Flirty Dancing Performances Reviews videos

Flirty Dancing Performances Reviews videos

Two blind dates dancing their way into another one’s heart. Two leads are looking for a fun spontaneous way of meeting someone in a whole new way. Flirty Dancing Performances Reviews videos.

The final two hour episode are covered below!

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In summary... A fun season full of thrills, excitement, in the moment chemistry (or not) then real life follows on. Some of the participants move on and others appear to find someone special. The escapism can be found in the physical skill, connection, trust and sharing two dancers find in each other. No wonder dancing was popular as a way of people meeting one another. Relying on an electronic app does not really allow for a connection on other levels. Food for thought.

“Pure Escapism combine with romance for a fun time for everyone.”

Background and introduction


Hosted by actress, producer, and dancer, Jenna Dewan, comes FLIRTY DANCING, the innovative new series that is part performance, part blind date, and all about romantic chemistry. Complete strangers are taught half of a dance routine, then meet for the first time on a blind date at a breathtaking location, where they will then dance together without saying a word. In this romantic approach to dating, these singles will push themselves out of their comfort zones in the hope of being swept off their feet. Will it be love at first dance?

The Finale – two hour episode to wrap the U.S. debut!

Four dates this final show.

Alex was the first lead on the last episode, he lives south of Portland, and he is a goofy sided person which usually puts him in the friend zonewhen it comes to dating. Jenna wants to help him find a match.

Chloe Arnold is the cheographer for this assignment. Their first advice was not go smile at first. Staring shows he is confident according to Jenna.

He believes, the first three seconds will be the most intense. It is time to go. Jenna was ready. First date was with Melissa was set as the romantic track.

Second date was with McKenzie. The fun freestyle in part dance.

Melissa, 24 from near Portland, she has a dog, talks about her grandparents wanting to meet someone romantic. She thinks the song choice is romantic, and  wants the connection meet to be special. Both grow up about 20 miles apart! This is so different from a normal first date. Alex meets her. She is super excited to be dancing with Alex, she wants to get married at the venue someday. They stand back to back with a tree beside them. This was a romantic interlude for the cameras to record. She shook her head. She did it. She felt a definite connection different to the dancer in the studio.

Post date — She found it hard to get out of her own head the emotions attached to meeting a stranger.


McKenzie, 24 is a NFL cheerleader, her parents have been married for thirty years, so she wants the same thing. Dancing brings out the most in her. “Perfect Strangers” was the song choice, to showcase his personality. Jenna wants him to become confident in his own skin.

Now was his own chance to freestyle…and wants the excitement to flow. Bringing the flirt.

However, she feels she can not shut off her mouth, calling herself weird, or it could be awkward.

During the dance they appear to be perfect strangers, did you see that flirting said the hosts. Alex and McKenzie meet at the ranch under the stars. I am here lets do this came from one. Post dance, he questions the first dance connection and wants this night something he will never forget. WOW. Fun and exciting.

What just happened she asked?

The whole connection between McKenzie was strong, a want to be there moment. Jenna told him to follow his heart. Decision time.

He had to second judge his dance moments.

Alex chose… McKenzie. They meet, exchange names…nice to meet you etc. On the other hand, Melissa was not heartbroken and was excited to get back out there.

According to McKenzie, he met all her expectations and they want to keep on talking.


Next date.  Navi 39, an executive, her family wants her to not be alone, she loves romance and dance, and she is ready to find love. Knowing what she is looking for, a partner, embrace each others differences, her parents have been married 45 years or more.

Jonathan was the cheorographer. The first song is upbeat, the trust of falling is a trust move in dance. She has a quite intense sexy look and states is here for him.

Meanwhile, song number two brings up a lot of emotion in her, the woman inside about family. Emotions are good. She likes the man who can toss her around. He told her to relax.

Time to meet the first dance partner. Self talk was about let them take care of her. Tarun was first. A giddy nerves was present for her.

Tarun, 41 writer, and family has been married for forty years. Jenna knows he may be a good fit for him. He has to catch the lead and be present in the moment, telling her about the way he puts her down will signal her. They meet in a square downtown Los Angeles. Plenty of eye contact, and good moves together. And they walk away. He was claiming it was intense. She was catching her breath. He was so handsome. She is all shaky. She is beautiful he sparked. Energy and connection.

