got back he told others, that he won. Not that he was engaged.

Hannah wants him to be honest and this event will not go away. This experience has been taken away from her.

She claims he got to see all of her. She did not get to see his. He talks about wanting this relationship and apologizes twice in the same sentence.

The ring came off and then slipped back on her hand. The engagement does not mean the same thing and she took off her ring and placed it on the table. He talked about the past two months of their journey. She has the right to question their relationship. “I don’t know!” she said.

Now live in the broadcast came Hannah! Lots of love and applause for her.

Hannah did not expect this to be her current position. She revisits the post-show wrap. More conversation about his indiscretions and the release of the people article. More focus on the love of his love for her. It was a few times, as she questioned him more about the events.

The past weeks have been terrible for her, mad as hell, just questioning what happened, and now stronger through it. She is not with Jed anymore. The crowd reacts. The engagement is over. This girl is a class act, in so many special ways. It all goes to back what she wants in life and lies is not worth it.

Jed appears on stage. He apologized again to her about his behavior for not being the best he could be. He apologized to everyone involved in the family and bachelor nation. Again he is sorry. He was acting out of fear in response,  talking about closure.

Hannah’s response so messed up and appreciated his apology. She talked about him not acting right and did fell in love with the person inside of him, she hopes he learns to grow for another person in his future.

At this stage, it should end, however, production wants to take it for another 20 minutes or so. Not classy at all. Hannah is all class. More questions for him about Hannah. He has not let her go, talked about the love he had for her, family, relationship and came with her so naturally.

Her feelings were sought. She was not trying to punish him, but the trust is broken and her feelings were broke with that! She does not love him that way anymore. Hurt feelings, lies, not feeling confident. This is over? asks Harrison. Yes! Hannah reaffirms. The video will likely show this better than can be conveyed in the text.

The wrap is with Tyler and Bachelor in Paradise.

Hannah was asked about dealing with the heartbreak, her experience, and really proud of herself, speaking to her past relationships and had to forfeit her happiness. She wants a husband, does not need a husband. Chris Harrison talked about how much respect he has for her.

Then out cames Tyler in a moment. She will figure it out with him on live television. Let’s see what happens here. She is happy, smiles and said “Hi bud!” with a huge hug.

Now is this awkward. He called her looking amazing. He was excited to see her after the tough breakup and talked about her strength inside. She called him sweet. He relives the day, nerves and throwing up, then to go on, happy going up the mountain.

Chris asked what is going through her head now. She talked about his support during and after the journey. She called their relationship as real, and feelings, confident about being on her alone. Oh God, she wants someone to be bold, and make bold moves, she is single and he is a single guy! She offers to go and hang out over a drink. Hannah wants them to hang out in a natural setting. Perfect.




Peter breakup happened…all in front of three families of the contestants. Awkward!

“Since it’s out there, and I did say there was something that Peter and I did twice … it was actually four times!”

She added, “I always enjoyed our time together, but I don’t know if it was just you not exactly expressing to me verbally how you felt, if that held me back from emotionally jumping the gun and going all in. I knew I was going to hurt you, but I was also getting hurt too because I was falling in love with you and it didn’t just go away. It’s been really hard for me to watch everything and watch how upset I was that day because everything that we had was real. I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy.” – Hannah Brown

The next bachelor announcement…

The newest dumpee is the one that people claim will be the new “Bachelor.” We don’t know. No one knows. The announcement isn’t coming tonight. They haven’t announced the next “Bachelor” on the ATFR in 6 years. It’ll be announced in another month towards the end of BIP airing.

Jed is a singer and a dancer…

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