Full Episodes The Voice 2019 Season 17 watch now

Full Episodes The Voice 2019 Season 17 watch

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Katie Kaden – Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin see videos below… John turned first and one the pitch for Katie. Four chairs, one block (Blake blocked Kelly)! Eight years performing and from Chicago.

Jake HaldenVang – Wish I Knew You, 24 from Charlotte NC, AC/DC fan in his youth, bought a career in a guitar, to become a 200 shows a year band member. Three turns, Kelly held out, then she stayed asleep. Outcomes the Gwen rock chick bringing a hard-soft sell. Blake talked about the rock country relationship, Kelly offered Gwen. Jake went with Gwen!

Jay Miah – Never Enough from The Greatest Showman, 30 from Tampa Florida, drag singer, an all-inclusive claim made, wanting to show range. No turns. People come back all the time. It was not enough all together…JL.

Brennan Lassiter – You Are My Sunshine, 20, from South Carolina, this was her biggest singing performance, her grandparents stepped in to raise Brennan. Blake, Kelly, Gwen then JL turned. Welcome to the voice Brennan! Kelly begged for a chance and the other two instead of Blake. Gwen sold her on her and Blake’s service. She chose Kelly. 

Rose Short – Preach by John Legend, 34 Killeen Texas, former corrections officer, who loves her family chose to sing to JL, Kelly responded first, then Gwen turned for double chairs. Girls pitching to a single girl. Kelly claimed she could be in the finale. Rose chose Gwen Stefani!

Will Breman – Say You Be Mine by The Spice Girl, 25 from Santa Barbara CA. He busks to deal with his autism Aspergers and a chance to break his circumstances. JL and Gwen turned for Will. He was very excited…Gwen talked about his character and voice. Kelly spoke to joining Gwen as did Blake over John. JL spoke to his originality and he joined him on stage. Will chose JL.

Alex Guthrie – Love and Happiness, 25  from Marietta, Georgia. He has done songwriting and music commercials with Jennifer Hudson no less. Alex opened Kelly Clarkson and they never met at the time. He was told she called him possessing the voice of an angel. He chose Kelly.

Kat Hammock – Vienna by Billy Joel, 18 from California, claims to be an introvert, musically based in coffee shops, etc. her music is not from her parents. Kelly predicated blurted that they will pick JL. Blake and Gwen went for her. Gwen wants a pet girl, angel singer and she has that skirt as well. Blake pleaded for her to pick him. Kat chose Blake.

CJ WashingtonSo Tired of Being Alone by Al Green 29, California, family support, has years and years of practice in his craft. No turns for CJ. JL went close but pulled back. Gwen talked about confidence, JL talked about lack of connection, lay down the most solid vocal advice from Blake.

Timmy HoodMake it Rain by Ed Sheeran from 19, Michigan, family support, brother in the marines and turns up for his audition. However, no turns, he needs more experience. You can come back.

Marina Chello – Walk Me Home, from 37, New York, was a recording artist but was released, here for a second chance via this platform. Blake and Kelly went for the high notes towards the end. Gwen called her in Kelly’s lane, stepping on Blake’s pitch. Blake called her voice a final winning one. Kelly spoke to using her lower range. Marina chose Blake.

Kyndal Inskeep – Never Been to Spain, 22 from Nashville, TN – she works on her music at night a nanny during the day. From a divorced family, she claims depression in her childhood from family situations.  Gwen blocked Blake in her turn. He pressed and realized it straight away. Kelly turned towards the end of her performance. Gwen wanted to just do it. Kyndal chose Gwen.


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