She completely let go. The need to meditate was offered by Navi.

Second dance was with Mark.

Mark 35, auto finance manager, he dreamed of baseball, looking for the perfect way to find romance. Dancing is his best conduit. Zero dancer, never, is definitely overwhelmed by the sequences…his biggest worry is to drop the girl. There are a lot of lifts. He was intimidated but will get it! Jenna hopes. He was told not to think too much.

The night dance was in a historical building in downtown Los Angeles, she wants to get lost in his arms, ready for take two. He approaches her and rotate the dance moves around poles. If you do not smile when watching this then…

They end on the floor in each others arms. He was so dashing…he pulled her back, dancing and locking eyes, breathless. That took her breath away! Navi was so thankful to the host. Reprising the Tarun, they both felt a connection. She lost herself a little bit with Mark. Mark wanted to meet her.

She chose…Mark. They exchanged names. Tarun wished her all the best. They recall how they were both lost in the dance. Jenna just nailed it! 

Both couples thanked Jenna…and moved on with each other.

Jenna was out for the second instalment. The British host stood in.

Khairi, 27 former NFL player, thinks that dancing is an authentic way to meet a girl for the first time. He went to the ex girlfriend experience. He wants to find a woman with a soft side.

Allison Holker is the cheoreographer. For Once In My Life was the romantic side song choice. It has been a while since he held a girl like that! The second track called “You Don’t Have To Take My Clothes Off” right. Its an intimate song and the dance connection required. Will the training pay off for the three?

Allison wants him to state who he is!

First date in a historical building….he talked about his parents love and reflects on that moment. A deal was struck for him to be himself tomorrow. His first date was with….Leah!

Leah 25, waitress, she calls herself as funny…she is freaking out. This is her moment, his first move will be the tell moments for her. She is going into the deep end of this. He wants to open himself up to this. Back to the column as he entered the room at the opposite side of the upright. The moment at the end. An overwhelming moment, so cute, she claimed. He was right not like anything he has ever done before. Total excitement in he was in!

The second night date went to Symphony.

Symphony, 31, market researcher and been single for four years…thats a long time, a workaholic and dance could change her life. Her rehearsal on a crazy journey, going through the moves, an emotional commitment, has he got her. He wants her to feel the romance and chemistry. She wants to put it all out there. This is a romantic setting and she is dressed in a dream dress. Lots of connection in this dance…time closeness, holding and embracing…another dance magic, no denying this moment. She walks away from him!

OMG she exclaimed. Man he said. He called it a beautiful dance, like being in a movie, now it is the waiting game. Time stood still for him and really loved the moment. He has to decide.

Khairi chose…for the second date…Leah! Great. Nice to finally hear them exchange. She has no regrets, and believes a one time ever moment. Leah talked about the dance…he offered a toast, and connecting to her. She is giddy.


Final date of the season…Ashley Banjo the host…

Ashley, 33, dj, single for years, her last relationship died post operation went to sleep and did not wake up. She closed herself off after that! She is ready to commit and find a prince at the ball.

Travis is the cheoreographer in this date. “First song Beneath Your Beautiful” was chose close and intermit. The slide in move makes her slightly nervous, ready or not, a physical interaction, does she trust him or not. Ben could really sweep her off her feet. “There is Nothing Holding Me Back” was the second track. Find the boundaries in the moment said the host. Travis wants to see her vulnerability, and it is tough for her. The dance is on with Ben. She has to focus on the moment to find love.

Ben, 38, Real Estate Agent, driven and charismatic and maybe her prince charming. He wants a family of his own a good listener. He is not the best dancer…a romantic dance, he is determined to be a dancer. It is a slow speed for him. Inside a building on the main staircase they meet! Lots of energy in this moment. After the dance…she is all smiles, does not know what she is feeling. His body is vibrating. She is gorgeous. She felt that he was there to protect her.

The second dance went to Steven.

Steven, 31, drummer, he a quiet and caring person, a dad in life…dating is complicated. Now he attends rehearsal to find his fire. A cat and mouse moment, so on point, on a bench, he wants sparks off the start. He is super nervous in a good way. She understands chemistry can form when dancing. Perfect. That awesome that was fun, some sexual chemistry, right there.

