Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Highlights

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season

She exited Colton Underwood’s season at place number 7 just before the season hometowns.  Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Tuesday

The latest episode took the audience to Scotland, kilts and some wrestling between the men only. Just what you want to see!

 She had 10 guys on her group date last night, and in the after party, she mauled 3 of them, who just so happen to be her final 3. This isn’t detective work I tell ya’. You would easily be able to figure out if you knew nothing, just by camera time and quality of time on camera who goes far and who doesn’t.

Reality Steve

Top 3 = Jed, Peter and Tyler.

The neverending Jake’s face off dominated the editing room and made it to air.


Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Season Review

Now she has a new gig.

This page reflects all the latest news, tweets videos from several sources to help navigate Hannah’s season.

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Latest News and Tweets – Spoilers

Chubby Bunny Hannah B video

Hannah Brown Plays “Bachelorette” Edition of ‘Chubby Bunny’ | E! News

Hannah reads tea to Luke P about their relationship…

SPOILER): Jake Owen is the musical performance for Hannah and Tyler Cameron’s 1-on-1 tonight at the Jane Pickens Theater. Wow. A performer I’ve actually heard of. They’re allowing pics and videos so there will be a ton out there
There were pictures and video from that date that I posted the night of, but due to privacy laws, I was told to take them down. Whatever. Not sure what all the sudden got up their ass, but they were up long enough so hopefully you saw them.

At the cocktail party, Luke Stone thought Luke Parker was too rough during the rugby match and was out to hurt him. Felt it was uncalled for and upset by the whole thing and when he expressed it to Hannah felt she took up for Luke Parker, so Luke Stone eliminated himself before the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Matteo Valles and John Paul Jones. Luke Stone eliminated himself during the cocktail party.

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