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Hannah Brown Bachelorette Episode One Spoiler Read

Hannah Brown Bachelorette Episode One Spoiler Read

Hannah Brown Bachelorette Episode One Spoiler Read

From Reality Steve comes this weeks episode one reveal. Here are our summary and direct quotes.

Hannah Brown Bachelorette Episode One Spoiler Read

Hannah Brown Bachelorette Episode One Spoiler Read


Summary: For those who want the key points…this season opener is a typical event. A trip to her hometown, her pageant world,  an on-campus at Roll Tide school, then finishing up in Los Angeles. Two cohorts from last season appear namely, Demi and Katie are running the spy van. File video is shown featuring some of the men. Seven got intro videos…take notes girls.

Furthermore, Luke P was the first to steal the lead away.

The Bachelorette Season 15 (Extended Preview) The Bachelorette 2019

Highlight drama of the night is the fact that Demi was told by some girl that Scott had a girlfriend. A no no on any reality tv show. He was shown the door.

Hannah Brown Confronts Contestant About "Having a Girlfriend" – The Bachelorette 2019

Furthermore, these guys Cam, Connor S, and Luke P. all received kisses on the night.

Eliminations are Scott (during the cocktail party), Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan, and Thomas.

Read all of RS comments below.

Hannah Brown's Emotional Heartfelt Toast – The Bachelorette 2019


(EP 1 SPOILER THREAD): Watched it yesterday, and it’s really no different than any other first episode every season. Starts w Hannah finding out she was Bachelorette, Chris Harrison visiting Tuscaloosa, clips from her pageant world, walking around Bama, then on the beach in LA.

Hannah Takes Chris Harrison to Her Hometown Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Sneak Peek) The Bachelorette 2019


She meets with Demi & Katie before the first night and they will be watching from a van outside the mansion doing surveillance, although it’s clear exactly why this whole scene was put in, which was to expose one of the guys for having a gf. More on that later.

They did have some of the guys film camera phone videos of before they left for filming, or at the airport headed to LA, and we see clips from Ryan, Dustin, Cam, John Paul Jones, and Garrett.

7 guys got intro videos. They were (in order shown): Tyler C, Peter, Mike, Joe, Matt, Connor J, and Luke P. Then they showed more camera phone video clips of some guys after they arrived in LA. We see clips from Garrett, Dustin, Brian, Luke S, and John Paul Jones.

The order of limo entrances: Garrett, Mike, Jed, Tyler C, Dylan, Connor S, Devin, John Paul Jones, Brian, Scott,  Matteo, Daron, TylerG, Thomas, Matt,  Joe, Joey, Connor J, Ryan, Hunter, Grant, Jonathan, Kevin, Luke P, Luke S, Dustin, Cam, Matt, Chasen, and Peter.

Luke P is first to steal her away after toast to tell her he’s had a crush on her ever since ep 1 of Colton’s season. Since Luke is going to be a lightning rod among fans this year, this first ep prob won’t do him any favors for people that have already decided they hate him.

Anyone who hasn’t followed spoilers and is watching the first ep w/ no pre conceived notions I think would be convinced Hannah’s gonna pick him. He’s way into her, she’s way into him, he gets first impression rose, & they kiss. He will be the most polarizing character all season.

The drama of the night is the fact that Demi was told by some girl that Scott had a gf. So she’s waiting in the van for Scott to show up. She said she’s seen texts between Scott and this girl that they were just talking on Monday, he said he’d be with her when he got back (cont)

(cont) and he’d take her on vacation. Chris comes and pulls Hannah out during cocktail party, Demi tells her Scott has a gf and she saw texts between this girl and Scott, Hannah goes back in upset, pulls Scott away, and Scott stumbles all over himself. It’s pretty funny.

At first Scott says “I don’t have a gf,” then by the end of the conversation he says “Yes, I was dating a girl up until Monday” but then compares it to Hannah was just dating and in love with Colton so how is that any different. She bitches Scott out, walks him out and he’s gone.

Hannah excuses herself & needs some time outside, guys are talking about giving her space, but Luke P goes out to comfort her. Again, people that already hate him will say that was too much & those that don’t will think it was sweet of him to comfort her while she was crying.

Guys that get kisses on night 1: Cam, Connor S, and Luke P.

Guys that we know last long this season who don’t get much camera time night 1: Tyler C & Jed. We do get Jed playing her a song on his guitar but that’s all we see of him. Only thing we see of Tyler was his intro video & limo entrance. I don’t even think I remember an ITM of him.

The last two guys out of the limo were both pilots. Chasen came out 29th and was confident bc he’s a pilot. Then Peter was next, wore his pilot uniform, and gave her one of his wing pins pilots wear.

When Demi & Katie are doing surveillance, we see them watching Hannah interact w 3 guys: Matt, Joe, & Peter. Demi says Matt “not the guy.” Joe “not my type for sure.” Peter “Ooohhh he’s cute.” Katie “She’s liking him.” Then Scott shows up & Demi realizes he’s the guy with the gf.

All in all, pretty standard first episode outside of the Scott drama. It was obvious production was made aware Scott had a gf, hence the reason they did the whole bit with Demi & Katie. But Hannah definitely was bothered by him and let him know it.

So those are your basics for episode 1. Eliminations are: Scott (during the cocktail party), Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan, and Thomas.

Guys who got the most camera time ep 1: Luke P (by far), Scott (for his gf drama), then prob Peter, Connor J (threw her a “Bachelorette party” during cocktail party), Connor S (got kiss), and Mike.

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