Now she has to make the decision. Two very different dances. Ben made her feel like a princess. The second dance was really fun, she never trusts a bad boy, she was attracted to him. Both men stated that they wanted to see her. She is not 100 percent sure.

Ashley chose Steven. They meet and hug, exchange names with excitement. Ben called the experience incredible. She talked about their connection, he just the two of them. He shares that he has an eight year old. He compliments her on the way out.

Ashley continued with Steven but there was no romance later. Appeared on camera, however, they remain friends.

Khairi and Leah met up the next day for dinner, but after that night the spark fizzled out and went there separate ways…not appearing on camera.




Episodes and media

Episode four clip…

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Episode 4

Blog – two leads take to the stage with two possible matches each…

Danielle’s is a business owner, 33 is an on the go worker and drives fast cars. Losing her mother started the emotional foundation of unconditional love and true love. She is reinforced by her father’s wishes for her. Her dream girl, athletic, hair, action sports, interested in business and a lot of other things. The host said that was a specific list. At rehearsal, she is looking for the chance to confront her vulnerability. The second dance, a more romantic song, and some tears form memorizing her mother’s life. All her weight in someone else (Cody) arms. It has been four years since her last date.

The FOX film backlot is the scene for the first dance. Jason is the first meet.

Jason, 35, commercial airline pilot, introduced to air from an early age. He wants an adventure partner. He admits to not being a professional dancer. It is scary and he knows he only gets one shot. They danced and it was fun, lots of emotional and physical contacts. He loved her eye contact, beautiful smile. He wants to date her.

She felt a connection and would like to date him. But she has to get ready for dance two with Cody.

Cody, 29, athletic dude, and wants someone to share that lifestyle, he admits to being a rambler. He appreciates the non-verbal approach of the show. There was some sexy in the movement, he likes to move slowly in the first dance but was willing to go full-on. This is going way more deep than he thought.

She is nervous about the catch and dance moment in this dance. That was chemistry, she called it awesome, smiled through his eyes. She called it amazing, he was grateful and did not expect that. Big sigh for him. She reports that she felt a good connection. Now she has to choose one.

Danielle chose…Cody! She had a great time as they exchange a verbal meeting. Lots of smiles and the whole experience was more than she expected.

Jordan, the second lead of the night. Standby for an FD first! He is a real estate investor. He claims not to be a typical jock, been single for five years. He has a daughter 5 years old. He claims to be super shy. Sharna is back to the choreographer for this round. The first dance was romantic, the second dance is more upbeat. He has been training hard for both dances.

Dance Day – The setting was the historic theater

Mary, 26, ER Nurse…she declines to date patients, was once engaged, wants a relationship like her parents – 26 years of marriage and willing to share her life. She called the song fun and was encouraged to flirt from the get-go.

Both were breathless, excited with chemistry on the show. Plenty of romantic physical and emotions attached with a mix of fun. After the dance, she could not talk.

Kristen, 31, a hopeless romantic, a divorcee and that left her upset. Her friends and family are excited for her to be on the show. At the rehearsal she is excited about the dance routine, it makes her emotional and wants love. She is concerned about the lift.

Now do sparks fly with Kristen. He is very excited to start the second dance. They danced and lots of feels and he kissed her. Being close to her and connected with her in many ways. They were in the moment and the end of the night was remarkable. No matter what she will always remember that moment.

Jordan chose… Kristen. Mary was happy to have taken the risk. He tried to explain the kiss, she was wanting him too. He revealed his family details, then they agreed to take more dance lessons together. She wants to see him more, every day…

The show closed out with a mini video update with both couples smiling and Jordan and Kristen kissing again. That’s a wrap!




Episode three.

We meet Anna, 24 freelance writer and nanny, she claims to have never been in love, never had a boyfriend. She is 6 feet 2 inches and feels dancing is a release for her. Looking for all the essentials. Two good matches, both tall.

Anna meets the dance choreographer. The first dance was hot as she practiced. Then she hears the second song for Jimmy, a romantic song Rewrite The Stars…there is a lift involved in this song.

Dance Day 

Max 28, substitute teacher and single. He deals with kids all day and has never been on a blind date. He rehearses the song on the floor…he does not put on a show to be more vulnerable. He was first to make the impression with Anna. Good butterflies. “That was insane,” said Anna. Max was very happy and she talked about her height.


