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Golden Buzzer Dance GRVMNT Canada's Got Talent 2022
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Golden Buzzer Dance GRVMNT Canada’s Got Talent 2022

Finalists GRVMNT Golden Buzzer Dance Crew  Canada’s Got Talent 2022 watch

Here are all the performances and reactions this season featuring Golden Buzzer Dance Crew GRVMNT Canada’s Got Talent 2022 watch.

Lilly Singh’s Golden Buzzer recipient group was sent into the finale following their impressive semifinal performance. Following suit to their audition, the dance crew kept energy high with their polished choreography. Moreover, Ahead of Canada’s Got Talent, GRVMNT competed on NBC’s World of Dance seasons two and four. GRVMNT has also competed in the Hip Hop International competition, bringing home the prize of 2nd place in 2021’s competition.

Last week the group performed in the first semi-final.

Moreover, watch the clip to enjoy their performance.

Furthermore, the group consists of 17 team members ranging from teens to ’20s in age. From Vancouver appeared on CGT  with links below for further information.

…. the recent CGT Golden Buzzer act qualifiers, is a team of seventeen members. Seventeen people danced on the CGT stage, naming their team GRVMNT, whose ages range from teens to 20s.
The following list includes the names and ages of the GRVMNT crew members: Teija Harries, aged in her 20s, is the cited leader of the group.

 amazing dance act DANCE CREW GRVMNT on Canada’s Got Talent 2022, as they wow the judges with their amazing dancing talent.

Check out their golden buzzer moment and Howie Mandel’s reaction. What did you think about the audition?? Let us know in the comments below…

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