Great Responses To The Great American Resignation Rate

Great Responses To The Great American Resignation Rate

This is a snapshot response to the featured clip by Dave Ramsey. Read Great Responses To The Great American Resignation Rate.

Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs

We have sampled a list of comments made following this news article video below.

Highlighted responses include

  • Lack of perceived value by the business of employees
  • Bad bosses
  • Toxic environments
  • Lack of flexibility in work conditions
  • Travel time to and from the office when technology provides the same communication tools remotely.
  • Social behaviors or lack of them.
  • Increased productivity from home over the office.
  • Many responses in favor of working from home…and argued against the presenter for claiming otherwise.

One can add that the baby boomers have had enough and are leaving the workforce earlier than planned.

Emotional mature responses to a life of undervaluation by greedy employers are also a likely factor.

You can watch the full clip below.

Furthermore, read the responses provided and complete your own research into this modern-day response from the workforce.

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Source credit. Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs! Say goodbye to debt forever.
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People are beginning to understand their value and Corporate America is forgetting people are what run businesses

Corporate world has very few redeeming qualities today! Too many bad bosses and a toxic environment are forcing people out of the workforce!
“If you don’t like it, find a new job!” And so they did.
Lack of flexibility is another reason people are leaving jobs.
Americans are sick of their CEO making 30 million while they can’t even pay the workers 30K
Get in your car, drive an hour through traffic to your office so you can sit and email questions to your co-workers sitting at their desks 10 feet away from you, then drive home through traffic or another hour. Great model!
If I can get all my work done why do I need to be an a office? I’m not a social person. I don’t care about social interaction that’s not what I’m paid for I’m paid to get my work done……
“Work from home doesn’t work”. Maybe for your company but in my particular department productivity, engagement and profitability have never been higher.
I lost you guys at the end when you said WFH is a bad idea.