Jimmy, 30, professional stuntman, from Missouri and a cowboy. Taking her hand right at the top. Reaching out and taking invites her to the moment. She wants to focus on her presence and it is night. He talked about looking into her eyes…the host wants this connection so much. “That was so magical,” said Anna. He was positive about the experience as well. Yeah, there was a connection according to Anna.

Who does she pick?

The second date…went to Jimmy.

Ted is the second lead.

He is retired with his own teeth and hair…his words, not mine…he is 68 years and been single for four years, his partner died and explained his feelings to all.

Sharna is the choreographer in this session. He has no experience on the floor and talks about learning meeting the ladies. He is doing something fun and not doing ever before. He wants to find the love of his life.

Dance Day aboard The Queen Mary

Kari, 56, love for children and perfect dental hygiene. Her kids are pushing for her to find someone and take the focus off them. She shares not being able to make contact with other dates. They convey it is all about being vulnerable in the moment. Having to relearn to be flirty and contact is something she tried in this session.

Kari danced first with Ted and was at the stern of the ship. “It was amazing,” she claimed. Like one of those romance novels, we are in this together.


Judy, 57, she is very active, stay fit and have fun doing it. Her husband passed away in 2004. She has not dated since then. First, to rehearse, she took on dancing as her happy place and looking for love. She wants the got you moment – confidence from him.

She was second to dance with at night. Stunning connection, electrical, magic, handsome, precious, lots of sparks, she is beautiful.

Who did he choose?

Ted chose Kari… they hug, kiss and meet.


Parvez 44 is a photographer and solo world traveler, he is looking for love. Sharaud 42, high school coach was chosen for his loving side according to the host.

Travis Wall has time to train her for both encounters. Parvez has no knowledge of the song chosen by Stevie Wonder. Cy was in for her second lesson and this will challenge her verses the first dance, fun dance v emotion. The touches, the switches, and humor between the trainers seem good fun. Will sparks fly?

Parvez was the first to dance with Cy. No communication, just the emotion on the floor. She called it one of the dopest times in her life, lots of smiles, she called him showing off a bit. The most fun….and more. Reset number two.

Flirty Dancing, based on a UK series of the same name, a reality show that is executed that emphasizes the beauty of seeing two strangers connect in an unusual but powerful way.

Respect appears a priority from production to the heart-on-her-sleeve hosting style of Dewan. Is there a connection between both dancers?

Cy and Sharaud make magic happen at the LACMA Urban Lights display in Los Angeles, CA.

Yes, yes, and yes, she admitted to heck yeah, all of it. He loved the perfection she was.

Now comes the heart-searching decision. She now has to decide who she sees again for a second date. And they meet. Cy and Sharaud…meet and exchange information…not being dropped and definitely some potential.


Bo meets two women in the next round. He is 37 years old and single looking for a partner and has been told he does not compromise…Jenna has two women in mind.

They all will be dancing at the Santa Monica pier.

Jacqueline 34, from New York, had a fall that setback her life, this seems a perfect way to get back into romance. She is to be the first dance with him.

After the dance, stunning, chemistry, butterflies, all the good signs. Now for the reset.

Haley is single and her past feedback is a little weird (her words), so they picked an energetic dance, she talked about hard not to be goofy at the moment.

Big smiles, big heart, he was sexy. The great interchange between both sets in this round.

Which one will he choose for a second date?

Bo chose Jaqueline. He brought roses and they exchange details. Sadly Haley left alone but she was thankful for the opportunity. Both couples shut out the episode with an exchange clip of their second date! Maybe 10 seconds each.

Will this show become too repetitive too soon?

More specifics.

Actress, producer and dancer Jenna Dewan hosts this innovative series that is part performance, part blind date, and all about romantic chemistry. In the show, complete strangers each learn half of a dance routine, then meet for the first time on a blind date at a breathtaking location where they dance together without saying a word. In this romantic approach to dating, the singles push themselves out of their comfort zones in the hope of being swept off their feet, rather than swept to the left or right on a phone.


“Flirty Dancing,” dance – The New York Times › 2019/12/29 › arts › dance › flirty-dancing
3 days ago – On the TV dating show “Flirty Dancing,” dance is not an activity to be perfected or judged but a meaningful way for people to connect.

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