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The Four Finale Evvie Zhavia Candice Vincint video

The Four Finale Evvie Zhavia Candice Vincint video

Here is our coverage of the first series decider – The Four Finale Intro Evvie Zhavia Candice Vincint video.

Good news!   Fox renews The Four for Season 2

Furthermore, the panel was  Sean CombsDJ KhaledMeghan TrainorCharlie Walk did not appear.

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Candice Boyd sings Don’t Speak Season 1 Episode 6 The Four official website:

Evvie McKinney sings Proud Mary Season 1 Episode 6

Meghan saw him as an artist. DJ Khaled today you knew it was the finale. Sean commitment, poise, superstar, first goosebumps this season.

Vincint has a smooth voice and approach. The panel all praised him and the audience fell in love with him.

Zhavia performance – Meghan asked her about her shoe – ouch ouch. Diddy – he had not been feeling her vibes, not her best. She is ranked number 4 at the moment. Second chance, change your shoes and give it all. KJ he shapes artists, he is tripping, serious point, you need to focus.  He was fighting for her.

The audience voted to give the power too – Evvie! Who did she challenge? Zhavia!

Round two Evvie v Zhavia while Candice takes on Vincint. Off came Zhavia’s boots! Meghan loved Zhavia and Evvie. Diddy thought it was close.

Then Evvie responded with her fight song.

RESULT – the panel goes into serious mode! Two different artists. Four people and only one gets to one. Khaled loved both of them and argued that he wanted to change the rule.

The winner Evvie! With grace Zhavia she leaves! Cred gurl!





Next up was Vincint. DOwn to the WiRe! Candice!


Khaled – Candice you are an artist, you built it up. Vincint talked about making records. Meghan loved Vincint was more fun. Diddy believed more in Vincint has a market, Candice knocked it out of the park. This is IT!

Khaled – Candice! Meghan – Vincint, Diddy – Candice! Vincint celebrates with her and a hug! Goodman and with grace. Congrats to both.

Candice will battle Evvie for the win.

Evvie performed first and left it all on the stage! These two exchanged best wishes to one another as they left entered the stage. Candice returns to slay the stage with her powerful range. WOW , ood luck panel!

Some of the panels vocab included – Flawless and great. Both are winners, hard decision, thank you real great quality music. Here comes a new artist Republic Records. Make it happen.




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