Full Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019 read

Full Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019

Here we cover all the latest performances without all the judging nonsense…Full Season 8 News Contestants Voice Australia 2019 read.

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The finals commence Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, June 25, 2019!

The Knockouts and Battles concluded with drama on stage where contestants forget lyrics, and others knock it out of the park.
Australia follows the UK edition in it has 12 per team, each is formed into a group of three, given a cheesy theme (not in the UK) and have at it on stage.

Rule bending and other challenges are fluid this season! The live shows start soon. What could go wrong?

All the steals and themes are gone. It is all raw ability and who is the most popular at the end.

Full Season 8 News Contestants Zeek Power Image Channel 9 Australia

This page will contain spoilers from time to time. That is your only warning!

Real or not?

With 48 contestants to pick from each coach has a team of 12. 

The powers that will be announced “World First” in their promos – And the All-star returnees… some who actually made the finals are on the list.

Live Studio Audience called Jun 14 – Jul 7 lockup is optional!

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